The Skinny on Summer

summer time!

As Floridian and now So-Cal transplant, I am a huge fan of summer- the beach, vacations, glowing skin, sun, sand, bike rides and ocean breezes. Sadly, some of my other favorite things about the warmer months are also more problematic than a little too much Vitamin D- specifically the barbeques, burgers and booze that take a toll on my waistline. Although I love a good sweat session, I also LOVE enjoying my favorite food on the beach, i.e. margaritas (what? Like I’m the only one that considers it a food…).  Lucky for me and all other self-control-lacking-summer-enthusiasts, there are some easy ways to lose weight without giving up all the fun stuff. By just following these simple healthy eating tips throughout the day and week, I can still have my margarita and drink it to.


  1. Hydrate! This is my favorite healthy tip! Dehydration is commonly mistaken for hunger pains. Drink a glass of water before you snack and reevaluate just how hungry you truly are.
  2. Take your vitamins. It is a simple way to get your daily nutritional needs and it aids in weight loss.
  3. Taste the rainbow. Eat as many colorful veggies and fruits as you possible can during the day. Not only are they a great low calorie snack but they provide tons of nutritional benefits!
  4. Get your beauty sleep. Research shows that less than 8 hours of shut eye can decrease your metabolism and increase hunger.
  5. Eat wholesome foods. If you cannot pronounce some the chemicals, additives and substitutes, don’t eat it.
  6. Stay in and behave on school (work) nights. Try to limit alcohol, going out to dinner and generally unhealthy habits during the week. If you treat your body right throughout the week, not only will it be reflected in your energy level and your performance at school or work, but then you will deserve a nice meal or cocktail (or three) on the weekend.

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