Things to Consider Before Chopping Your Locks

By Liz W

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Have you been dying to try a new hairstyle lately, and trying to decide whether or not to cut your hair? Many of us go through a constant cycle of growing our hair out, then the moment it is long, chopping it off, and immediately regretting it, and vowing to grow it again. This is a vicious cycle I am all too familiar with. My whole life, the grass has always been greener when it comes to my hair length, and I am always certain that THIS time it will be different, the hair cut WILL solve all my problems. Sadly, though, about a week after the initial snipping, when the novelty of a new cute hairstyle has worn off, I am usually devastated and confused at why I ever thought my long hair needed to be hacked off.  So, if you are thinking about taking the shears to your locks, here are some things to consider first:

1.)    The most important thing to consider before you cut your hair is that your expectations are realistic. If you are cutting out pictures of celebrities’ hot new bobs, which are smooth and straight, and you have thin, kinky hair, don’t expect a hair cut to change the texture of your hair.

2.)    Another important thing to think about is how much maintenance you really want to deal with daily. A common misconception about short hair is that it is easier to manage. I find this to be a complete myth. In my experience most short hair cuts HAVE to be blow-dried in order to look good, longer hair can get away with air drying, as it looks beachy and on purpose.

3.)    The last tip I would give, is calculate how long it will take for your hair to get back to the length it is at now. Hair grows at  a rate of ½ an inch per month, so if you are cutting off 12 inches, be aware that you will have at least 2 years to wait before it is at its current length again.

After you have taken all these things into consideration, cut out a few photos of your dream hair and bring them with you to your stylist. Let her be the judge of whether it is a realistic style for you, and let her work her magic. A new hair cut can be a great way to turn over a new leaf in life, and give you the confidence you need to feel great. Follow these guidelines, and hopefully you will love not loathe your new do.


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