This is my prime(r)

When I wake up in the morning, my skin definitely needs a little primping and priming to smooth out the little lines, big pores and the oiliness too. Once my skin is as smooth as a canvas, I really don’t like having to touch up my makeup, only blot my very oily face face with oil-blotting papers. Since I’m such a beauty junkie, I love trying different products and recently got the opportunity to try the best skin primer, BECCA Resurfacing Primer, and it’s my new hero beauty product! I’ve definitely tried my share of primers, but I simply love this primer. The texture feels amazing on my skin and it’s oil-free too, which works perfectly on my oily skin.

I don’t like my skin to feel overwhelmed by products, but this sheer cream feels just right. The first thing I do before applying the skin primer is wash my face. Once I’m done I apply the primer all over my face, making sure to get enough on my forehead, nose and chin, where I have oilier skin and large pores. I also noticed that my skin felt smoother and more even after I had applied it. BECCA Resurfacing Primer keeps my skin in line to set up my face for the perfect makeup application that doesn’t look heavy and that lasts long. I did a little research on this primer and was happy to discover that it’s formulated with jojoba oil. Jojoba oil works as an amazing moisturizer on your skin. So this primer is the perfect 2-in-1 formula for me because it acts as a moisturizer and a primer to keep my makeup looking fresh all day long.



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