The Great Cover Up

Last weekend I had friends over for my first pool party of the summer season. (Well, June 21st is the actual first day of summer, but I live in sunny California, so it’s close enough.) I had planned this party for weeks—and I am not just talking about what food or drink I would serve. I am talking about my TAN! Now I do know overexposure to the sun is bad for your skin—I have not really laid out in the sun without sunscreen for years—but perfecting your tan without getting a sunburn is like walking by a mirror and not looking at yourself (oh, come on, we all do it). Of course you can always try self-tanners, and I do sometimes, but for some reason I could not achieve that seamless, streak-free tan I wanted around my hands and feet.

This is why I love sunbathing just like everyone else, which is a problem since I work in an industry where we preach the importance of taking care of your skin and of NEVER staying too long in the sun. So what is the safest way to get color without harming your skin?  The answer: Sunscreen!

Sunscreen sales have reached 1 BILLION dollars in 2013, and yet melanoma is on the rise by 2 percent each year since 2000. The main reason is that we’re NOT APPLYING ENOUGH SUNSCREEN! The new FDA labeling rules have helped. For one, it has mandated that sunscreen products replace their “waterproof” claim to just “water-resistant,” and that labels must note that the product should be reapplied every 2 hours. Also, the actual amount of sunscreen that needs to be applied is more than what you would think. For the body, it must be enough to fill a shot glass and applied more often if swimming. For the face and hairline, you need to apply at least one teaspoon.

It is no wonder we get sunburned. How many times have you gone to the pool or beach and then remembered to apply sunscreen one more time? Was it enough to fill a shot glass? Every time I think I am doing such a good job of protecting my skin, I come back from the pool with sunburn!

This is why I had to plan accordingly. THIS YEAR, I told myself that I am not going to get burned. I have used many sunscreens in the past and they all have been good, but with Elta MD, I could say I have found the best sunscreen I’ve ever used and I will tell you why.

UV Aero Broad Spectrum SPF 45 – This sunscreen is broad spectrum so it blocks out both UVA and UVB rays, which are both bad. It’s also non-greasy and water-resistant. The reason it is broad spectrum is that it contains zinc oxide which is a physical barrier. It does spray on white, BUT it dries clear and stays that way! You could spray this sunscreen every hour and you would not see it or feel it. I have never put on a sunscreen that did not have some type of shine, smell or feel to it, but with this one I couldn’t even tell I had it on! It protected every part of my exposed skin—NO BURN at all!

UV Facial Broad Spectrum SPF 30 Plus - I use this facial sunscreen every day over my moisturizer as it is gentle enough for my sensitive skin. Plus, the vitamin E shields my skin from free radicals that cause premature aging, or from anything harmful the environment might throw at it.

By the time my pool party happened, I had a perfect tan without the nasty sunburn—thanks to Elta MD! This brand is really a MUST-HAVE for the summer season!



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