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Beauty Secrets From Around the World

Tuesday, September 22nd, 2009

My Guatemalan grandmother used to break a piece off of an Aloe Vera plant and then rub the gooey end on a scar she used to have on her hand. She deeply believes in the curative properties of Aloe! She also recommended that I use the same gooey substance on my breakouts. She said the Aloe would help heal them faster. I also have to thank her for introducing me to the Loofa (in Guatemala they are called Pashtes – they grow on the side of the road in certain parts of the country). Ever since then I exfoliate on a daily basis.  These childhood memories made me wonder about what women in other cultures do to stay beautiful. Although I love to travel, I can’t afford to go globetrotting in order to learn all of the beauty secrets this world has to offer. Instead I picked up Shalini Vadhera’s book, Passport to Beauty. She did all the traveling for me – yes, it’s not as exciting as being in Rio or Tokyo but it is faster and I don’t have to sell my car to pay for the trip. Below are some of the secrets I learned.

Being that I exfoliate on a daily basis, I am always looking for new beauty products to help me in my effort and apparently Hawaiian women turn to Sugar when wanting to shed dead skin cells. Raw Sugar is their exfoliant of choice. It’s not only natural but it also has antiseptic properties and is a mild Hydroxy Acid that has been used in skin rejuvenation for centuries. Sugar is also much gentler on the skin than salt since it dissolves quicker. A Sugar body scrub you might want to consider using is the ME! Bath Shower Sherbet. It looks good enough to eat – but please resist the temptation! Our sisters in Brazil rub coarse sand on their bodies to help with cellulite reduction while those in Japan opt for dry brushing. Dry brushing not only exfoliates the skin but also helps with temporary cellulite reduction. (I’ll write more about dry brushing in an upcoming post).

White tea sprinkled with orange tea flowers

White tea sprinkled with orange tea flowers. White tea has become a popular ingredient in beauty products. Photo by Chashitsu LaSere.

One ingredient that has really become popular (and for good reason) in beauty products is White Tea. White Tea is one of the strongest antioxidants in the world and a long-time anti-aging skin care secret for Chinese women – now I see why Chinese women seem to have the most beautiful skin! White Tea also reduces puffiness & increases firmness around the eyes. It is being added to many beauty products such as eye shadows, moisturizers, lip treatments, and many others. The Global Goddess iDivine Eye Shadow is infused with powerful antioxidants from White Tea so you not only get a satiny eye shadow but you also get anti-aging benefits. Another beauty line that is a fan of white tea is Pur-lisse. Jennifer Yen, the creator of Pur-lisse, combines French skincare technology with her grandmother’s Asian beauty recipes. The formulas used in her products feature white tea and blue lotus in order to reverse skin damage caused by every day exposure.

Here’s one for those of you that suffer from brittle nails. In the Dominican Republic women use Garlic to strengthen finger nails. They chop it up and add it to clear nail polish. They let it sit for a week in the bottle and then apply it to their nails as a top coat.

In Thailand Tamarind is used in many beauty routines. In addition to lightening and brightening, it purifies, exfoliates, and cleanses the skin for a radiant look. In many Asian countries, light skin is considered beautiful. The Juara Tamarind Tea Hydrating Toner is a must-try for those searching for a quick beauty fix (pun intended) for dull, tired skin.

Last but not least, the ladies in India use almond oil for just about everything! It softens and gets rid of dry skin. It is also used as massage oil for after a shower or bath.

These beauty secrets from around the world are definitely interesting and helpful. I love that in spite of our cultural differences, women in general are all in search of the same thing – beauty!

Do you have a beauty secret you like to share? If so, I’d love to hear it.

Lisa Hoffman Beauty Products: An Interview with Lisa Hoffman

Thursday, August 27th, 2009

The inspiration behind her brand and her personal beauty routine.

Lisa Hoffman with her husband, actor Dustin Hoffman – giving him a spa facial?!

Lisa Hoffman with her husband, actor Dustin Hoffman – giving him a spa facial?!

Regularly traveling the world with her husband, actor Dustin Hoffman, Lisa Hoffman leads a life that most people only dream of. Her unique experiences led her to create Lisa Hoffman Beauty – a beautiful range of beauty products that include skin care, bath and body care, and fragrances. We had the pleasure of meeting with Lisa to discuss the inspiration behind her range of beauty products, her personal beauty routine, and advice on aging gracefully.

What inspired you to create your own beauty brand?
My love of beauty products, my experiences around the world, and my need to simplify my hectic life were my inspiration and my reason for creating this brand.  While traveling, I always observed and participated in the local beauty secrets. These experiences, along with a need that was unmet in the market place, namely, portability without sacrificing potency, lead me to create Lisa Hoffman Beauty.

What makes Lisa Hoffman Beauty products unique?

What makes my product line unique is that I took great care and went to great lengths to make sure that each ingredient and raw material chosen had a reason for being.  I’m proud that every aspect of this line has my fingerprint on it. Every single feature of each product is a reflection of my travels and life experiences.  I have been told by many of my customers that in such a highly saturated market, with so many options, they really gain a sense from my line that this is a product for women created by a woman.

What’s your daily beauty routine and how has it changed since creating your own line?

Since creating my line of products, my personal beauty routine has become more consistent.  No matter where I am, whether it’s at home or taking a trip with my family, I always can have my favorite products with me.  Every day I cleanse, moisturize and protect my skin.  I use my shower line in the morning and enjoy my bath line at the end of the day.  I always have one of my fragrances in my bag and I re-apply throughout the day.  On Sundays, I treat myself to a spa facial.

Any words of advice for women who would like to age gracefully?
Live as healthy a life as possible.  Exercise, sleep, and eat well.  Take care of your skin; be sure to cleanse, moisturize and protect it daily.

Learn more – watch Lisa’s video!

Lisa Hoffman Beauty Video Spring 2009

What’s your daily beauty routine?