What Men Find Attractive: Natural Makeup

By Jenna

Women often think about what guys want, but what about when applying their makeup? When it comes to makeup, what women find attractive can be completely different than what men find attractive. This brings us to the topic of what men want women to know when it comes to our makeup. Luckily, the handsome men around me enlightened me to their opinion on the subject and guess what? Too much makeup is a big DON’T.

Cakey Foundation = MAJOR DON'T flickr user: Byron Rode Photography

When I asked the question of “what makeup style is your favorite on a girl?” 95% of the men answered that they loved a more natural look on women. This isn’t surprising, because men don’t generally notice makeup unless it’s caked on, but it’s a seriously valid point. At any given time of the day just walking down the street I can point out many girls that need to tone down their makeup routine. It’s simple, men like natural makeup. This doesn’t exactly mean that you shouldn’t wear any makeup at all, but from your day to day tone it down a few notches. You don’t need the smokey eye for work or to do grocery shopping. The most important piece of advice that men will give you is that your makeup should be appropriate for you and the setting that you’re in. If you’re going to Sunday brunch, you should not look like you’re about to go clubbing. Cakey foundation is a HUGE no- no. If your face comes off in a towel, that should be a hint that you’re wearing too much makeup. Too much base layer is the biggest complaint from men. A MAC force field doesn’t make you sexy it’ll scare the boys away. The best makeup tip for an everyday look is using a light powder, mascara, a little bit of blush and a light color on your lips. The doll face type of streaky blush is not something that guys love.

The smokey eye look is not only sexy and seductive but it’s perfect for a night on the town if you don’t over-do it. Most guys don’t mind this eye shadow trend on occasion. This means that if you’re going golfing smokey eyes probably aren’t a good idea, but if you’re going out for dinner and dancing it’s a great complement. Eyes are one of the first things a man notices. If you’re looking to play with color, try using a complementary color to your hair and eye color. If you’re worried about spending the night, try using a shadow that doesn’t come off easily. If you’re waking up to a new man with raccoon eyes, you can bet that he’s not going to like that surprise in the morning. I love Too Faced’s High Impact Shadow Collection because it lasts and stays on all while coming with shadow insurance.

Lip gloss VS lipstick is a controversy. I admit that I’m a huge lip gloss and lipstick junkie and I’m not stopping anytime soon. My boyfriend HATES lip gloss with a passion because when it comes to giving him some sugar, that stickiness from the gloss is coming off on him (and that shade of pink doesn’t complement his skin tone.) It’s a double bad scenario because not only does he have to wipe off his lips, but my perfect pout is halfway gone. The answer to this is a lip stain. Goes on, doesn’t come off, problem solved. Lipstick is another thing that guys don’t’ mind but again don’t go overboard. If you’re in the mood for a red lip, don’t pair it with clown eyes. Red lips are perfect for the right occasions, just not for an everyday look. A red lip paired with a classic look all around can be stunning, just pick the right time to do it.

Confidence is key. We’re all a little guilty of using makeup to boost our confidence. We just need to be conscious of how much exactly we are using. Everyday makeup should accentuate our natural features. It’s ok to experiment with colors and have fun with makeup, but if you’re trying to get the attention of a certain guy, looking like an art experiment isn’t going to do it. Carry yourself with confidence and appreciate your face and features. When it comes to what men find attractive makeup-wise, just ask yourself if your look is age appropriate, setting appropriate and YOU appropriate, then you’re all set. Remember, simple is most effective when it comes to what men find attractive.

“If you’re looking like you could be good friends with Snooki, I won’t even think of talking to you.” – B. Artz


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