Vamp Up your Beauty Routine with Twilight Beauty Looks

By Liz W

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With the third Twilight movie, Eclipse being released on June 30, Twihards (Serious/obsessive fans of the Twilight Saga) all over the world are counting down the hours in desperate anticipation to see Bella and Edward’s red hot romance light up the silver screen once again. The books have inspired a whole generation of mortals to long for the un-dead lives that the Cullen Clan so glamorously lead. The glowing clear skin of Alice Cullen and Bella Swan can only be achieved with the right skin care; and with the right products, anyone can look just as breath taking.

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For crystal clear Cullen skin, Dermalogica’s Ultra Calming Cleanser is the perfect way to gently wash away blemish-causing dirt and bacteria, without leaving your skin red or irritated. This cleanser is the first step in the Sensitized Skin Kit by Dermalogica that will leave your complexion sparking like a diamond in no time.

Vampire beauty doesn’t stop at perfect skin. The reason the Cullen’s are so exquisite is because they are perfectly poised and polished from head to toe. DuWop created an entire collection inspired by the good looks and grace of the Twilight vampires. Both the good vampires and the dangerous and dark Volturi  have a place in Twilight Beauty with Luna Twilight and Volturi Twilight beauty collections. Mix and match these products for your own personalized look; and maybe you will find yourself being perused by the ice-cold, lustful vampire or cute, cuddly werewolf of your dreams.

For the finishing touch you can now varnish your nails with Volturi encrusted nail polish from NOX, but you will have to wait until opening night to get your fingers on these, as they are scheduled for release to coincide with the movie.


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