The Other Uses of Hair Spray

By Jenna

Source: flickr user Garrette

I recently read an article on Allure’s Daily Beauty Reporter on how hair spray is quite the unexpected multiuse product and I couldn’t agree more! They mentioned a few great ones, but I feel like I’ve heard so many wonder stories about how hair spray has saved the day. For something that’s been in your bathroom since you were 4, hair spray is the beauty staple that no girl is without so I asked the ladies at DermStore to give us their Aqua Net alternatives. Besides using hair spray for maximum hold, to create shine or add volume, we’ve come up with a few other things you could use for on top of Allure’s list.

  • Setting your makeup: I would advise to do this with a lot of caution, as your skin could get irritated easily, but there are people that will spray a thin layer of hair spray over their makeup as a finishing spray! Not only will it set your makeup, but it will make it last longer for the day.
  • Use it as a bug spray: You can use hair spray to keep the bugs away if they are buggin’. It’s also easy to use as an insect killer for those pesky spiders and bugs that freak you out. You can also turn it into a torch to ward off intruders when your man is gone if you have a lighter handy. (Warning: hair spray is highly flammable, do this at your own risk of fun)
  • Arts and crafts: Hair spray can also be used as glue! You can give anything a frosted look by covering it in glitter and spraying it with hairspray to stick. You can also spray the item with hairspray first, then dip it in glitter.
  • Preserve your photos: Spraying a thin layer of hair spray over photos or charcoal prints will seal the print and keep photos from fading.
  • Use it when you’re stinky: Not to use as deodorant ladies, but I know a few of girls that spritz themselves or their hair again with their best smelling hair sprays when they’re feeling a little funky and desperate.
  • Home improvements: When using chalk lines and want them to stick, you can spray the line with hair spray to prevent it from rubbing off quickly. Not to be worried with it sticking for good, it’s really easy to clean off with soap and water.
  • Hair color: Another wild use of hairspray is to temporarily color your hair, so it’s perfectly low budget for Halloween. Simply spray your hair in sections and sprinkle it with unsweetened-not sugar free drink mix like Kool-Aid to get any color you like.

What have you used hair spray for other than for your hair?


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