Top 2 reasons to add Mineral makeup to your beauty routine

By Jenna

Women spend billions of dollars annually on beauty products promising to smooth, tighten, cleanse, and buff those flaws away, but what little of them realize is that skin care shouldn’t end with the face creams and scrubs. Mineral makeup is a great option for people who want benefits from their makeup too. What’s so great about mineral makeup? The list goes on, but the top 2 reasons are: The use of natural, soothing ingredients, and the versatile coverage options available with just one product.

  1. The main ingredients in mineral makeup vary from brand to brand but there are a few that are standard across the board, as their skin loving benefits are too hard to ignore. First are Titanium Dioxide and Zinc, both of which are broad spectrum UVA and UVB sunscreens, and both of which possesses natural anti-inflammatory properties.  This means they not only protect the skin from damaging UV rays, but they calm and sooth stressed, inflamed pores and cells. Next is Mica, a natural light reflecting mineral, which gives the wearer a dewy glow creating an illusion of youth and health to parched skin. Some brands even use natural botanical ingredients ranging from exotic to ordinary, adding further benefits to their makeup; whether it is to help create that perfect luxurious texture, or to provide the skin with extra defenses such as antioxidants and humectants.
  2. Although it is hard to give up a long-loved makeup product like your liquid foundation (I still love one of mine dearly), it is worth it to give minerals a try. You may be surprised with the results just as I was.  Many places offer free “how to” demonstrations showing skeptics how to achieve the same (and usually improved) look of their old foundation. The products are versatile allowing the coverage to be barely there, by using a small amount to even out skin tone, or full coverage concealer, putting even the thickest stage makeup to shame. With all these amazing reasons to use minerals on your skin, it’s no surprise that this healthy skin care trend has taken over the cosmetic industry, with mineral lines being added to almost every makeup brand out there.


3 mineral makeup brands that I happen to LOVE are:

Colorescience – The Sunforgettable Brush SPF 30 has a water resistant formula, is fun with its retractable brush, and perfect for on the go.

RAW Natural Beauty – The Mineral eye shadow trio is amazing (the Beautyfix Panel was impressed!) and come in a good range of colors. They also have a great mineral foundation that gives lightweight full coverage very nicely.

Jane Iredale – If you want high end, fabulous mineral makeup this brand definitely has it all.  The lip glosses are to die for.

There you have it, no more excuses.  Now go out and explore the wonderful world of mineral makeup if you haven’t already.  If you have then the burning question is:  What’s your experience with mineral makeup?


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