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5 Tips to Unwind

Tuesday, May 10th, 2011

By Jenna

All work and no play makes Jane a dull girl. That phrase is cringe worthy. Anyone who works a stressful job, has a family or is just plain busy, needs to take a few minutes out of the day to help themselves. Stress is bad for the body and can cause some major complications. We’re all working women, so take a time out and try these 5 easy ways to getting rid of stress.

  1. Talk a walk outside. Breathe in and breathe out… Simply going outside and getting fresh air will help you clear your head without doing anything major. Leave your phone at home or in your desk along with your worries. Taking a brisk walk will get the blood flowing and you’ll feel better afterwards.
  2. Give yourself a mini facial when you get home. Refreshing your skin isn’t just great for your outside appearance but it’s great for your state of mind as well. Cut up some cucumbers for your eyes, throw on a facial masque for 10 minutes, lay back and feel the stress lift off your shoulders.
  3. Drink more water. Under a lot of stress, we tend to go for the coffee or soda. We’ve all heard they actually dehydrate you rather than hydrate and it’s true. Drinking caffeine in the middle of the afternoon will do more harm than good and you’ll feel even more worn out once you crash. Getting rid of stress can be as easy as drinking more water. Get yourself a refillable cup.
  4. Take a day off. Inconceivable right? That naughty little devil on your shoulder is telling you to call in sick. If you have hours and you’re on the brink of a breakdown, play hookie and do something for you. Whether it’s taking a trip to the spa or just staying at home in your pj’s and relaxing, you may also want to use this time to catch up on sleep.  You’ve earned that time off, use it.
  5. Take a bath. The spa might be out of reach for a lot of us, so turn your bathroom into your own personal spa. Fill the bath with some therapeutic bath soak, light a candle and relax. You’ll be soaking away that stress while moisturizing your skin. Don’t forget to exfoliate your knees, elbows and feet to feel extra refreshed. It’s simple. When your skin feels good, you feel good.

    Source: Flickr User Carolyn Sewell

Two Tickets To Paradise, Three Weeks To Get In Shape

Tuesday, May 3rd, 2011

image: flickr user Milton CJ

So, I’m heading to Jamaica for the first time—I leave precisely three weeks from today. Now, I recently got back into my gym groove and am a pretty healthy eater as it is. I can’t even recall the last time I ate fast food. Therefore I don’t really do “diets.” (Eek.) I don’t have a ton of weight to lose, and even if I did, three weeks isn’t enough time to expect to drop any more than 6 pounds or so. HOWEVER, I want to look as hot as possible in the wardrobe items fellow Beautyfix blogger Amy and I refer to fondly as my “resort collection.” I figure that if I bust my butt for the next 21 days, if nothing else, I will feel amazing. But knowing the way that my body works, I’m pretty sure this is enough time to tighten up. So anyway, here are the key elements of my bikini body plan. Maybe you have a bikini mission of your own and will find them useful!

1. Two-a-day workouts. Yep. Mind you, I have been pretty athletic my entire life and am quite aware of my body and what it can handle. (What I’m trying to say is that if you’re NOT or never have been an active person, you should talk to a doctor before embarking on any new fitness plan.) I’m trying to do a variety of different workouts to “shock” my muscles. Am I a fitness expert? Ha. No. But I HAVE done plenty of research on the topic and I think many experts would agree that when it comes to working out, change is good. My staple right now? Early morning cycling classes at my gym. Along with those, which are pretty much every morning, I’m running a couple days a week, lifting weights, doing ab work, hiking, and taking other classes, like Whipped! (If you’re an Equinox member … take this class. It’s brutal, but in a good way.)

2. Water consumption/ sodium reduction. For the sake of achieving a bikini body, sodium is bad because it makes me (and you, and everyone) retain water. Well, the best way to flush out excess sodium and keep water retention at bay is to drink more of it! Water, that is. Amy suggests having water drinking contests with myself, and I’ll be honest, I probably won’t do that. But I’m making it a point to consume 3 1.5 liter bottles per day. Water drinking is really just something I need to get better at, bikini body mission aside.

3. Food! I know I already mentioned I’m a fairly healthy eater. I don’t eat fast food, I do eat lots of fruits and vegetables and, save for fish I don’t eat meat. So I am not changing much in this regard. What I’m WON’T be doing for the next three weeks is eating carbs past lunchtime. Remember that whole Atkins craze in the 90s? Yeah, it’s not healthy. One shouldn’t try to subsist on steak and cheese to lose weight—how could anyone think that’s a good idea? But, Atkins was onto something in that too many carbohydrates do not a bikini body make. Since I’m working out so much, my morning oatmeal and sprouted sandwich bread at lunch are definitely okay. But come dinner time, it’s just veggies and fish from here on out.

Right now is vacation season for many of us. Do YOU have any upcoming getaways in the works? How are you going about getting your bikini body?

Pamper Yourself with a Full Body Detox

Thursday, April 21st, 2011

Last weekend I felt especially blessed to be living in Southern California. The weather was amazing and it was the perfect time to just relax, unwind and take it all in. I was feeling a little uneasy, however that it was just a reminder that swimsuit season is right around the corner, or rather, it was already here for some. Knowing that I’m not exactly prepared to slip into that bikini without doing some work, I wanted to first focus on my skin and do a body detox. I took the weekend to do just that and I enjoyed every minute of it.

flickr source Fitness Fiesta

To begin my detox I started with an infrared sauna treatment. The sauna is one of the most effective ways to detoxify and simultaneously speed up metabolism. Thank you Groupon for making me aware of infrared saunas, because of this I was able to experience one for the first time and got a nice deal in doing so. I was never aware of all the benefits of infrared treatments but they are amazing for your skin!  In comparison to wet-heat saunas, infrared heat waves reach the body more directly without having to heat the air inside the sauna to achieve results. This makes breathing more comfortable and the sauna atmosphere more enjoyable. Far infrared increases the body’s core temperature and results in a much deeper, more detoxifying sweat from the cellular level of the skin where many toxins are stored. This kind of heat therapy is known to help acne, eczema, psoriasis, burns and any skin lesions or cuts. It also makes skin look radiant, reduces wrinkles, firms and improves skin tone and elasticity. Regular use may also lessen the appearance of scars, help burns heal significantly and help reduce cellulite trapped beneath the skin.

After the sauna I felt great and decided to take in some sun at the beach to prep my skin for the months to come. You can experience a number of health benefits from moderate amounts of sun bathing, like calcium absorption and production of Vitamin D, but I emphasize the importance of moderation. Sunlight speeds the elimination of toxic chemicals, including metals and pesticides. It also has a dramatic effect on trace minerals, making them more accessible to the body. Many skin diseases, including acne and psoriasis, improve with exposure to sun. Just make sure that unprotected sun exposure does not exceed 20-30 minutes daily. Prolonged sun exposure can lead to drying and premature aging of your skin, plus wrinkles and increased risk of melanoma. I was in the sun for about an hour and slathered myself with La Roche-Posay Anthelios 60 Ultra Light Sunscreen Fluid, which helped me start a nice tan while protecting me from burns and damaging rays.

To complete my weekend of body detox, the following day I booked a full body massage. Going for a full body massage on a regular basis is one excellent way to help you fight off tensions and it improves skin tone. Poor diet, smog and the natural aging process all play a part in the wrinkling,   drying and general loss of the youthfulness of your skin. Massage therapy dilates the blood capillaries of the skin and speeds up the removal of harmful toxins. This improved circulation helps to moisturize your skin improving skin texture while relieving dryness.

I would highly suggest that you try to find the time to do one or all of these things at least once every few months to detoxify your skin. You will not only feel the difference, but if you do it often enough and take time out to pamper yourself every now and then, you will start to see a difference and your skin and body will thank you!