The Bronzed And The Beautiful: Get Gisele’s Glow

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If you haven’t noticed my enthusiasm for summer in my recent blog posts, then you aren’t reading the Beautyfix blog enough. ;) One of the best things of summer is getting that summer glow. The best way to achieve this is with an amazing bronzer and it’s one of the season’s must have beauty products. Here’s how to use the best face bronzer to get an overall sun kissed glow for summer time. Bronzer can also be used to create shadow, slim your face and get that unforgettable glow like Gisele’s.

You can create an amazing healthy, glowing look by using bronzing powder. There are many available that you can pick up but here are a few favorites:

Too Faced The Bronzed and The Beautiful provides 3 amazing bronzers in one kit for an affordable price. Perfect for any season, especially summer and caters to any skin tone. Its’ easy to get the “I just got back from the Caribbean glow with Sun Bunny, Snow Bunny and Bronzer in Pink Leopard, accompanied with its own super soft kabuki bronzing brush. Not only does it come with all three, but it comes in a mirrored compact perfect for on the go. Simple glaze your cheeks, neck, collarbone and lightly dust your face and you’re all set with a gorgeous glow.

Always avoid bronzers that are too orange. This will cause your natural looking glow to look like you’ve spent a little too much time in the tanning salon. For this I suggest using Redpoint’s Rejuvenating Bronzing Silk or Laura Gellar’s Balance N Bronze. These will provide an irresistible glow without any harsh lines that will blend perfect with any skin tone. Laura Gellar’s Balance N Bronze is a multi-hued baked powder enriched with vitamin E that will provide an illuminating glow that will even out your skin tone instead of disturbing your skin. It’s important to use a bronzing powder rather than a liquid on oily or acne prone skin. This way it absorbs oil, creates an even skin tone and is better for the health of your skin.

For mature or dry skin a liquid bronzer is recommended. These formulas tend to be lighter in weight and won’t sink in to any fine lines or wrinkles, making your skin look younger. Stila’s Sun Gel and Cargo’s Multi Mix bronzer are prime examples of what a great liquid bronzer can do. Not only are they great for the face but they are multi-functioning and can be used on other areas of the body as well. When using a liquid bronzer, you’ll need to use a smaller amount for your face. This prevents it from the color being too dark, and you can regulate exactly how glowing you want to be.

Another simple trick that I love to add after applying bronzer, is sweeping my cheeks with a little bit of shimmer. My absolute favorite product for this is Jane Iredale’s 24 Karat Gold Dust Powder. It’s completely amazing and has real 24 karat golf flakes in it! (Hint: You may have received it in a past Beautyfix.)While providing a gorgeous shimmer and color to my skin it’s also perfectly reflected in any light and it’s very affordable.  You can use it as a body duster, bronzer, eye shadow or lip color. If you’re looking for an all around product this is it and it won’t leave you disappointed. Watch this video to learn some tips on using the 24 Karat Gold Dust Powder from Jane Iredale herself here!

Any of these great products will give you a youthful, golden fresh look for any occasion. Instead of shying away from getting the beach bunny look, give it a shot. You’ll have people fooled into thinking you just got back from a luxurious, tropical vacation.


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  1. Jovanna says:

    I love the rose gold for the summer eye shadow and blush. :-) I also love Stila’s bronze illuminating finishing powder in bronze or rose gold. It does not make me look shiny, but a nice glow that is appropriate for the office. Stila’s bronzing tinted moisturizer is the BEST!!! I don’t wear foundation or powders on my face during the summer, but I love tinted moisturizers, 2 in one!

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