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How to Use Makeup Brushes

Thursday, December 17th, 2009

By Liz W
I will never forget my first makeup brush set I received Christmas morning when I was 15. I was thrilled beyond words that I had a full set of brushes and could finally attempt to look like my idols at the department store cosmetic counters. Having all the right tools made applying makeup flawlessly easy as pie. The one thing that would have made my complete makeup brush set actually complete is an instruction manual on how to use makeup brushes, but I have yet to come across a good one. To ensure your marvelous brushes all get equal love and attention, I am going to address some of the stranger looking specimens that may come in your set, so they don’t just sit there collecting dust.

makeup brushes

One that usually perplexes the non-makeup guru is the fan brush. It might look strange but it can be really useful for a few tasks. Because of the sparseness (and almost airy quality) of the bristles, fan brushes are great for applying a light application of shimmer, bronzer, or blush to the cheek bones. It’s also an awesome brush for sweeping away extra shadow that falls beneath the eyes, avoiding those horrible streaks that your fingers will leave.

Another brush that isn’t as foreign to most people, but is one of the most important brushes to own is the crease brush. This is a round fluffy brush with a slightly pointed tip that is used to get that expertly blended crease just perfect. Apply shadow to the tip of the brush, place the tip of the brush in your crease and move the brush back and forth in your crease like a windshield wiper. This motion assures an even application and gives you complete control for a sheer or dramatic look.

The last brush that has majorly increased in popularity is the kabuki brush which can be pretty puzzling to those who are not mineral foundation wearers. Kabuki brushes tend to be very dense, making them a great tool for applying mineral foundations and other powders to the face. Just dip it in your favorite product and buff those flaws away using a swirling method. The denser the bristles on the brush, the more coverage you’ll get. Kabuki brushes are also fantastic for applying bronzer.

If you are truly a makeup newbie, it is best to have one of those divine makeup counter goddesses show you how to use your brushes, but if you are just curious about those funny looking ones in your kit, then this should set you on your way to a perfectly polished face.