The Super Hero of Anti-Aging

“In 28 years of practicing dermatology, I have never seen such impactful results from any topical skincare product in producing improvements in facial color, texture & fine lines.”-Neal B. Schultz, M.D.

This is just one of the many impressive quotes found on the packaging of the M Lab skincare preview available in this season’s Beautyfix.  Referred to as the anti-aging wonder, the testimonials for this brand are strong and my name can be added to the list. The skincare preview package is the best way to experience M Lab. It’s a little amount of cleanser, serum and eye cream, but it’s all you need to see the effects this product has on your skin. M LAB features 45-74% clinically active ingredients, rather than the 10-20% most cosmeceutical anti-aging lines use to target all visual signs of aging for corrective action. The results are diminished fine lines and wrinkles, and improved clarity, texture and tone in a shorter amount of time.  After just a few uses, my skin was more radiant and I felt more confident about my complexion. I had an all-over even tone and my fine lines seemed to fade. My skin felt hydrated and looked brighter.  I even resisted putting on my bb cream for the day (which is rare). I would highly recommend giving this brand a try. If you have already tried it, leave a comment for us and tell us what you think. Will you be adding your name to the list of  testimonials?


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