Unexpected Beauty Lessons from Dad

By Jenna

I didn’t exactly get my beauty obsession from my father. As the typical blue collar, brawny, American man, I’d say he tried to mold his only daughter into the opposite carting me from sporting event to sporting event to 4-wheeling trip, to fishing… and you get the point. For most of us girls, our best beauty tips didn’t come from dad, however I know that there was some takeaway from his funny quips and short smartass sentences about grooming. From the same man that refers to makeup as ‘war paint’, I give you valuable beauty lessons from dad just in time for Father’s Day.

  • Shaving = exfoliating.” A man’s facial skin is usually pretty soft. Why? Because shaving actually is a form of exfoliation. With regular exfoliating comes smoother, softer skin. Ladies remember that Elizabeth Taylor and Marilyn Monroe reportedly shaved their face to get rid of peach fuzz and to keep their skin baby soft. Don’t be razor shy.
  • “Never leave the house without old spice.” Translation, don’t forget your perfume or your deodorant, stinky.
  • “Time is of the essence my dear.” I’m pretty positive my dad wasn’t the only frustrated parent when it took me 2 hours to get ready for anything. For a good 2-3 years, I always kept him waiting. After finally learning how to do my hair and makeup right, it started taking less time. From this (and his frustration) I did learn never to make a guy wait more than 10 minutes because it’s clearly rude.
  • “Vaseline is all you need.” Never mind things like moisturizers, expensive creams and all that junk in the beauty aisle. Vaseline on your face is just as good. Just like Windex for the dad from My Big Fat Greek Wedding.
  • “Less is more.” My dad was always the first to tell me if I was wearing too much makeup. Even though he may have not used the sweetest words to tell me, it was the most valuable beauty lesson anyone could teach me. He emphasized that any man who loves you, is going to love you for you-and later in life you’re going to have to wake up to them eventually. You don’t want to look like a raccoon doing it.

Dad may have taught me how to shoot a shotgun, yet he still spoiled me. That little Cover Girl eye shadow in the market or that Lip Smacker chapstick in strawberry somehow still ended up on my dresser. Years later, beauty is my life and I can’t say dad didn’t contribute. So cheers to all the dads who gave amazingly grizzly beauty advice. Happy Father’s Day!

My pops and me on my wedding day

What’s the best beauty advice your dad gave you?



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