The Dos and Don’ts of the Dark Lip

The dark lip look is back for fall! We’ve seen everything on the runway and Hollywood from goth black hues to drop dead gorgeous plums. You may think just because you saw it on the red carpet there’s no way you can pull it off yourself. I’m here to tell you that you can! Just don’t get carried away. Here are some do’s and don’ts to help you perfect the dark lip trend.

DO play up your lip
With dramatic makeup looks it’s best to play up one feature. In this case it’s your lip which means all of your other features need to be kept simple. A dark lip speaks for itself, so wear minimal makeup on your eyes and cheeks. You want to literally allow your lips to do the talking. You can even pull your hair back in an elegant pony tail to further accentuate your features.
DON’T look like a clown
To keep your lipstick from bleeding, it’s a smart idea to apply a lip liner. With lip liner you have to be careful; like with a coloring book, stay within the lines! Don’t let your lip liner or lipstick end up anywhere else on your face or further than your lip line.

DO have bold brows
Bold brows will make your plum pout look amazing. Make sure to properly groom your brows, make them bold but clean.
DON’T go goth
Listen, unless its October 31st there’s no need for all black everything or a bowl cut. The look is called “vamp” not “vampire” … since your lip will be dark keep the rest of your attire light and simple.
DO exfoliate your lips
This will remove dead skin cells and soften your lips. You also should dot on a little moisturizer or lip balm for more protection.
DON’T Forget to check your teeth.
Keep your lipstick off your teeth!


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