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Minx Manicure for Must-Have Metallic Nails

Thursday, June 17th, 2010

By Liz W

Kim Cattrall with Minx nails

“Photo of Kim Cattrall with Minx. Although I did not do her nails for this Sex and the City, I enjoyed working with her on the first movie!”

Metallic nails are at an all-time popularity high right now, and recently, there have been women walking around with such smooth and flawless manis and pedis, it almost looks like they have foil nails! This new trend in nail art has been all over the glamorous hands of Hollywood for the past year, and now it is available to everyone!

Beautyfix Panelist Michelle Saunders has been loving Minx nails since she discovered them last year. Here is what she has to say about the Minx Manicure:

“Let me tell you about Minx Nail Coverings. Every so often something is created in the nail industry that is truly innovative and gets me asking, “Why didn’t I think of that?” Minx co-founders Janice Jordan and Dawn Lynch-Goodwin created this revolutionary product and I started using it in 2009.

Minx nails deliver the most unique nail art to your fingertips and is applied by a professional manicurist who is trained. The artwork is designed graphically so anything can be transferred to a Minx covering. The product itself is a pre-cut covering that sticks to the nail after the adhesive has been heated with a heat lamp.

Minx Nails

Photo of Michelle wearing Minx Nails - Grey with silver fishnet

Zoe Salanda Minx Nails

Zoe Salanda with Minx Nails

A pro is that these coverings last longer than just an old fashioned polish – up to two weeks on hands and up to 6 weeks on toes! My favorite is the chrome in gold lighting and <a href=”grey with silver fishnet (the ones I have on in the photo). They are eye-catching and beautiful and I see why celebrities were the first to use them. But today, anyone can have them applied – you just have to find a Minx Nail Salon in your area that can put them on.
Go to for salon locations and be sure to peek at the design gallery.

Cost can be anywhere from $55-$85. I applied the gold lightning minx to Zoe Saldana, star of the movie Avatar for the April, 2010 cover of Glamour. Happy Minxing!” – Michelle>

Spring 2010 Nail Trends

Tuesday, March 23rd, 2010

By Jenna

Nothing makes me more excited for the seasons changing than the latest nail color trends. I have to say that I will wear EVERY single color in the latest OPI collection all year long. It’s absolutely important that the hottest 2010 spring nail trends are on my fingers in the next few months. Not only is it fun and keeps my nails in tip top shape, but it makes you feel good when you look down and see such a beautiful color like Lucky Lucky Lavender or Hot & Spicy. As a self proclaimed nail connoisseur, here are my picks for the most fabulous nail trend colors for spring.

SpaRitual’s “I believe in you” from their Believe collection is an electric orange reminiscent of a tangerine. Melon colors are definitely “in” this season and don’t just sweep this trend under the rug yet. This color is perfect for the transition of spring to summer and adds a little more anticipation to the warmer months. This color is lively and perfect to match with a peach lip and a cute sundress.  If that orange is too electric for you, you can tone it down for a perfect peach from Chanel in Innatendu.

OPI Spring 2010 Hong Kong Collection Colors

Source: Flickr User Infilmity

Jade nail polish has been a hit even in fall and I love to see that it’s carrying over into spring. “Jade is the new black” by OPI is a dream color. Its fashion forward and goes with just about everything, hence that it’s the new black. I’ll probably be wearing this more than a few times on both the hands and toes. Another gorgeous color to watch out for in OPI’s Hong Kong collection is Lucky Lucky Lavender, which I happen to be enjoying at the moment. Periwinkle and lavender are gorgeous colors to be rocking for spring from your clothes all the way to your toes.

Another color trend to jump on is uniform blue. Deep, rich blues just shades shy from navy blue are fabulous and appropriate for spring. Remember, we’re just getting over winter but not yet ready for summer, so spring’s colors can be just a shade different than the last trend. Refinery 29’s top 10 nail picks for Spring explains these genius blues and where you can get them.

What’s a collection without something red? Spring 2010’s fiery red is a bright, orangey red. It’s the perfect color and shade to match your orange toned lipstick. Red is always a fun and spicy color to put on so be sure to enjoy and have those nails ready to be noticed.

There you have it! Now go and explore the world of color and nails. Your nail beds are a palette and make sure to take care of them and paint away. The best part about every season’s nail colors are the stories behind the color line. Learning each little bottle’s story brings a bit of fantasy and imagination, making your manicure and pedicure that much more special. Don’t just get it done for maintenance, but appreciate the wonderful world of nail color.

In defense of parabens

Thursday, March 11th, 2010

By Ada Polla user c.a. muller

It seems one of my missions in the beauty industry has become to defend parabens and set the record straight. Perhaps it is because I unapologetically use them in my skin care products Alchimie Forever. Perhaps it is because I enjoy reading the scientific data on the topic. Or perhaps it is because I don’t mind taking the politically incorrect and unpopular view on the topic, as paraben free is a popular buzz word and trend in cosmetics today. In any case, I have written a number of scientific papers on parabens, and am writing my first blog post about it exclusively for Beautyfix.

Parabens are the preservatives most commonly used in cosmetics, foods, and drugs. These molecules are used in over 22,000 cosmetics as preservatives in concentrations up to 0.8% (mixtures of parabens) or up to 0.4% (single paraben). The group includes Methylparaben, Ethylparaben, Propylparaben, Isopropylparaben, Butylparaben, Isobutylparaben, and Benzylparaben. Parabens have been the subject of numerous studies that have established not only their broad spectrum of action against numerous micro-organisms, but also their efficacy, stability, and their lack of side effects.

In the late 1990s, several studies suggested that parabens had an oestrogenic activity. Then, in 2004, English researchers detected traces of parabens in breast tumour tissue samples. The media seized the subject and widely diffused the news: parabens used in cosmetics, most notably in deodorants, could cause breast cancer. Hence the paraben controversy began. As a result, numerous cosmetic companies have altered their product formulae, replacing parabens with alternate preservative systems. Parabens were the ingredient that began the trend of fear marketing in beauty products, or “free of” marketing.

Let’s look at the facts and set the record straight:

1. As stated above, the paraben controversy and the idea they cause breast cancer rests on one single medical study that was published in 2004. The methodology of that study, however, was flawed: parabens were indeed detected in cancerous breast tissue samples; however parabens were also detected in the control group (organic matter with no trace of cancer). As there were parabens in both the cancer tissue and the control, it is not accurate to conclude that parabens cause breast cancer. The American Cancer Society claims that the “studies have not shown any direct link between parabens and any health problems, including breast cancer.”

2. There has been no further published study in the 5 years since that initial study confirming parabens’ role in breast cancer.

3. Parabens are approved by all of the cosmetic regulatory bodies including the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). This is not the case, for example, with hydroquinone, which is banned by the European equivalent of FDA.

4. Parabens have an extremely low skin sensitivity factor, meaning that very few people are allergic or have skin irritation to parabens. This is not the case with some of the paraben alternatives, including essential oils, which are very sensitizing and appear on the European list of top allergens.

5. Finally parabens have the broadest spectrum of action on bacteria, yeast, and mold, meaning they are effective on almost all. This again is not the case of paraben alternatives, whether natural or synthetic.

Of course from a commercial perspective, manufacturers may wish to replace parabens because consumers are demanding products without parabens (even if for the wrong reasons). Products without parabens enable manufacturers to avoid consumer questions and avoid having to set the record straight. But commercial decisions should not be made under the false pretense of making products safer when parabens are safe to begin with.

Furthermore, when removing parabens from products it is important to consider what we are replacing parabens with. Indeed, I believe we can all agree that preservatives and anti-bacterial agents play an important role in cosmetics. After all, who wants bacteria in their creams?

Finally, I urge the industry to reconsider the “free of” marketing craze we seem to have embarked on in the last few years. “Paraben-free” claims naturally although inaccurately lead consumers to believe that parabens are “bad.” Same with all of the other “free of” claims we see today.


Ada Polla of Alchimie Forever

Ada is the co-creator of skin care brand Alchimie Forever, and a member of the Beautyfix Panel. An expert in cosmetics development, Ada contributes to numerous magazines, and is a frequent guest speaker at leading universities and beauty industry conferences.

Men’s Makeup: Beauty News or a Trend Going Dead?

Thursday, February 25th, 2010

By Jenna

The vampire craze has inspired a lot of makeup looks in beauty news as well as the music industry. One of the most hidden trends so far that’s come from this is men’s makeup. We may not realize it, but many recording artists, actors and men alike are wearing makeup. The difference is they aren’t going for the red lips trend (unless it’s the guys from the band KISS), but using makeup and skin care as a grooming mechanism. Here are some of the trends that are popular with the guys that even your man may consider.

Women aren’t the only ones with flaws and blemishes. Men aren’t immune to this and usually, their dark circles are more prominent. To fix this, a men’s makeup easy fix is to use a light reflecting concealer for dark circles. A pen-like concealer with an application brush is usually the easiest. Start at the darkest part of the eye and work your way out and blend. If you’re caking it on too much, you’ll be able to see the line of difference, so the important part is less is more.

Guy liner has been seen around on the peepers of Pete Wentz, Joel Madden, Brett Michaels, Axel Rose and many musicians. The latest young star to make headlines is the glamazon Adam Lambert. He’s definitely coining the guy liner with his publicity and daring look. This trend can be taken to many different degrees. Just as you can create heavy vertical and horizontal lines on your eyes, a little guy liner helps make his eyes stand out and pop. Instead of lining the top of the eyelid, lining underneath the eye adds contrast and definition. You can use any eye pencil, but the men will generally like the more masculine looking eye liners.


Flickr User: Bricehardelin

Eyebrows are always an important part of the face. Not only is it framing your face, but no one likes to see caterpillars over anyone’s eyes – especially bushy man-brows. Thankfully, more and more men are going to get their eyebrows done and we couldn’t be happier to see this trend. Eyebrow waxing, tweezing and threading are methods that can be done for a quick clean up of his eyebrows. Rest assured we’re not talking about getting those pencil thin brows for men. It’s nice to just get them a little cleaned up, and get rid of the unibrow. Another trick he can use is trimming them and brushing them to keep them tame. It’s just like brushing your hair or in this case, the mustache. Good grooming is the key to looking sharp.

For me, these trends are not only fun for him to play with but it’ll boost his confidence too. Instead of being a little afraid when we see a man with eyeliner, embrace it. We have to remember that throughout the years, (thousands of years) men have been wearing and loving makeup. Who knows, your man could look a little sexier with some eyeliner on. Let him play with your makeup kit, this trend isn’t go anywhere. Just don’t let him take it too far towards a drag look.

Fashion Week Runway Hair and Makeup

Tuesday, February 23rd, 2010

By Liz W

fashion week makeup user STYLEMOM

Fashion week is perhaps the most anticipated time of year for all fashion and beauty Junkies, and this year has proved to be as successful and wild as ever. From vintage inspired glam to 90’s grunge, all sorts of fashion and beauty trends are popping up on the runways making for an exciting and eclectic season.

With lace being one of the hottest materials of the current and upcoming months, it only makes sense that lace nails would be the obvious next step in beauty.  Taking inspiration from the delicate and sensual fabric, models have been spotted strutting down the runway with lacey printed nails. Although they have met mixed reviews, they are an interesting spin on nail art, and a pretty cool trend to try out. Finding a nail salon that will do it might prove a bit difficult, so your best bet is to buy some very thin lace and cut it to your nail shape and lay it over your freshly polished nails. Let it dry and lacquer them over with a thick coat of quick drying top coat and voila! Your very own runway inspired lace nails.

Issac Mizrahi went with what seems to be the it trend this year, aiming for a 90’s inspired all natural/grunge look. He sent his models down the catwalk with slept on hair and nothing but pale foundation and lip gloss, creating the message, “It’s all about the clothes.”

Others, like Jeremy Scott, didn’t play it so safe, and got a little eyeliner happy. He took winged eyeliner to a whole new level with his triple stripe wing extending to the temple. It might not be something that would go over too well at your local coffee house, but it added some spice to his show.

Weirdly enough, Nanette Lepore fell right in the middle of the two extremes of natural makeup and over the top makeup. Her models were gorgeously glamorous with subtly defined eyes and berry bright lips. This might be the only ready to wear collection complete with ready to wear makeup.

Over all, there isn’t really one trend that is being seen over and over, the mixture of drastically different looks is what makes fashion week so exciting, and with all designers fighting for the brightest place under the spotlight, there are plenty of crazy and beautiful looks to inspire you every day.

New York Fashion Week Hairstyles with Sean James – Glampire & Glunge

Monday, February 22nd, 2010

I met up with celeb hairstylist Sean James at Frank Studio in Santa Monica to hear about the hottest hair trends from this month’s New York Fashion Week. Sean did hair for the Mik Cire men’s show, but also had a chance to observe hairstyles from the women’s shows. Glampire (think Twilight) and Glunge (grunge with a touch of glamour) are all the rage. Watch this video to learn more:

Both trends are reminiscent of the nineties. Remember (if you’re old enough) Yves Saint Laurent’s almost-black lipstick and Chanel’s Vamp? Dark lips were all the rage, although not for the weak of heart. But this time around the trend is a bit more romantic, and with a bit of sparkle. Edward Cullen would approve.

According to Sean, “the Rachel” is back too. (The hairstyle made famous by Jennifer Aniston’s character from the hit show Friends.) Put on your old ripped jeans, throw on a sequined jacket and give yourself a nice full blowout and you’re good to go.

So, to recap – it’s all about dark lips, and full hair. Rock on.

Which will you be rocking – a Glampire or Glunge look?

Romantic Hair and Makeup Looks for Valentine’s Day

Thursday, February 11th, 2010

Valentine’s Day is our day ladies. A day that we get pampered and showered with surprises, flowers and gifts from our significant other, family or friends. Most importantly, some of us have hot dates to attend and want to look like the sexy goddess that you are. Spring trends are here, and now’s the time to test drive what hair styles and makeup will make him salivate. Whether it’s a night of seduction or a night out on the town with a new fling, we’ve got a valentine beauty guide just for you.

Hair styles that look easy and natural are the way to go with men. If it looks like you’ve spent 4 hours curling and crimping your hair, chances are that he’s not going to like it. Playing up your current hairstyle is a cheap and easy way to get what you want. The key thing to think about is; you want it to be touchable and soft. Over working your hair is a no-no so don’t over-think it! Hair styles to consider this Valentine’s Day are:

Playful hair

Source: Flickr user Albert Brendenhann

Short hair styles: If you’ve got the pixie cut, smooth and sleek is the way to go. Blow dry your hair and use a smoothing serum to get the perfect look that exudes confidence.

Shoulder length hair: Soft waves are a sexy trend this spring. Use a medium barrel curling iron to create soft waves from the crown to the ends. You can use a light hair spray for hold, but beware; using too much hair spray will make it crispy. Another great style is the blowout that will blow his mind. If you’ve got layers in your hair, use a round brush to add volume, or hot-rollers to create voluptuous locks that he won’t be able to stay away from.

Long hair styles: You can go two ways with your long locks, sleek and straight or long, heavenly waves. For the straight look, channel your inner Reese Witherspoon, blow dry with a flat brush and use a smoothing serum to tame frizz. Tousled waves require a medium barrel curling iron with a touch of spray. I’ve found that blow drying your hair before trying to get waves; can sometimes make your hair go flat, so air drying your hair can help create natural curl. A great reference for long gorgeous waves is Marisa Miller (who nailed the tousled waves look at the Super Bowl this year), Rachel Bilson or Gisele Bunchen.

Men generally, don’t like a face that has been caked on so accenting your facial features is the best way to go. My beauty advice is to pick one part of your face, like your eyes, lips or cheeks, and sex them up. To get more bang for your buck a lip and cheek stain is a great beauty buy. Tarte has a genius stain that you may use for either your cheeks to make your cheeks delicious or for your lips for that “come-hither” look. Either way, you can use this product over and over again to achieve different looks as a multi-functioning cosmetic. I recommend this in Cloud 9 or Tickled by Tarte for a flirtatious look. I also love Benefit’s Benetint or Lorac’s Sheer Wash lip & cheek tint for a dark, erotic look. If you’re playing up your eyes a risqué smokey eye is best. Bronze eyeliner is a hot trend for spring that can pair well with a romantic smokey look. If you’re playing up your lips, there’s nothing better than an alluring red for Valentine’s day. Duwop’s Pure Venom in Pure Berry do the trick and exude style and sultry to drive your man wild.

Remember ladies, it’s your time to spice it up and shine, so take a little extra in your busy schedule to prepare. After all, getting roses and chocolates has never looked sexier with that pout.

Sexy Lips

Source: Flickr User Sifone

Must Haves: Hot Nail Colors for New Years Eve 2009

Thursday, December 31st, 2009

So you have the perfect look picked out for New Year’s Eve: the dress, the shoes, the hair, the makeup all done and set in stone. What’s missing? Those little piggies. Having a manicure to match brings your entire outfit together and gives your look some extra pizzazz while you’re dancing the night away. After scouring the planet for the hottest nail color trends, I’ve picked out some trendy nail colors that’ll make you sizzle and ready for the big 2010 kick off.

Silver and gold are always a trend for the holidays and celebrating New Year’s Eve, but who wants to be repetitive? Opi’s Holiday Wishes line has the perfect pairing of this season’s hottest colors and glitter to give your fingers a stunning glow. This collection has 6 “wish-upon-a-star reds” and 6 “most-wanted-for” dark and neutral tones. To keep my outfit current, I’ve chosen to go with Shim-Merry Chic. It has the perfect bronzy-gold color with a dash of gold flecks in it to be the perfect color to compliment my skin, outfit and hands without going overboard. For a darker color, Holiday glow or Merry Midnight are exquisite choices as well.

Matte colors have been a nail color trend for 2009 and we’ve seen it on celebrities and friends alike. Experimenting with this trend, I’ve found that these matte colors have to be dead on and applied very well otherwise it can get a little sloppy. Trying out a few colors like jade green, bubblegum pink, dark emerald and navy, I found that the colors that looked good on my nails were the darker shades.  A great line of colors to try for your New Year’s party is Zoya’s MatteVelvet Winter Collection. I absolutely LOVE all three of these colors and Savita looks exceptional with mostly every skin tone. Veruschka is also another gem to try and the darker green is elegant and festive.

If you’re looking for a more natural look for the big countdown, colors like nude and taupe would be a good choice. SpaRitual’s Forbidden Fall/Winter collection has gorgeous colors like Mystic and Inner Sanctum to give your fingers a classic, simple look. Another way to go is choosing a lighter color that has an iridescent look. She’s A River and It’s Raining Men are also good colors from SpaRitual.

2010 is only hours away, so make sure that you make the night one to remember and give your fingers some extra love. Remember, one key thing that people look at are your hands, and they always tell your age. If keeping them cute isn’t reason enough, keep your mitts youthful and give them some extra love and care. Most importantly, after making your extremities beautiful: Have fun its New Year’s!

Source: Flickr User Carbonated

Source: Flickr User Carbonated

Happy celebrating!

Beauty trends in cosmetic surgery: Interview with Dr. Chip Cole

Tuesday, December 15th, 2009

Even with the state of the economy, we can’t forget about our dear friend: cosmetic surgery. Since the recession times have been tough, and although we’ve seen some changing trends in plastic surgery offices, the doctors certainly aren’t bored. We had a chance to chat with Dr. Chip Cole about the beauty trends in cosmetic surgery procedures that have been the most requested in his office.

Dr. Cole

Has the economy had an effect on the types of procedures your patients are requesting?

“I would say that certainly there has been a shift to more bridge procedures where people are doing more of the injectables and fillers, while waiting to see if the economy is going to improve. People are not as inclined to take time off for a major cosmetic procedure as they were 2 years ago. I’m seeing a lot more eye lifts and eye tucks alone and maybe fillers around the mouth, where they used to do their eyes surgically and also have a face lift. I’m definitely seeing more of a trend in the lower face for fillers, but in the eye area I’m seeing an increase in procedures because people want to have something done, and the impact will be greater in the eye area than anywhere else on the face. That’s the #1 area that people notice – when you look at someone you always see their eyes first.”

What’s the typical down time for eye procedures?

“I would say a week at the most. A lot of people do it mid-week, say on a Wednesday, and go back to work on a Monday. It’s a pretty quick procedure. I use a laser for all of the procedures (vs. using a scalpel), and the advantage is that when you make the incision, the laser seals the tissue so you don’t get the bleeding and bruising you get when you use a scalpel. People are able to get to work a lot quicker.”

What is the age range of people receiving eye lifts and eye tucks?

“I would say that the earliest I see is people in their 30’s, although some models in their mid to late 20’s come in when they start to see changes, but this is unusual.  I would say it usually starts in their 30’s. I would say typically the upper end is in the 70’s, but it’s not that unusual to have someone that’s in their 80’s or 90’s getting it done.”

How do you incorporate your certification in ophthalmology into your cosmetic surgery practice?

“I’m board certified in ophthalmology as well as facial cosmetic surgery and laser surgery. It’s integrated into our practice for instance if someone has a tear gland that’s out of position during surgery, I’ll go ahead and repair it while I’m there because I understand also the functional aspects of all the anatomy from having the background in ophthalmology. Another example is if someone has a lid that is drooping more than the other lid, general plastic surgeons are not going to be able to repair that muscle or fix that lid while they’re doing the cosmetic surgery. Also it’s microsurgical training and I always say a millimeter is the difference between success or failure around the eye, where an inch is the difference between success and failure on the face. So it’s a very precise procedure.”

About Dr. Cole

Dr. Cole is an Oculofacial Plastic Surgeon and has performed over 15 thousand surgeries. A quadruple board certified surgeon, his surgical expertise and artistry continues to be nationally recognized. In 1994, Dr. Cole founded Atlanta Oculoplastic & Cosmetic Surgery, which is now known as OCULUS Facial Plastic Surgeons. OCULUS is a leading practice specializing in reconstruction and rejuvenation procedures in Atlanta, GA.  Dr. Cole has received many honors including being named one of the country’s Top 10 cosmetic eye surgeons by Harper’s Bazaar magazine.

Guide to Wearing this Fall’s Makeup Trends

Tuesday, December 1st, 2009

By Jenna

Fall trends are in effect and the runways featured our favorite makeup trends. From Gaultier, Dior, Marc Jacobs and Chanel, the hair and the fashion can’t all be tied together without the perfect fall makeup look.  Ripped from the runway, we’re seeing 80’s makeup come back with a modern flair and we are loving it! Here are some beauty tips on how to translate this season’s runway makeup looks into something that can be worn everyday this season.

Matte red lipstick

source: Photo by Kristian Dowling/Getty Images North America)

Matte red lipstick: This one is a classic and we’ve seen it on most bombshells and celebrities from A to Z. This look is easy to pull off, you just want to make sure to not over-do it with the rest of your makeup. (Think natural not clown face)Throwing on some eyeliner and mascara and keeping the rest of your face soft is key.  Tip: use a lip conditioner or lip primer first to make sure your lips are in prime condition when you’re ready to apply that lipstick. This keeps the color from fading fast and looking drab. It’s fun to play with your makeup and trying red lips is going bold so the only question you have to ask yourself is do you dare?  (It’ll give you some oomph in your stride too, I promise)

Dark eyes: Dark eye shadow trends this season are dark blues, purples, maroons, reds, and always the smokey eye.  The only thing you need to remember when playing with these colors are to make sure it matches your skin tone (when choosing a red make sure it’s not going to make your eyes look tired).  You can implement these in your smokey eye look or just add a dash of color underneath to pump up your look.

Matte Lips: This is an on-again off-again trend that we see strutting down the runways. This lip color can be paired with the smokey eye look or a colorful shimmery eye.  To achieve this you can prime your lip or use a shadow first on your lip to get an easy look.  Add gloss or keep it au natural and you’re ready to walk your catwalk, either way it’s a sexy look that will turn heads and complement your facial features.

eye shadow

Source: flickr user lynelley

Shimmery eyes: Sometimes when we hit the 80s trends we see bright colors and shiny glitter and lucky for us it’s back! What’s hot right now is a beautiful green, shimmery eye shadow that complements your eye color. Also, for a great night look you can grab a jewel toned glitter eye shadow to put on your lids. This look is great for events or a night out on the town.

Trends are supposed to be fun and while fall colors aren’t always the brightest, we can spruce up our looks with the wonderful world of makeup. Makeup is meant to be played with, so spend some extra time in your day this season and create a masterpiece from eyes to lips. You’ll be shocked by the response when you take a little walk on the wild side especially with makeup.

What are some trends that you’ve tried lately?