Want to Look Beautiful? There’s an App for That

Ready for your close-up?  Your iPhone will make sure of it. Beauty apps are taking style and skincare to a whole new level, putting your very own stylist/experts right at your fingertips. Put down your makeup bag and pick up your iphone. With the increasing number of apps being created, smartphones are becoming the new “must-have” accessory this season.

Want to see what you look like with a new cut/color? Perhaps you have some skin concerns such as Rosacea or Acne and need some expert advice? Or maybe you want to experiment with a new nail color for your next manicure? Whatever your needs are, rest assured, there’s an app for that. Check out some of these apps to add to your beauty arsenal:

The Rosacea App

Got Rosacea? Now There’s an App for That. The Rosacea app gives information about the signs of and treatment options for Rosacea, but more intriguing, also helps you determine what factors in your daily life, could be triggering an outbreak.


Keep track of any suspicious spots and freckles with LoveMySkin $1, a mole map that lets you plot marks on your body so you can alert your dermatologist to any changes.

Gorgeously Green

For just 99 cents  this green ingredient app lists all the ingredients listed on beauty and skin care products that you should be avoiding, so the next time you’re in doubt at the shelf of a drug store, check this app to see if the product contains anything that you may want to avoid.

The Derm Who’s Always on Call-Dr. Brandt

Dr. Brandt, (The derm responsible for many enviable celeb complexions) is so committed to keeping your skin healthy this summer, he’s vowed to go everywhere you go. You can download his new iPhone app and receive personalized skin-care tips and recommendations based on your skin type. Another cool feature: a UV index finder that reports the sun’s strength in your area.

Try a New Polish Now

Having trouble finding a polish that looks as good on your hand as it does in the bottle? OPI’s free mobile app allows you to try on different nail polish colors, customizing your skin tone and nail shape virtually to see how certain shades would look.  You can search by name and by color of the company’s over 200 offerings.

Try On a New Hairstyle

Forget having to carry around hairstyle photos clipped out of magazines, with InStyle’s Hairstyling Application, you can have all the latest celebrity styles available at your touch. Never have a bad hair day again! Your perfect haircut and style is at your fingertips. With their auto-detect technology to accurately determine your face shape, you can easily try on and adjust the hottest celebrity hairstyles on your own photo. Share the amazing, realistic results, get tips on how to get the look, find an InStyle-approved salon – all in one!

Makeup Tagg:

If you’re overwhelmed by the plethora of products in the beauty aisles, you can use Makeup Tagg to narrow your options before you hit the stores. For $5, based on the color of your eyes, hair, and skin tone, Makeup tagg generates a list of makeup recommendations: three product suggestions per category, each at a different price point (luxury, midrange or budget).

Look Like Your Favorite Celeb

Want to look like your favorite star, but don’t know how to begin?  if you want to recreate the looks of Lady Gaga, Kim Kardashian or Taylor Swift, download the free Celebrity Makeup Looks – Free Beauty Videos app for your celebrity makeup tutorials. This cool app boasts nearly 30 instructional videos that will walk you through getting looks as varied as Angelina Jolie’s “Easy Smokey Eye” and Miley Cyrus’ “Green Eye Shadow Look.”

There are definitely several questionable beauty apps out there that you probably don’t need, but some of them are pretty helpful and entertaining to try.  Get beauty tips, reviews, tutorials and expert advice on the go with the touch of your finger, pretty convenient right?

Have you tried these or any other beauty apps that you want to tell us about?


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