Winterize Your Skin and At-Home Spa Treatments

By Liz W

Winter skin care user Tarnishedrose

During the frosty winter months your skin loses moisture faster than your pockets lose depth, and protecting it from harsh conditions means adjusting your skin care regimen. The main thing people complain about when the temperature starts to drop is dry itchy skin. Combine cold weather and winter colds, and people are left looking like poor Rudolf, with chapped lips and raw unhappy skin.

In order to plump your skin back to its former hydrated glory, take a look at your current moisturizer. Chances are that the product you were using in the summer was a light water based formula. This is great for humidity, but when it feels like you’re living in the North Pole; your dry skin will absorb lotion before you can even rub it in. One of the best gifts you can give your chapped skin this year is to store away that light lotion with your sun dresses and sandals, and exchange it for a rich, indulgent cream.

Usually lotions come in pump bottles as they have a thinner consistency, being water based. Oil based creams, like Dermalogica’s Super Rich Repair are much thicker and generally come in jars for easier access. They tend to have a lower PH and will quench your parched pores much better than a water based product can.  However, slathering moisturizers on dead skin cells will have little effect, so for even better results use an exfoliating mask like Skin Zyme Green Papaya Enzyme Mask, from Jan Marini. This mask has active enzymes that will remove dead skin build up, without the irritating effects of some at home facials.

For ultimate comfort, don’t stop at just your face, treat your whole body to a spa-like treatment.  To lock in moisture after a bath, skip the bubbles which can strip moisture from your skin, and instead, add a few teaspoons of oil to your water. It will sit on the surface and cling to your skin when you get out, leaving it silky and shiny.

If chapped lips are ruining your spirit, try to find a lip product that will do more than just add pigment and shine. Pick up a present for your lips to keep them soft so that you aren’t left out during a game of spin the bottle driedel. There are plenty of lip sticks and glosses that are enhanced with rich emollients that heal and protect your pout, taking it from cracked to kissable in no time. Colorscience Lip Serums pair plumping ingredients with nourishing ones, promoting not only a healthier smile, but fresher breath as well!

With your rosy cheeks, supple lips, and breath that’s sweeter than a candy cane, your confidence is bound to soar.  So this year, don’t be surprised if you find yourself puckered up and prancing towards the mistletoe with more pep than you have ever dared before.


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