What kind of facial cleanser to choose for your skin type

Being an esthetician doesn’t guarantee me flawless skin. In fact, my skin has always been prone to random acne breakouts and sometimes feels like my awkward teenage skin phase never went away! Finding the perfect face cleanser for different skin types that prevents acne breakouts, dry skin symptoms or any other ailment can be a mission, but luckily I’ve learned tips on how to wash your face with the right type of cleanser.

Water activated gel cleansers are perfect for all skin types and especially benefit mature skin. The lather a gel cleanser creates, hydrates skin without leaving a drying effect that can make skin feel like parchment paper.

Milky cleansers work great on dry to very severe dry skin, and sensitive skin. The milky texture provides comfort and relief even on skin that may look bright red like a cherry tomato! The best part is it won’t strip away further moisture essential for dry skin conditions. Make sure the milky cleanser you choose does not contain soap, as it can dry out skin and cause irritation.

Foaming cleansers are a great alternative for oily and combination skin. The lightweight texture of foamy cleansers, effectively remove dirt and excess oil on the skin without feeling like you’re lathering yourself with tons of baby oil!

An exfoliating face wash works miracles on acne prone skin. The tiny particles that feel like sand actually buff away impurities, lifeless skin cells and makeup to prevent pores from clogging.


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