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Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Tuesday, May 4th, 2010

By Liz W

mother's day

Photo courtesy of Apple Bottom Photography

Mother’s Day is around the corner and even if you shower her with gifts every day of the year, Mother’s Day should be the day that shows her how much you care. When trying to come up with Mother’s Day gift ideas for the most important lady in your life, try thinking about what she does every day, not for you and others, but for herself. Does she love gardening? Cooking? Travelling? Going to day spas? The outdoors? If you focus on what she already loves, then gift buying will be easy and will melt her heart. Knowing you spent time thinking about giving her something she loves will mean more than the gift itself.

Ideas for Mother’s Day Gift Giving

For a jet-setting mom on the go, give her the gift of time. Whether she spends her days carting around preschoolers to non-stop T-ball practice and ballet lessons, or she is preparing for her first grandchild by picking him up little gifts from all her worldly destinations, a busy mom is a busy mom.

For someone who rarely takes a break and spends all her time on other people, give her the gift of some me time. Don’t just stop at gift certificate for her to enjoy some relaxing spa treatments; actually schedule the time for her to go and arrange for all her motherly responsibilities to be handled by someone else for the day.  That extra bit of planning to make sure she can really take some time for herself will mean the world to her and will really show that you care.

For the mom to be or new mom, give her a grown up gift. New moms are usually considered the easiest mom’s to plan for on mother’s day since motherhood is taking center stage in every aspect of their life, but focusing on HER, instead of the baby will be something she won’t expect. Chances are, she has been showered with gifts for her new little bundle of joy ever since the happy little plus sign on the pregnancy test popped up last year, so she might be feeling a little bit left out with all the love and attention the little one is basking in.

mom to be

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If the mom in question is your beautiful wife, give her the gift of some baby-free romance. Send her a gift basket stocked with everything she needs to get ready for a very adult evening. Include some pampering bath products, a romantic candle like Diana B. Black fig candle, and a bottle of her favorite wine. Then, tell her to relax in the tub, and get ready for a romantic date when you get home. This will make her feel like sexy, sophisticated woman, and she will never have felt more appreciated.

No matter what the mom you want to celebrate is interested in, just showing her that you are deeply appreciative of all that she does is the most important message to send on Mother’s Day.

Detox Spa Treatments: Japanese Enzyme Bath

Wednesday, April 28th, 2010
Wood shavings are a key ingredient in a Japanese enzyme bath

Photo by Dravir.B

This past weekend a girlfriend and I decided to try a Japanese enzyme bath at Willow Spa in Santa Monica. It sounded unusual, and was something new even for me (a beauty professional and self-professed spa junkie). I have experienced many different types of spa treatments all over the world, and some have been strange and usual, but nothing prepared me for this. The Japanese enzyme bath is a dry bath made up of wood shavings, rice bran, and fruit and vegetable enzymes. The combination of the ingredients generates a tremendous amount of heat so when you step in it’s very warm and toasty. As my therapist Yuki was burying me in a large pile of hot dirt and wood chips, I couldn’t help but call out to my friend “I’m having a very LA moment right now!” I mean, where else would people pay to be buried in what is basically a large, hot pile of compost?

All kidding aside, I was very curious to see what the whole experience was about. It is a detox spa treatment, and I am always game for a little detoxification. When we arrived at the spa we were treated to a warm foot bath with fresh rose petals and grapefruit slices and a pampering foot massage. They also gave us a shot of an Akatsuki Enzyme Drink (very thick and sweet tasting, but supposedly a good internal complement to the external enzyme treatment we were about to receive). The enzyme drink is made from fermented vegetable and fruit extracts and contains over 400 enzymes. Enzymes are essential for good health, but apparently many of us suffer from an enzyme deficiency. Learn more about how enzymes work here.

While our therapists massaged our feet they described what was going to happen next and warned us about the smell. As we approached the treatment room we quickly understood what they were talking about – it smelled like garbage. With our bathing suits on, we stepped into the dry bath mixture and they proceeded to cover us fully from the neck down (like when your big sister buried you in the sand at the beach). It starts off warm, but after a while you start to feel very hot. The therapists come in and check on you every 5 minutes and give you water to drink through a straw and blot your face with a cold compress to help keep you cool. The maximum time for a heat treatment like this is 20 minutes. We both stuck it out for the full time, but we had to pull our hands and feet out after a while because we were getting too hot.

I must admit, as strange as the experience was, there was something very comforting and relaxing about the way the treatment made me feel. After our 20 minutes were up we proceeded to take showers to wash off all of the dirt. This is no easy task, I assure you. After our very long showers we were taken to a massage treatment room and received lovely Thai massages. As we left we were instructed to drink lots of water to hydrate and to help the detoxification process. We were also told to eat lots of protein, (but not meat) and fresh fruits and vegetables. We took that as an opportunity to treat ourselves to sushi.

The Japanese enzyme bath treatment made my friend feel relaxed, but it made me feel more energized. I am in the process of moving which has left me in a constant state of exhaustion, and when I arrived at the spa I felt drained and tired. After the dry bath, I felt more awake and relaxed at the same time. I’m not sure if it actually detoxified my body (I’m not sure how I could know that), but it did have an instant effect on my energy level and feeling of well being afterwards. We both had a nice glow to our skin too.

If you are interested in getting this type of detox spa treatment, you may have to travel. According to Willow Spa, they are one of 2 spas in the United States that offer the treatment. There is also a location in Northern California called Osmosis. Otherwise you’ll have to visit Japan.

What’s the strangest spa experience you have had?

Winning the Battle of the Bumpy Bulge

Thursday, April 1st, 2010

By Liz W

get rid of cellulite user Ana Patrícia Almeida

As summer approaches many of us are suddenly thrown into an extreme state of anxiety; We rush to the gym, cut out all carbs from our diet, and start obsessing about our cellulite (how to get rid of it, that is) just so that bikini that is buried at the bottom of our drawer doesn’t have to stay buried all summer.

Even the skinny minis that are blessed with super human metabolisms are sometimes plagued with lumpy skin on their thighs and tummy. Cellulite can strike any one of any age, any weight, on any diet, and any exercise program.

The best strategy to help you win the battle of the bulge is a 3-pronged approach for complete cellulite eradication.

Step 1. Watch what you eat. This might seem obvious, but it really is important to cut out high sodium, high fat, and high sugar processed foods from your diet if you want to slim down your thighs. All those foods not only contribute to weight gain, but they cause bloating and excess fat storage, which make cellulite much worse. Here are some great tips on foods to eat and other ways to reduce cellulite.

Step 2. Get yourself on a daily exercise program. If you want to lose fat, combine strength training with cardio. This is the best way to boost your metabolism and build muscle, which helps tone your body, and keep it burning more calories on a daily basis. Even if you hate working out, there has to be something that you enjoy that gets you moving on a daily basis. Even just some vigorous vacuuming or a long trip to the mall can burn tons of calories. To see how many calories you burn on a daily basis, here is a calorie calculator that includes tons of different activities, so you can see what you are burning.

Step 3. Use some high quality Anti-Cellulite lotion every day. There have been a lot of advances in topical treatments for cellulite over the past years, and many women and men have seen great results using them.

Stick to these rules and over time you will start to notice your lumps and bumps getting smaller and less noticeable. Also try to remember that you see your cellulite through a much more critical lens than anyone else does, and it’s probably nowhere near as bad as you think.

Make Your Pedicure Last: Pedi-Tips from Celebrity Manicurist Michelle Saunders

Thursday, March 18th, 2010
Pedicure tips user Pink Sherbet Photography

If we had it our way, at home pedicure maintenance would be unnecessary as we would gladly sit in that plush pedi chair and be pampered daily with a professional pedicure. The unfortunate reality is that many of us are lucky if we get to the nail salon once a month. If you are guilty of neglecting your tootsies until the polish has shrunk to a little dot on your big toe, here are some easy at home foot care tips from celebrity manicurist  Michelle Saunders that will keep your toes looking freshly painted and dry cracked heels a thing of the past.

Here is what she says:

“The professional pedicure you just had at the salon could last up to two weeks longer with some TLC at home.

If the skin on your feet is callused or dry, the most important thing you could do is use a pumice stone (wet or dry) or a foot file about once a week. That will keep the skin smoother between pedicures, and don’t for get to lotion up! Nightly would be ideal, but if you do it once a week that’s better than nothing.

If your polish loses its luster after three weeks, add a top coat! That will bring the shine back. If you are wearing flip flops or shoes that show your toes, all you have to do is add a little cuticle oil to the cuticles on your toes and voila, the pedicure looks instantly refreshed!”
If you take Michelle’s advice, you can get away with long stretches in between pedicures. It is easy to keep your feet looking and feeling perfect for weeks. With a little scrubbing, moisturizing, and top coating, you will be proud to show off your toes, instead of hiding them in socks and shoes 3 1/2 weeks a month.

Using fabulous pedicure products can make giving yourself an at home pedicure feel luxurious instead of daunting. Some of our favorite products include Alchimie Forever’s Watercress-infused hand and foot treatment. It hydrates without making your feet feel sticky, and the Watercress has a soft scent so you won’t feel like you dipped your feet in melted candy canes. For cuticles we like SpaRitual’s Cuti-Quench because it’s a cream instead of an oil, making it easy to apply throughout the day on your hands too  without making a greasy mess out of everything you touch by coating everything you touch with oil.

A professional pedicure should last 3-4 weeks but can go 5-6 with proper home care.”–Michelle


pedicure tips

Michelle Saunders, Celebrity Manicurist

Based in Los Angeles, Michelle’s manicures and pedicures are regularly seen all over the red carpet and on the covers of your favorite magazines. Her work frequently graces the hands of myriad celebrities including Kim Cattrall, Kate Beckinsale and Eva Longoria Parker.

Managing Stress with Massage Therapy

Tuesday, March 16th, 2010

By Jenna

Let’s face it. Times are tough and stressful. Work, kids, money, everything is on your mind all the time and it tends to build up mental stress and physical stress that we don’t need. You don’t mean to be a worry-wart, but you can’t help it. Neither can I, not to mention my lovely bad-luck streak that happens to be lasting my entire life. There are things that we can do other than eliminate the sources of stress to help with managing stress. One thing that is a must in my life that I’ve made a vow to do is get monthly massage treatments to keep myself in tip-top shape. Since the economy is sooo solid right now (sarcasm), to me a spa treatment (aka my stress reliever) is an investment in the state of my mental and physical well being. As a result of the recession, less fluff is needed in treatments and more get-to-the-point massages are on high demand. Here are a few of my favorite stress relieving massage treatments to help you ease your body, mind and soul.

A massage has profound effects on your body and frequent visits can do even more. Benefits of massage therapy include:

  • Increases circulation
  • Relieves migraine pain
  • Reduces spasms and cramping
  • Relaxes and softens muscles
  • Reduces fatigue
  • Improved concentration
  • Enhances sleep quality
  • Decreases depression and anxiety
  • Alleviates lower back pain
  • Improved range of motion
  • Enhances immunity by stimulating lymph flow
  • Promotes tissue regeneration reducing scar tissue and stretch marks

The most common massage treatment is the Swedish massage. This type of massage involves long, gentle flowing strokes and is perfect for first-timers or those who want relaxation. If you’re into harder pressure massage, Shiatsu or Deep Tissue might be the one for you. These are designed to really loosen you up. The masseuse will target specific areas for a deeper relief using slower stoke techniques. Reflexology massage involves manipulation of nerve reflex areas in your hands, feet and ears that correspond to other parts of the body. This is used to stimulate body organs and relieves congestion in your body by using pressure points in these reflex zones. Aromatherapy is the use of essential oils in your massage that stimulate your senses. Based on what’s ailing you, each essential oil can be used to target your needs. My all time favorite massage has to be the hot stone massage. Smooth stones are hot water-warmed and placed along your body to melt away your stress and muscle tension. They’re also used during the massage as massage tools in the hands of the masseuse that glide across your body. It’s a deeply relaxing treatment and the hot temperature of the stones is heavenly. The hot stones are also warming you and comfortably raising your body temperature for better circulation.

Flickr User: Jaylara

Take a second and think about this estimation: 90% of disease is related to stress. Along with sun damage, stress ages us faster internally and externally. After all, skin is your largest organ. Going for a spa day or getting a luxurious treatment or whatever it may be, shouldn’t be considered as a frivolous or unnecessary purchase. You’ll be amazed at how much more productive you’ll be after some spa therapy. It’s about being in a relaxing and positive state of mind. The spa is tranquil for a reason: to be soothing and relaxing for YOU. Spa treatments aren’t just a luxurious treat but they are pampering, rejuvenating, therapeutic, and stress relieving. It releases muscle tension, ails pains, lessens depression and anxiety, releases endorphins and improves circulation. Your body is good to you and wants to be the best it can be, so why not treat it to the best things available? It’ll be thanking you day by day, when you’re taken care of. There are tons of different spa treatments that are dedicated to your wellness at affordable prices. You’ll find everything from basic massages to intricate spa treatments for moms-to-be to holistic treatments. There’s a huge spa world out there, all you have to do is explore it!

What are you favorite spa treatments?

Winterize Your Skin and At-Home Spa Treatments

Thursday, December 3rd, 2009

By Liz W

Winter skin care user Tarnishedrose

During the frosty winter months your skin loses moisture faster than your pockets lose depth, and protecting it from harsh conditions means adjusting your skin care regimen. The main thing people complain about when the temperature starts to drop is dry itchy skin. Combine cold weather and winter colds, and people are left looking like poor Rudolf, with chapped lips and raw unhappy skin.

In order to plump your skin back to its former hydrated glory, take a look at your current moisturizer. Chances are that the product you were using in the summer was a light water based formula. This is great for humidity, but when it feels like you’re living in the North Pole; your dry skin will absorb lotion before you can even rub it in. One of the best gifts you can give your chapped skin this year is to store away that light lotion with your sun dresses and sandals, and exchange it for a rich, indulgent cream.

Usually lotions come in pump bottles as they have a thinner consistency, being water based. Oil based creams, like Dermalogica’s Super Rich Repair are much thicker and generally come in jars for easier access. They tend to have a lower PH and will quench your parched pores much better than a water based product can.  However, slathering moisturizers on dead skin cells will have little effect, so for even better results use an exfoliating mask like Skin Zyme Green Papaya Enzyme Mask, from Jan Marini. This mask has active enzymes that will remove dead skin build up, without the irritating effects of some at home facials.

For ultimate comfort, don’t stop at just your face, treat your whole body to a spa-like treatment.  To lock in moisture after a bath, skip the bubbles which can strip moisture from your skin, and instead, add a few teaspoons of oil to your water. It will sit on the surface and cling to your skin when you get out, leaving it silky and shiny.

If chapped lips are ruining your spirit, try to find a lip product that will do more than just add pigment and shine. Pick up a present for your lips to keep them soft so that you aren’t left out during a game of spin the bottle driedel. There are plenty of lip sticks and glosses that are enhanced with rich emollients that heal and protect your pout, taking it from cracked to kissable in no time. Colorscience Lip Serums pair plumping ingredients with nourishing ones, promoting not only a healthier smile, but fresher breath as well!

With your rosy cheeks, supple lips, and breath that’s sweeter than a candy cane, your confidence is bound to soar.  So this year, don’t be surprised if you find yourself puckered up and prancing towards the mistletoe with more pep than you have ever dared before.

Destination Spa: Your House

Tuesday, November 10th, 2009

By Liz W
If you are anything like me, you must be amazed by the huge amount of skin care products available today. It seems that no matter how many products we have, there is always something different being done within skin care and cosmetics. There was a time when a Day Spa was a heavenly place that women went to enjoy being slathered in mystery creams that cleansed, tightened and perfected their skin; but today those same spas are bottling up their best products to allow anyone the luxury of using spa brands at home.

Bliss Spa

Bliss Spa

Spas across the world are following this trend, developing lines as unique as their locations. One of the most famous spas that has achieved remarkable success in marketing their own products is Bliss Spa.

Bliss originated in New York City, and revolutionized the day spa industry with their relaxed, and quirky atmosphere. A truly unique place, Bliss’s bright blue walls and humorous vibe still attracted Park Avenue Socialites, but also catered to the young hip 20 somethings who were looking for an alternative to stuffy day spas.

Since its humble beginnings in the mid 90s, Bliss has transformed into an international corporation whose products are sold worldwide. Keeping up with the latest technology, they utilize a mixture of botanical ingredients and science when developing new products, so although the playful vibe is carried throughout their products, they don’t lack potency or effectiveness. Products like “Fat Girl Slim” (cellulite cream) and “The Youth as We Know It” (Anti-Wrinkle serum)  might make you giggle, but they are still high quality, and well respected within the skin care industry.

On the Completely opposite end of the spectrum (and globe) is the Parisian spa brand Decléor. Decléor’s mission to create potent products with essential oils has been the key to their 35 year success.

Decleor Spa

Decleor Spa

Their deluxe line of products is used in spas worldwide, and the Parisian sophistication puts Decléor in a class of its own.  All of their products have an old world feel to them, housed in pretty glass bottles, and diamond topped jars. Even with the advances in their product formulation throughout the last three decades, their core values and the importance of nature, have stayed the main focus in all their formulas. (See Canyon Ranch Spa video here)This trend of unearthing new uses for ingredients found in nature is not just happening in Paris, but in the skin care industry as a whole.

Traveling back to the United States, Canyon Ranch is one of the most well respected Health and Wellness Destination Spas in the world. Founded in Tucson, AZ in the 1979, it was the result of the owner’s own life changing experience in a “Fat Farm” (his words), where he not only transformed his body, but embraced a whole new lifestyle, focusing on both physical and mental wellbeing.

Canyon Ranch

Canyon Ranch

His desire to spread the word about his new way of life lead him and his wife to build the spa, hoping that others would experience the same transformation they had. Since then, the husband and wife duo have expanded their business to include not only other destination spas, but entire healthy living communities, and most recently, a new product line, Canyon Ranch Your Transformation, which reflects their dedication to living a wholesome, well rounded life.

Their extensively tested and researched lotions and tonics (see a video about Decleor products here)  use the power of nature and science to bring health and wellness to your skin. Free of fragrances, dyes, and petroleum derivatives, they stay true to their promise of being a healthy brand for both their users and the planet.

With the development of “take home” spa brands, even people with no extra time have the opportunity to experience the sophisticated skin care, once reserved for Day Spa goers, right in front of their own bathroom mirror.

Professional Skin Care – Facials & Microdermabrasion with Celebrity Esthetician Molly Walsh

Tuesday, September 29th, 2009
Celebrity esthetician Molly Walsh specializes in microdermabrasion treatments.

Celebrity esthetician Molly Walsh specializes in microdermabrasion treatments.

We asked celebrity esthetician Molly Walsh to answer some questions about professional skin care, finding an esthetician, facials and microdermabrasion. See what this Beautyfix expert panelist has to say.

Q: What are the benefits of getting professional facials versus doing one at home?
A: Professional skin care is more thorough. You get a deeper cleansing because we can go above what can be done at home. We use Glycolic peels, Vitamin A, enzymes or granular scrubs to exfoliate. Extractions are another benefit. Extractions should always be performed by a professional since there is a risk of scarring or breaking out if they are not done correctly. Another benefit of a professional facial is getting a facial massage which brings blood to the surface. This tones and lifts the skin. It also helps heal acne. Yet another benefit is a custom facial mask. Very often people dry out their skin by using too strong of a mask. Your esthetician will usually customize a mask for your skin type. It is important to speak to a professional about your skin care options in order to get the best results. I recommend getting a facial every 4-6 weeks since that is how long it takes for cellular turnover to occur

Q: How should our members go about finding a good esthetician?
A: Word of Mouth is the best way. Speak to your friends about who they would recommend. Also do your research online. Find out which products the estheticians you’re considering use. Usage of multiple product lines is usually a good sign.

Q: What is Microdermabrasion and who would be a good candidate for that treatment?
A: Mircodermabrasion is awesome. It’s for pretty much everybody. It is like a “sandblasting” of the skin at a smaller scale. Fine crystals are used to exfoliate the skin and remove dead cells. A vacuum is then used to suck up the dead skin cells and the crystals, leaving healthy collagen and elastin on the surface. This is followed by deep pore cleansing and a mask. The skin will look amazing 2-3 days afterward. There will be some peeling in the days after the treatment, but the benefits are well worth it. This treatment is great for anyone but it is especially beneficial as an acne scar treatment – for those that have discoloration left by acne. It is also beneficial for those with fine lines (forehead and crows feet).

Molly Walsh has been one of California’s premier skin care professionals since 1988 and has an extensive celebrity client roster which includes Barbara Streisand, Jim Carrey, Maria Sharapova, Brooke Shields, Delta Burke, Amanda Peet and Lauren Holly. Molly is a licensed cosmetologist and specializes in microdermabrasion treatments. She is also a member of the Beautyfix panel of experts. Molly’s Skin Care Boutique is located in Hermosa Beach, CA. See Molly’s complete Beautyfix profile

Do you have any skin care questions for Molly?

Kerstin Florian Beauty Products: An Interview with Kerstin Florian

Tuesday, September 8th, 2009


Kerstin Florian beauty products truly embody the spirit of their creator, Kerstin Florian. Her luxurious formulations boast natural skin care ingredients while providing an at-home spa experience. We were fortunate enough to spend some time with Kerstin, and to learn a little more about her philosophy on life and beauty.


BF: What is the Kerstin Florian brand mantra?
KF: Outer Beauty, Inner Health. Practicing the cornerstones to well being – sound nutrition, regular exercise, peace of mind, care of the face and body, and furthering the spa tradition’s remarkable power to revitalize, restore and transform.
BF: How do Kerstin Florian beauty products bring the spa experience into the home?
KF: Every bath room is a SPA – it is very easy to create your own spa rituals at home. Simple things that can be done as part of a daily routine – exfoliate the body and face in the shower, use Turkish Body Scrub with Eucalyptus for the body and Clarifying Exfoliating Scrub for the face.  Follow by massaging the body with Aromatherapy Lavender Body Spray and Organic Aromatherapy Lavender Oil for the face. Relax and take few minutes extra to take some deep breaths. We create kits that provide all the products needed bring the spa experience home and we even provide the step by step instructions on how to use them.
BF: What makes Kerstin Florian products unique?
KF: The use of natural skin care ingredients in elegant formulations that provide results.
How do you personally embody the life balance that your brand promotes?
I follow and practice the spa philosophy of the four cornerstones and I believe in fulfilling all senses. Touch, smell, sound, taste and sight. By not always thinking and trying to feel more. Consider how I feel instead of what I think. My product’s give me inspiration.
BF: What is your personal daily beauty routine?
KF: Daily scrub and body massage with Satin Body Lotion and Futz Balm for the feet. For the face I cleanse with Neroli Cleansing Milk, I do a pressure point massage with Rejuvenating Firming Extract with phytolene, followed with Caviar Age-Defense Creme, Caviar Eye Creme, and Myrrh Nail Oil on my cuticles. I alternate my ritual with different scents, it depends how I feel and how I want to feel.
BF: The Beautyfix Panel LOVES your Neroli Water, and you’ve mentioned that it’s a product you cannot live without.
KF: Neroli Water gives me clarity and a sense of beauty that is hard to describe. It is clean, fresh, uplifting and a scent I will never forget.
Watch Kerstin and her daughter Charlene in this video, and learn more about the Neroli Water.

Kerstin Florian Video

Do you personally practice any of the “cornerstones to well being”, and if so, which ones?

Lisa Hoffman Beauty Products: An Interview with Lisa Hoffman

Thursday, August 27th, 2009

The inspiration behind her brand and her personal beauty routine.

Lisa Hoffman with her husband, actor Dustin Hoffman – giving him a spa facial?!

Lisa Hoffman with her husband, actor Dustin Hoffman – giving him a spa facial?!

Regularly traveling the world with her husband, actor Dustin Hoffman, Lisa Hoffman leads a life that most people only dream of. Her unique experiences led her to create Lisa Hoffman Beauty – a beautiful range of beauty products that include skin care, bath and body care, and fragrances. We had the pleasure of meeting with Lisa to discuss the inspiration behind her range of beauty products, her personal beauty routine, and advice on aging gracefully.

What inspired you to create your own beauty brand?
My love of beauty products, my experiences around the world, and my need to simplify my hectic life were my inspiration and my reason for creating this brand.  While traveling, I always observed and participated in the local beauty secrets. These experiences, along with a need that was unmet in the market place, namely, portability without sacrificing potency, lead me to create Lisa Hoffman Beauty.

What makes Lisa Hoffman Beauty products unique?

What makes my product line unique is that I took great care and went to great lengths to make sure that each ingredient and raw material chosen had a reason for being.  I’m proud that every aspect of this line has my fingerprint on it. Every single feature of each product is a reflection of my travels and life experiences.  I have been told by many of my customers that in such a highly saturated market, with so many options, they really gain a sense from my line that this is a product for women created by a woman.

What’s your daily beauty routine and how has it changed since creating your own line?

Since creating my line of products, my personal beauty routine has become more consistent.  No matter where I am, whether it’s at home or taking a trip with my family, I always can have my favorite products with me.  Every day I cleanse, moisturize and protect my skin.  I use my shower line in the morning and enjoy my bath line at the end of the day.  I always have one of my fragrances in my bag and I re-apply throughout the day.  On Sundays, I treat myself to a spa facial.

Any words of advice for women who would like to age gracefully?
Live as healthy a life as possible.  Exercise, sleep, and eat well.  Take care of your skin; be sure to cleanse, moisturize and protect it daily.

Learn more – watch Lisa’s video!

Lisa Hoffman Beauty Video Spring 2009

What’s your daily beauty routine?