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Hair Brush Guide – Select the Right Hair Brushes to Create Your Hair Style

Thursday, January 21st, 2010

By Jenna

There are so many different hair brushes on the market that if you’re not an expert, it can be hard to choose which brush is right for your hair type to achieve a specific hair style. Each type of brush is made for different uses, depending on what look you’re trying to achieve. Here’s a hair brush guide that will help you along the way.

Hair brush

flickr user: Ardie96750

The round brush is usually used to give definition or add curl to hairstyles. You can stick to the basic rule of – the smaller the round brush, the tighter the curl. You can use the round brush during a blow out to add volume and some extra “oomph” to your hair. A larger round hair brush is better for longer hair as a smaller round brush for shorter hair. I personally recommend finding a round brush with boar bristles, it lasts longer and the bristles work through your hair perfectly without damaging.

The paddle brush is a fun one to brush your hair with. Not only is it great for straightening medium to long hair, but it smoothes as it lengthens and gives you a slight scalp massage. These brushes are great for styling layers, but they don’t add much volume to layers.

vent brushThe vent hair brush is the brush with holes in the middle of the base of the brush. This enables air to pass through the brush to help for faster hair drying. They are great for detangling your hair and also boosting volume.

Cushion hair brushes are generally made for medium to long hair and can perform the same as the half-round brush. It’s great for day to day use and the added plus is that it also massages the scalp. You can achieve short cuts, round layers and textured outlines after styling with the cushion brush.

There are tons of brushes to choose from, so try to get one that feels comfortable in your hand that you feel best styling with. The brush and dryer can make all the difference and most importantly save time in your beauty routine. Since switching to the right tools to style with, it’s made my routine easier, cuts down time and looks more fabulous than ever. Bring on the complements! J

What are your favorite styling tools?