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Revitalizing My Mane with Moses

Friday, May 10th, 2013

There aren’t many skin care products I can try without causing some sort of flare up on my sensitive skin, so I have to rely on testing all sorts of new hair care products to get my beauty fix! (Pun intended!) I used to highlight my hair every other month or so, until one day when my stylist went on maternity leave and I was referred to someone new in the interim. To put it nicely, this salon newbie gave me a terrible, brassy, hair highlight disaster which forced me to give up on bleach all together. I stupidly stormed to the drugstore, purchased a box of black hair dye, and quickly turned my brown mane with brassy streaks into a blackish purple mop of darkness.

Even though my family hated the dark, drastic color – my hair has never felt as soft and strong as it did when it was black since I wasn’t constantly terrorizing it with harsh bleach! The black color lasted forever, but unfortunately I got sick of it after a few short seasons. Take it from me: there is no easy way to remove permanent black dye except to let it grow out naturally.

I started highlighting my hair again after a year or so to add some dimension and depth to my hair styles. Currently, my hair is in a good state of color that I am happy with – natural brown on top with an ombre style lightening up the bottom. The bad part about this ‘do is the constant detrimental process I keep putting my ends through again with the added bleach! The ends are the most damaged part of my hair already, and now I’m afraid I’m just willingly adding to the issue.

I am happy to report that my issue of damaged ends has subsided thanks to Moses’ line of salon quality hair care! I started using the BeautyFix samples of Moses Smoothing Elixir Shampoo and Hair Mask to try and get the shine and healthy feeling I once had with my black locks back to my new ombre. The shampoo surprised me when I read that Argan oil was one of the main ingredients because it didn’t weigh my hair down like normal products infused with oil. It really locked in the moisture my hair had been deprived of for so long!

Next step was the Moses Hair Mask. I was a little wary to try the mask because I anticipated it to leave my hair heavy and greasy like other ones I have used. Even though I have a lot of long hair, each strand is very thin which doesn’t allow the product to completely absorb. Usually I am left with a waxy feeling following a hair mask; however this product actually did the complete opposite! It relieved my hair of any added weight, maintained a very sheen look, and brought softness to my ends that have been missing for all my days of treacherous bleaching.

I am definitely going to add Moses’ Smoothing Elixir Conditioner into my new routine, as I am sure my already positive results with the shampoo and mask will just keep skyrocketing! Thanks, Moses!

When Blowouts Go BAD: 3 Truths For Anyone Who Wants It Done Right

Tuesday, December 18th, 2012

These days, it seems like there’s a new blowout bar on every street corner. And all of us here in the office are in love with the concept.

I mean, for an average price of $35, you can pop in to one of these places and relax with a glass of wine while someone with professional training shampoos, dries, and styles your hair in such a way that—if things go as expected, anyway—you’ll be rocking awesome hair for days to come.

What’s not to love, right?

Well, nothing, really. So long, that is, as you can manage to steer clear of the dreaded (pun not intended, dreadlocks not involved) blowout gone bad—something I had the distinct misfortune of experiencing myself this past weekend.

Here’s how it went down.

I told my stylist I wanted Victoria’s Secret-esque waves—no cheesy barrel curls!—with lots of volume.

That wasn’t really what I walked out with.

She used a small metal round brush—a tool I’m not a fan of and definitely don’t recommend using on a day-to-day basis—to blow my hair dry in sections before setting it on Velcro rollers, which can be great tool for achieving volume. Then she used a huge curling iron on the ends. (I’d like to tell you what for, but honestly, I’m not sure.)

There were three glaring problems with the process.

One, the Velcro rollers were too small. You want volume? Use big ones.

Two, the stylist didn’t make sure my hair was completely dry before rolling it. Frizz city.

Three, the curling iron on the ends. Just. Why?

The result? Misshapen soccer mom hair. A bad rendition of “The Rachel.” Peculiarly placed volume. Curled ends.


If you think bad hair doesn’t age you, well, you didn’t see me leave the salon that night. And I’d post a photo to prove my point, were I not so vain. (OK, so I didn’t even take a photo. You wouldn’t have wanted to take a photo of this either, if it happened to your hair. Promise.)

It was nothing 20 minutes with a flat iron and a 1-inch curling iron couldn’t fix. Not the end of the world. And there are a couple of truths to be taken from my experience:

1. The cardinal rule of getting one’s hair done—assuming the desired cut/color/style is not the same ol’ thing one’s regular stylist is used to—involves bringing in a photo of the desired outcome. I failed in that regard. Sure, the salon probably should have offered photos from which to select looks, but whatever. Lesson learned.

2. No blowout in which the hair is not dried thoroughly and completely is a good one. If there’s one thing you should bear in mind when you’re drying your hair at home, this is it. And if your stylist makes this mistake, call him or her out on it—especially if you have any kind of natural wave, kink or curl.

3. Most of today’s styles don’t call for curled ends. And really, waves can easily be achieved at home, if you start with straight hair and wrap it, section by 1-inch section, around a 1-inch or 1 1/4-inch curling iron.

Have you ever fallen victim to a blowout gone bad? Ever left the salon feeling 15 years older? Let’s start a support group in the comments section!

Spring Hair Styles for 2011

Friday, March 4th, 2011

You all know my excitement about spring coming and my love for spring colors, but new spring makeup trends also call for a few cute hair styles to go with them. It’s time to get a little more excited, plan out your new outfits and start experimenting with which hair trend will work with your face shape. Without further ado, take a look at what’s in store for the best spring hair styles.

Want a hot dog with that bun?

Black swan has been the vehicle for bringing buns back and with a vengeance. They were creeping up on us with the low chignons, but now is the time to bring them out in full force. Low buns, very high buns, ballet buns, you name it and there’s one suited for you. For a low bun like those on the runway at Nina Ricci, start with a center part and pull your hair into a low ponytail at the nape of your neck. Make it oh-so fashionable by covering your ears with your hair and twist the ponytail into a loose knot. If you want something very relaxed and bohemian, you can pull a few strands of hair and let it hang on the sides of your face.

For extra credit, add in some side braids for a gorgeous, head turning look.

Source: flickr user Calico Courtney Brooke

Bang it out

There’s always an appropriate set of bangs to go with any hair style, but for spring fringe screams fun. Getting bangs can be scary for some, but telling your hair stylist to add some fringe-y bangs can update your entire look. I’m not talking about the very straight, precisely cut bangs. The trick is to leave it a little longer on the sides of your face so it blends. It’s very 70’s, it’s very chic and it’s easy to style and grow out.

Tip from Celebrity Stylist Dusty Simington – Blow dry your bangs, brushing them side to side to have them fall perfectly in line.

Side parts and swoops

Extreme side parts are still lingering over our heads. If you have a long hair style, add some gorgeous messy waves for spring or with shorter hair use this side part and create a swoop. The swoop is very modern, space age fun. This fresh spring hair style could potentially cover your eyes or you can keep it simple, but if you’re not in the mood to do anything drastic, it’s a fabulous trend to try.

Pixie Please! The Newest Hairstyle for Fall

Thursday, October 28th, 2010

Emma Watson's Pixie Cut flickr user skoykkahwin

Forget the Rachel, say goodbye to Posh’s angled bob and peace out to Blake Lively’s tousled tresses. There is a new style on the block and it is taking Hollywood by storm. Meet The Pixie- the IT 2010 hairstyle. For the past couple months, stars have been chopping off their long locks one-by-one to reveal a gamine and gorgeous, yet classic, do. Celebrities such as Michelle Williams, Ginnifer Goodwin, Carey Mulligan, Emma Watson, Elisha Cuthbert, Rihanna, Katie Holmes and Hayden Panettiere have all made the cut, literally. The most recent addition to the ever growing list of short haired beauties is Ashlee Simpson Wentz, whose husband debuted the pixie haircut via twitter. So you think you want to jump on the pixie bandwagon? I got some advice about the 2010 hairstyle trend from Shear Genius contestant and stylist to the stars Janine Jarman—read on and learn how to make this fun look work for you.

Beautyfix: Let’s talk pixie cuts.

Janine Jarman: It makes me so happy to see short hair on girls! To me, short hair looks so feminine—it makes the face and eyes really stand out.

Beautyfix: Are different variations better for different face shapes?

JJ: Yes, there are hundreds of charts online of face shape and hair cuts that are designed to make your face shape look as close to an oval as possible. That’s the ultimate goal, so if you have a square jaw you want to have layers cut down into the jaw and round it out. If you have a heart shaped face, same thing—you want longer layers and a side bang cut down and over so that it makes oval.

Beautyfix: How often do pixie haircuts need to be trimmed to maintain the shape?

JJ: Every four weeks. Short hair cuts need to be cut a lot more often than long hair cuts.

Beautyfix: Any tips on how to gracefully grow out a pixie cut?

JJ: Hair accessories are the best way to grow out any hair-do. Once it gets to chin length and lower, get extensions if it’s that torturous for you.

Hair-Do: Fall 2010 Hair Trends

Tuesday, August 31st, 2010

By Jenna

We’ve discussed all the fall 2010 makeup trends, so let’s move on and discuss something just as important: your hair. Sometimes, the seasons and current hair trends run together into a busy blur or we forget to actually try new things—not this fall! Autumn is right around the corner and every single one of 2010’s fall hair styles is a definite “do.” Use these tips to update your hair for fall.

Source: Flickr user Mait Juriado

1.   Make it sleek and straight

Isn’t it refreshing to see straight hair back on the runways?  This look should be very well-groomed but still look airy and natural. To get a sexy, sleek look, apply Stylist Professional Series Straightening Lotion by Jonathan Product to damp hair and blow dry in small sections. This product will help smooth your hair and cut down dry time—without weighing it down.

2.   A quick and easy bun

As low-maintenance as it gets, this trendy hair style can be your everyday up-do for fall. Give your sleek hair a deep side part, then pull it back at the nape of your neck and loop the tail up into a bun.

3.   Accessorize

Add accessories for an instantly cuter look. Yes, you have permission to add anything from leafy headbands to jewels to your hair. But whatever you choose, be sure it doesn’t completely take over your head (the Lady Gaga look doesn’t work for most). The idea is to complement your new fall hair style, not ruin it.

4. Try a center part

Whether you’re pumping up your roots with volume, going for the laid-back sleek look, or sporting boho waves, keep your part in the middle. If you aren’t too keen on the dead-center part, veering slightly to one side will work as well. (Note: if you’re doing a ponytail or a low chignon, it’s perfectly fine to do a side part.)

5. Pretty in Ponytails

For a younger, sweeter hair trend, try a ponytail. A high, bouncy ponytail adds a feminine touch to any outfit. Pull all your hair back into an almost-perfect pony at the top of your crown and secure with an elastic. Use 2-3 drops of serum, like John Masters Organics Dry Hair Nourishment and Defrizzer to tame any flyaways and to keep hold. For extra credit, take a small piece from the underside and wrap it around to cover the elastic.

Spring Hair Trends 2010

Thursday, March 25th, 2010

By Liz W

loose braids user Kinnéidigh Garrett

Spring has finally sprung, and cute spring hair trends are popping up in store windows, magazines, television, everywhere!  As the days get longer, and a rainbow of blossoms begin to cover every tree, we find ourselves putting away our winter clothes and accessories, and start donning ourselves daily with pastel skirts, sparkly sandals, and flowers, flowers, flowers. Hair accessories are a really fun and easy way to add a little spring to your step and the options are endless.

braids user ★Debs★

One hair style that is perfect for spring, and simple enough for anyone, is braids. From a few mini braids that add a little texture to the hair, to long loose braids that tumble over your shoulders, there is a style for every occasion. Seen all over the runways of New York Fashion Week, braids are a sexy, sophisticated way to dress up your hair for day time picnics or evening cocktail parties. If time is on your side, you can experiment with French braids, either on their own or combined with another hair style, like a bun. If French braids are not your forte, you can just braid random sections of hair and use hair pins to hold them in place. From classic Dorothy braids, with a straight middle part, to more complex milk maid braids that wrap around the head, there are plenty of ways to include them into your “hair style wardrobe.”

hair accessories user il_miss_whit

Headbands have been a hair accessory staple forever, but over the past few seasons they have gotten cuter, edgier, and glitzier than ever before. From scarf head wraps to jeweled head bands, designers have been getting really creative using materials like feathers, bows, flowers, and precious stones to garnish their spring collections. For a dressy day time do, pair a beaded headband with loose waves. This will add sparkle to your outfit, and will make less than perfect hair look instantly polished and done. If you are going out for a night on the town and want to be a little more daring, adorn your up do with a feather head band that will add a pop of color and interest to your hair.

Spring is a time for new beginnings and rebirth, so why not take that idea and apply it to your beauty routine? You don’t need a drastic change to feel refreshed for the new season; just a tiny little alteration to your hair style can make you feel completely transformed and gorgeous.