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Any Given SUNday

Monday, June 17th, 2013

Recently, I took some time to soak up the while working to achieve my first official tan lines to get the Summer season started. I did my very best to avoid getting sun burn, but failed miserably. Instead of enjoying a new set of tan lines, I was slathering aloe vera all over my charred skin and wondering what I did wrong. I was trying to be so careful to avoid this.

Here are a few things I noticed, so take note as it might help you with sun safety and avoiding sun burns.

Always wear sunscreen

This seems like an obvious one, but I was shocked when I was laying out with my friends by the pool and they were not applying sunscreen as they wanted to get some ‘good color.’ You will still get tan, but less skin damage with a sunscreen.

Check the expiration date

Make sure you are using sunscreen within the suggested timeframe. If not, then it’s time to toss it and refresh your stock. Sunscreen (like most other things that expire) will not be effective past this date.


Just because it’s waterproof and water-resistant doesn’t mean you don’t have to re-apply. ALWAYS RE-APPLY and do it often. You should put sunscreen on at least 30 minutes prior to sun exposure and re-apply at least every two hours, maybe more often if you are swimming, sweating, etc.

Look for sunscreens labeled ‘broad spectrum’

Only sunscreens that pass a new test of UVA protection can be labeled “broad spectrum,” a claim that will indicate that the product protects equally against UVB (turns skin red and causes cancer) and UVA (ages the skin and causes cancer) rays. The new season of Beautyfix has an awesome broad spectrum sunscreen called  Gytone Spray Mist Broad Spectrum SPF 50. This sunscreen is a non-greasy formula that hydrates & protects the skin without clogging pores. It helps to prevent the signs of aging due to sun exposure.

Don’t let the SPF fool you

SPF only refers to protection against UVB rays, the ones responsible for burning the skin. It doesn’t have anything to do with protection against UVA rays that penetrate the skin deeper and can lead to skin cancer. This is why it’s important to look for broad spectrum. The EWG recommends purchasing sunscreens with SPFs higher than 15 but no greater than 50.Often times sky-high SPFs can give us a false sense of security. Many doctors argue that a higher number tricks people into thinking their sunscreen lasts longer than one with a lower SPF, causing them to reapply less often, so they’re more at risk for burns.

Stay in the shade

Sunscreen is just one factor of an overall plan for skin protection. It’s also important to stay in the shade as much as possible and wear protective clothing like hats and long sleeves. This is not the most ideal way to get a ‘good color’ but it will help with keeping your skin healthy, hydrated and protected.

Turn the Tables of Aging

Thursday, August 18th, 2011


They say 40 is the new 30. Whatever it is, all of these women look amazing and some of them are well past 40. Forget the fountain of youth, these ladies have found an entire sea. Linda Evangelista (43), Cindy Crawford(42), Elle MacPherson (44), Diane Lane (46), Christie Brinkley (54) and most recently Madonna who just turned 53, to name a few. Here are some tips that we learned from these fabulous ladies on how to be hot over 40, because let’s face it, they set a pretty good anti-aging example.

Positive Self Image

Having confidence in yourself at any age is a key part in looking your best. Make eye contact, smile and (yes, just like mom used to say) stand up straight.  Posture and the way you carry yourself can make or break your overall presentation. Remain positive in your outlook about aging. Your good energy will be sure to attract others.

Plenty of Exercise

Keep your workouts interesting so you don’t get bored and want to quit. Christie Brinkley once told People magazine she keeps her workouts interesting by exercising with Dance Dance Revolution. Elle Macpherson adds biking and surfing to regular gym sessions and Marisa Tomei likes to mix up her cardio with hula hooping and dancing.


Elle Macpherson swears by fish oil and steers clear of cigarettes and alcohol. Christie Brinkley eats only organic foods, which are rich in minerals and vitamins. Madonna has made it no secret that what she cuts out of her diet is as important as what she allows in. No processed food, caffeine or dairy passes the Material Girl’s lips, but she does consume plenty of spring water, lean protein, grains, organic fruit and veggies every day.

Skin Care and Cosmetic Enhancements

Signs of aging start to show as less collagen is produced and skin loses its elasticity, so firming and anti-aging ingredients become vital allies. These ladies know that a great face starts with a great base. It’s obvious that they have taken precautions throughout the years, and incorporated basic skin care steps like exfoliating, moisturizing and using sunscreen on a regular basis.

Let’s not fool ourselves, fact is, many of these women have had some help with Cosmetic Enhancements, such as Botox injections, collagen and vitamin injections, etc. Enhancements like these, if done correctly and in moderation, can take years off and keep your skin looking vibrant, healthy and wrinkle-free.

These fabulous women have provided us with some great tips on how to age like a celebrity and getting older has never looked so good!