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Blake Lively Hair – We Want It. Do You?

Tuesday, February 14th, 2012

Question of the day: Does ANYONE reading this not have a big, huge hair crush on Blake Lively?

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Whether or not you’re an avid Gossip Girl nerd like Amy and I, you can’t deny that those perfect waves are beyond gorgeous. (And if you DO Tivo GG on the reg … you’re probably just as envious of Serena Van der Woodsen’s perfect figure and to-die-for outfits. Don’t even get me started on that Vera Wang number she wore as Blair’s maid of honor. Obsessed.) Now, rumor has it that, these days, she’s sans extensions. I don’t know if I fully buy that, but given her ridiculously awesome genes I guess I wouldn’t put it past her. Regardless … if long, luscious locks are what you strive for, you CAN inch closer and closer to the dream. Literally! As a Valentine’s Day offering, with Ms. Lively as my inspiration, I give to you, dear readers, a quick little guide to getting Blake Lively Hair. (Another goodie for you: 20% off at DermStore. All you have to do is “like” their Facebook page and grab the code.) You’re welcome! Now, on to those tips:

1. Stop shampooing every day! Seriously. Stop it. You don’t need to wash your hair every day. If you work out and get sweaty, I get that you need to do something … so just rinse it and condition it. Shampooing with actual shampoo should take place once or twice a week. Also, look into a dry shampoo. Batiste makes a great one! It’s a total lifesaver AND it creates beautiful, sexy volume.

2. Get a wide-toothed comb. Use a comb and ONLY a comb when your hair is wet. If your hair is prone to tangles, use it in the shower while you still have conditioner in. And speaking of conditioner …

3. Invest in a good deep conditioner. Something that targets the roots is ideal. Use it once a week. If your hair’s feeling super dry, go ahead and apply it to dry hair, then shampoo it out. If you can stand to sleep with it (and honestly, that probably isn’t the best idea for those of us who are prone to breakouts), do it.

4. Take a supplement. Good old fashioned Biotin is great, inexpensive, and easily accessible. (Check your local health food or vitamin store.) Understand that these things work differently for everyone and be realistic—give it a few months before you expect results.

5. Talk to your hairdresser about the frequency of trims that’s right for you. If your hair is strong enough, it’s probably fine to go 10-12 weeks without a trim. This isn’t for everyone, though. If you get split ends easily, make an appointment to get them “dusted” (industry slang for trimming only what’s necessary) every 6 weeks.

Did I miss anything? Do YOU have any awesome tips for getting Blake Lively Hair? Please share!