Want Hair Like Gisele’s? Here’s How To Get It!

Gisele Bundchen picsAround these offices we talk about Gisele’s hair all the time. Forget her million dollar body! All of us strive for that lush, bouncy, voluminous hair. Fortunately, one of the picks this Beautyfix season is a product that can help us all achieve our personal fullest, sexiest tresses: Nick Chavez Diva Xxtreme Body Styling Glaze.

Now, if you’re anything like us, you make your first judgment on a hair product based on the way it smells. This one smells ahhh-mazing! But that’s just the beginning. However thin or limp your hair is, Diva Xxtreme Body Styling Glaze will give it a boost. Case in point: my hair post-Brazilian Blowout.

Formaldehyde controversy or no, I’m obsessed with the Brazilian Blowout during the summer months because my hair, while definitely not thin, is naturally wavy, and not really in a cute way. (The waves aren’t consistent; some pieces are straight and some are borderline curly.) Blowing my hair out is somewhat of a task, since there’s so much of it, and humidity ruins my handiwork—so it just makes sense to splurge on this service during this time of year. It allows me the luxury of sleek, shiny, straight hair with very minimal effort for a good 3 months! The one downside of the Brazilian Blowout? Right after I get one, my hair is flat. That’s where Diva Xxtreme Body Styling Glaze comes in.

Just a quarter-size amount of this potion is plenty to give my sleek summer hair the volume boost I crave. I just smooth it on before I blow my hair dry! Best of all, it’s not the least bit sticky or goopy.

Did you receive Diva Glaze in your Beautyfix kit this season? Leave a comment and let us know what you think about it.



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