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Best Conditioner For Dry Hair: Nick Chavez Ultra Shine Honey-Peppermint Conditioner

Thursday, January 26th, 2012

best conditioner for dry hairSo, since I live in California and it’s almost 80 today, I know I shouldn’t really be complaining too much. BUT, we’ve had our share of cold weather here this winter, and as a result, my skin and my hair have been feeling super dry and dehydrated. And since I do a lot to my hair, I’m always on the hunt for the best conditioner for dry hair. Well, this season of Beautyfix threw one right onto my desk with Nick Chavez Ultra Shine Honey-Peppermint Conditioner. I love, love, love this awesome product!

First things first: a good hair conditioner is a good hair conditioner—regardless of scent. But we all love it when our hair products smell nice, don’t we? In addition to passing the smell test with its refreshing, sweet-yet-minty scent, this one leaves my hair silky-smooth and hydrated in spite of all the heat-styling and chemical processing I subject it to. I’ve tried (and loved!) other products from the Nick Chavez family and I have to say that, as amazing as all of them are, this is my new favorite. The condition of my hair has really and truly improved.

Another helpful hint for ladies hoping to maintain long, luscious locks: take it easy with the shampoo! At first it may seem weird, the idea of washing every other day or (gasp) once or twice a week. But I’m telling you, it’s really one of the best things you can do for your hair. I know the idea sounds all the more crazy if you’re an avid worker-outer. How can I possibly skip a day of shampoo when I’m covered in sweat? you ask. Just rinse your hair with water and apply a good hair conditioner like this one to your ends. Give it a few months and I guarantee you your hair will be shinier, softer and just better in general.

Did you receive Nick Chavez Ultra Shine Honey-Peppermint Conditioner in your Beautyfix kit this season? What did you think?