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Keeping Fresh and Fabulous in the Summer Sun

Friday, June 28th, 2013

Have I told you enough about how much I love summer? No? Well I do! Vacations, pools, the heat, everything is just sunshine and rainbows.  With temps this weekend reaching up to 118 degrees in the Southwest (OMG), I’m trying and succeeding at beating the heat. I don’t mean just staying cool, what I mean is at every summer soiree; I’ll have a bright lip and lashes on to match my golden glow. There are tricks to keeping your skin fabulous and your makeup fresh and I’m generous enough to share it with you.

First thing’s first: Sunscreen duh! Instead of using just any old drugstore sunscreen, the only ones that touch my face need to not only block those rays, but actually do something for my skin. Enter La Roche-Posay’s Anthelios 50 Tinted Mineral Ultra Fluid Sunscreen. Check it, it’s like a primer, moisturizer and sunscreen all in 1. I slather this on as a base, dust my face with a little Jane Iredale powder (with spf in it of course) and my skin is primed and protected. Everyone should do this, you’ll look fabulous and it feels like you’re wearing nothing!

Hats are key. Hear me out. The last thing you want is your face to be in direct sunlight. A big, fun floppy hat is trendy and takes care of any shade issues. It’s like you have your own personal Fonzworth Bentley on your head. One important thing about your hat is to keep it simple and don’t go into anywhere with misters or water if your hat has possible bleeding color. I’m not kidding, I’ve seen it happen. My girlfriend looked amazing with a multi-colored floppy hat, before she went into the pool. A few splash-a-thon’s later, the color was literally dripping onto her skin. MAJOR FAIL. Don’t do it.

The coup de grace: Vichy’s Thermal Spring Water. It’ll get that summer heat in a choke hold before ever reaching your skin. This product is magical and of course, it’s in this season’s kit. Now that you have it, stock up on it and take it with you EVERYWHERE. It’s a 100% pure mineral-rich water that helps improve your skin’s overall look and feel. It’s so refreshing and perfect for summer I can’t even deal. The fine mist is soothing and really regenerates my complexion whenever I need a pick me up. If there’s one product for summer, it’s this one. I personally try to keep it cold and spritz it on whenever I can throughout the day.

I only speak the truth people. Enjoy your summer!

The ‘Magic’ Trick To Fix A Dehydrated Complexion

Thursday, June 20th, 2013


Attention everyone whose skin freaks out during the summer: meet your new best friend, ARCONA Magic White Ice!

I know it’s not just me who finds it difficult to get the right kind of hydration during the summer. When it’s cold outside, my skin tends to feel super dry and I slather on a heavy moisturizer  morning and night—so much that it’s honestly a wonder my makeup even stays on. And I NEVER get blemishes! This time of year, it’s a different story. I’ve noticed my favorite heavy moisturizers  break me out and, generally speaking, just don’t do it for me. Thank goodness I discovered this product!

If you’re a gym person, you will LOVE the way it feels on your skin post-workout and face cleanse. It’s sort of like the cooling sensation you get from a product containing menthol, but without any kind of tingling or burning. (Key for skin like mine that’s red and flushed after a run.) If you’re not a gym person, you’ll still love it—if for no other reason than its profound ability to plump up your complexion and make it dewy soft without any greasiness. If ever there were a product for use underneath your sunscreen in the mornings, this is it, ladies!

Did you receive ARCONA Magic White Ice this season of Beautyfix? Tell us what you think about!