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Celebrate Earth Day & Go Green!

Monday, April 22nd, 2013

If you’ve been wanting to make the switch to organic and environmentally friendly beauty products, what better day to start than Earth Day! You can help preserve our planet just by changing up your beauty routine.

Here are a few beauty brand favs that honor Mother Earth:


After collaborating with Save Our Shores conservation group based in Monterey Bay, natural body care company LaLicious presents this year’s Sugar Reef Collection inspired by the majestic ocean breeze.


Environmental awareness and luxury come together with Jurlique’s recyclable packaging. It’s easy to love the earth with this line of naturally effective skincare, body care, baby care and essential oils.

John Master’s Organics

A favorite of actress Zooey Deschanel,  her “oh-so pure skin treatment” includes John Master’s Organics pomegranate facial nourishing oil, made with organic ingredients and free of parabens, artificial colors, and synthetic fragrances.


This brand doesn’t celebrate Earth Day, they celebrate Earth Month. Throughout the entire month of April, Lavanila will plant 2 trees with the Nature Conservancey for every new facebook fan, twitter follower and instagram follower.

Juice Beauty

Style maven, eco-stylist, model and founder of, Greta Eagan goes green with Juice Beauty.  Certified organic ingredients make this effective all natural and extremely pure skincare line one of her favorites.


This brand goes beyond their green formulas with cases and compacts made to reduce green house gas emissions. Check out their refillable eyeshadow palette . Once you run out of a certain shade you can just replace it with a new pan. These reusable palettes help to reduce waste and the shadows are formulated without parabens.

What do you plan on doing today (or this month) to honor Mother Earth? Is a beauty product change-up on your list? Leave a comment below and tell us!

Enhance What Your Momma Gave You

Tuesday, September 25th, 2012

We are all famailiar with seeing beautiful Hollywood celebrities going above and beyond to “age gracefully” via injections, implants and other forms of plastic surgery. Instead of aging into an older version of their already pretty selves, some celebs have tried to regain their youth by taking it to the extreme. Nose jobs (Jennifer Grey, now unrecognizeable from her former self), boob jobs/tummy tucks (Tara Reid…’nough said) and of course lip jobs (Taylor Armstrong-Real Housewives of Beverly Hills) that much resembles that of a platypus.

There are so many options out there to help us keep our youthful appearance. If plastic surgery is not for you, then perhaps you can go another route which won’t change you per se, but enhance the beauty you already possess. There are little things we can do to improve our appearance without a great struggle and this season’s Beautyfix includes a good example of this to put into action.

Eminence Lip Plumper-Cinnamon Kiss is an organic lip plumping gloss that naturally and visibly plumps the lips resulting in a fuller appearance and brilliant shine.  The cinnamon flavor is delicious and it’s good to know that there are no harmful chemicals included.  Your lips will look their very best while still maintaining their all natural status.

Some other no-brainer tips to keep your youthful appearance?

  • Proper posture
  • Smile
  • Eat Healthy
  • Take the Stairs
  • Confidence
  • Be Yourself and enhance yourself, don’t cover it up!

What are some of the little things you do to improve your appearance?

Spotlight on Beautyfix’s Eco Friendly Brands

Tuesday, April 20th, 2010

In honor of Earth Day, we’d like to feature the eco friendly brands that have participated in Beautyfix. Many of the brands that have been selected for Beautyfix follow green practices and strive to provide consumers with amazing products while stepping lightly on the earth. Natural skincare and natural makeup can be good for your skin and for the environment too. Some of our brands deserve a big pat on the back for their commitment to sustainability and their dedication to helping the earth.

Decleor does an amazing job of infusing their products with essential oils while taking care of the environment around them. They strive to formulate the most active natural products while taking care of others’ well being. Their world is about trust, balance and respect. Decleor does not use any ingredients sourced from endangered species. They use paper derived from sustainably managed forests for boxes, bags and brochures and offer 100% natural products through their Aromessence serums and night balms. They also support traditional growing techniques and have made long lasting relationships with local producers to support their local communities. Another way they give back is they support responsible development on the island of Madagascar through a sponsorship program called ASMADA which strives to preserve Madagascar’s ecosystem. Here they have developed a reforestation program to protect natural water sources, a solar electrification program, contributions to the economic development of the island, and the commitment to continue to use many active ingredients and essential oils that are produced locally by small-scale producers. While embracing your inner self with natural skincare, you can also help local economies around the world.

SpaRitual is an eco friendly nail care and body care brand that creates eco-friendly nail polishes and bath and body products all wrapped up in eco friendly packaging. They use vegan ingredients from around the world and their formulations are naturally colored and free of synthetic dyes. They are constantly monitoring sustainability issues and are always striving to be on the cutting edge of environmental awareness. SpaRitual also launched a nail color named AWARE that benefits the Go Green Initiative with a contribution of the shade’s sales. A nail brand that cares about school and the environment? Count me in.

Canyon Ranch has a very considerable concept of philanthropy. The founders of Canyon Ranch, Mel and Enid Zuckerman make a heartfelt commitment to promoting health and wellness through their active support of organizations dedicated to improving people’s lives. They donate scholarships, fund research and are active in supporting local, national and international groups. They donate thousands of Canyon Ranch vacations to members of organizations researching wellness, partner with the Dream Street Foundation which is dedicated to helping young adults with life-threatening illnesses and support the Healthy Living Scholarship program. They have also established the Canyon Ranch Institute that educates, inspires and empowers every person to prevent disease and embrace living a life of wellness.

COOLA Suncare is another brand that is dedicated to using natural ingredients. All of their packaging is recyclable they do not test on animals. Their offices are dedicated to being green by using recycled papers, reusing boxes and packaging and using solar tube lighting and energy efficient equipment. They select their vendors based on the absolute finest product quality and everything is made in the USA. COOLA is dedicated to using natural sunscreens, botanicals and certified organic ingredients in their products. COOLA not only smells great and offers amazing sun protection, but they are eco-conscious and aware of the importance of recycling.

I’m highly impressed by Four Truffles contribution to communities around the world. Four Truffles is a woman-owned, women-run natural skincare brand created by women, for women and their families and strive to make women’s lives around the world better. They strive to tie in the sense of family, community and unity together to help unify the world inside out with the additional elements of love, hope, faith and eternity. They strive to serve as a conduit around the world and work directly with women-owned argan forest collectives in Morocco. While getting the best ingredients they are simultaneously helping improve the social and economic status of the women in those regions in turn supporting their local land and community. Four Truffles believes that everyone’s lives are interwoven and we all effect one another’s environment and well being. They are dedicated to uniting women around the world and its resources calling it Tribunity-uniting the world into one tribe. Check out their video on argan oil and their Women4Women Journey.

RAW Natural Beauty is another company that makes a global effort in their initiatives and ingredients. They use ingredients that are biodegradable and sourced from providers who practice sustainable agriculture and reject the use of pesticides and genetic engineering. Their brushes are cruelty free and their packaging is biodegradable. They are also committed to the guidelines of Fair Trade production treating everyone with the compensation and respect that they deserve. RAW Natural Beauty’s ingredients are grown using good ecological practices and their cultivation helps to support local farming communities as well as reforestation and educational programs. Their founder Christina Marcaccini is extremely dedicated to RAW’s global and local efforts. Their efforts are seen around the world in Brazil, Madagascar, China, Mongolia, Australia, France, Sicily, and Morocco. Christina says, “The farming cooperative where our Argan extract is grown reveals a side of Morocco that few tourists ever see. Here, the women who care for the Argan trees are taking it upon themselves to create literacy programs and plant seeds of opportunity for their daughters. This gives me a new sense of what beauty truly is.”

Source: Flickr User Ziliv is another company donating for earth day. 5% of their proceeds from their new natural and organic section will be donated to That makes shopping a little more rewarding! ;)

Beauty really does come from within. As women, we should all be more conscious of our surroundings and take care of ourselves as well as our communities and planet. It starts with just a few things and grows into a much larger initiative. You’d be surprised at just how much you can actually do. For more information on Earth Day and activities for earth day, visit