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Uncle Karl, At It Again

Tuesday, October 16th, 2012

If you follow fashion even just a little, you’re familiar with the controversial creature whose influence on couture is trumped only by his candor. The real-life version of Mugatu. The man who all but called Pippa Middleton a butterface, and who reportedly criticized Adele for being a little heavy, but then retracted and said he was talking about Lana del Rey. (Because, like, what’s the diff?) Obviously, I’m talking about Karl Lagerfeld. And while it’s impossible not to love him for his one-of-a-kind style and—barring any John Galliano-esque PR disasters, of course—immutable position as a living legend, it’s also kind of impossible not to wonder what the other “gloved one” would have to say to a regular person. Someone who can’t afford a Chanel jacket. Someone who weighs more than 100 pounds as an adult. Someone who has no idea how to pronounce “Rochas.” Right? I mean, this is the guy who thinks Heidi Klum is large. Heidi Klum.


Uncle Karl is at it again. I’m paraphrasing, but this time, he’s basically saying that “high fashion” and “anorexia” are two entities that do not intersect.

Perhaps all that diet coke is beginning to wreak havoc?

To witness Karl in all his Karldom, check out the video below, courtesy of BBC 4—and thank you, Refinery29, for the scoop.