The Does-It-All Serum That Will Get Rid of Your Spots

It’s (almost!) memorial weekend, which marks the unofficial start of summer here in the good ol’ US of A. With summer comes good times in the sun … and all too often, with good times in the sun comes visible skin damage. The good news: if you practice diligence with your daily SPF usage and incorporate a serum like B. Kamins Nia-Stem Serum KX into your routine, you can thwart sun damage before it pops up.

This product owes its superpowers in large part to niacinamide—it’s one of the lesser-sung heroes of the skin care world, but that’s not to say it’s not one of the most efficacious ingredients out there. It works in a super gentle (yet totally effective) manner to help erase and suppress the signs of sun damage. If you’re currently suffering with any kind of pigmentation issues (save for melasma, that’s its own beast) I do believe you’ll be pleased with its effects.

This product also contains plant stem cells, which stimulate cell turnover, working in tandem with the niacinamide to ease the look of  dark spots, soften wrinkles and fine lines and improve upon that dreaded rough texture we all experience to some degree as we get older.

The bottom line? If you incorporate a serum like this one into your beauty routine (and refuse to slack on the SPF) you’ll come out of summer with the best complexion of your adult life!

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