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Blonde vs Brown: Choosing the Best Hair Color for you

Tuesday, May 25th, 2010

By Liz W

Marylin Monroe blonde user manitou2121

Sultry Brunette user jbcurio

Ever wonder whether you would get taken more seriously at work if you had dark hair, or if you would get noticed more at parties if you were playboy platinum? The Brunette and Blonde stereotypes are constantly portrayed in movie characters, popping up in jokes, and even seem to hold true in real life. If you are itching for a change maybe becoming a sultry brunette or blonde bombshell is just what the doctor ordered.
Dying hair dark user ganesha.isis

A lot of celebrities have drastically changed their hair color for different roles, and in some cases the hair can be given credit for the awesomeness of the actresses’ character.  Even if you tend to prefer blondes over brunettes, sometimes one color looks great while the other looks awful, depending on skin tone.

You be the judge with these celebrity images:

  • Do you like Scarlett Johansson blonde or brunette?
  • Is deep chestnut color too dramatic for natural-ish blonde Katherine Heigl, or do you like her with dark locks? See Katherine Heigl hair pics here to decide for yourself.
  • Jessica Beil’s hair is naturally brown, but she has gone from dark to light and back again. Normally she  has some subtle highlights, which looks awesome with her olive skin tone. See Jessica Beil pics here.

Usually people expect blondes to be silly, fun and not so smart (pretty sure Elle Woods proved them all wrong after graduating with honors from Harvard Law) and brunettes to be quiet, brainy, and serious, so if you want to be viewed as more playful to get the guy, or more intellectual to get the job, you could do what the celebs do and change your look to fit the new you.

It usually does hold true that blondes naturally get noticed more often, and seem to be much more approachable to timid members of the opposite sex. Maybe this is due to the fact that the blondes are always the nice girls in books and movies, and the brunettes are usually the evil villains. (Have you ever seen a blonde witch?)

On the other hand, Brunettes are usually more exotic, and their dark hair automatically makes them seem more intelligent.  Throw on some thick rimmed glasses, and you instantly look like a smart, sexy librarian.

Blonde vs brunette user *Saffy*

All silly brunette and blonde stereotypes aside, no matter what color you chose to be, it is best to stay within four or five shades of your natural hair color.
If you have dark features, then the dark chocolate locks will likely suit you much better than canary yellow highlights, but some subtle honey highlights can really boost the radiance of dark brown hair shades.
On the opposite end of the spectrum, be careful if you have really light hair, and you want to go dark. Not only will your hair have a hard time gripping the color, but blonde roots are not a good look against really dark strands, as it will give the illusion of bald spots. If you are still considering taking the plunge, color deposit shampoo will become your best friend for keeping your deep new hue looking shiny and lustrous, instead of dull and flat.

Growth Stimulating Shampoo for Thinning Hair

Tuesday, May 11th, 2010

By Liz W

Thinning hair user helgasms!

Thinning hair is one of the most stressful and self-esteem squashing medical concerns for both men and women of any age. There are so many levels of hair loss and causes of Alopecia in women, and unlike those unlucky folks of the 20th century who were finding clumps of hair in the shower, we have some really advanced and effective treatment options to help keep those precious strands firmly in our head, and away from the drain.

Tons of young women are noticing their parts are getting thicker, and their hair feels thinner.  For people who are just realizing their hair is over-shedding and under-growing for the first time, turning to Rogaine (for what may all be in your head) seems really scary and extreme.

If rapid hair loss is being caused by a medical condition, it is best to have your doctor take a look, but for those who are just noticing that their ponytail is losing some girth, there are a lot of OTC shampoos and thickening treatments that are getting rave reviews from satisfied customers.

One of the most popular growth stimulating shampoos is DS Labs Revita. Revita was formulated with a supreme cocktail of gentle and potent ingredients, and has a really high success story rate from users who have noticed their hair has stopped fleeing their head at an alarming rate.  Revita uses gentle natural cleansers, (instead of harsh detergents that strip the scalp of necessary oils and can really damage the hair) and mix in anti-inflammatory, antifungal, antioxidant, and anti-hormonal agents that hydrate, nourish, and stimulate the scalp and hair follicles.

It can be used in conjunction with any hair growth treatment for extreme cases, or can be used by anyone who just wants their really thin hair and irritated scalp to be perfectly healthy, which is a crucial part of optimal hair growing conditions.

thick hair user ClickFlashPhotos / Nicki Varkevisser

The nice thing about growth stimulating shampoo today is that high-end salon brands are coming up with some good smelling, and nicely packaged options. Alterna has added the LIFE Solutions line to their repertoire of hair care products. It, too, is formulated without damaging sulfates and gentle, but effective scalp and hair follicle stimulating ingredients.

Overall this widespread epidemic of young women losing way more hair than they should be could be controlled with the avoidance of products containing really harsh chemicals, and maybe switching to a growth stimulating shampoo without sulfate.

Dry Hair Treatment: Hair Therapy Wrap for Healthy Shiny Hair

Thursday, April 22nd, 2010

By Liz W

Deep Conditioner user Lin Pernille ♥ Photography

If you are plagued with dry, brittle hair, you might be slacking on the deep conditioning. One of the best dry hair treatments to regain the shiny, healthy hair you once had is to deep condition with a heated head wrap. Even if you use a weekly conditioning hair mask in the shower, you could still benefit greatly from a deeply penetrating conditioning treatment.

It’s no secret that heat causes the hair cuticle to open and further draw in the healing and restoring ingredients in conditioners and hair masks. This is why women spend long hours and lots of hard earned dollars perched under bonnet dryers at the salon when they have a special hair treatment. Professionals know that the elevated temperature will allow the treatment to work much more deeply, leading to amazing results.

Luckily, for those of us who don’t have countless hours (not to mention endless funds) to spend at the beauty parlor, Michelle Reuven, a long time perm and damaging hair product addict, found the answer. She invented the Hair Therapy Wrap after stumbling upon heated gel packs meant for relief from aching muscles.  A light bulb went on when she realized she could wrap them in a towel and have 30 minutes worth of cordless, comfortable, and even heat on her head, forever freeing her from the bonnet dryer. Her little at-home craft project provided such amazing results that she decided to go into business and make them for all women who were on a time and money budget, but still desired strong, healthy shiny hair.

Another great thing about the Hair Therapy Wrap is that you can use it with any hair conditioner, hair mask, or hair oil. Simply apply your favorite dry hair treatment to your hair before putting on this unique heated hair wrap. We love this Steam Creams & Oils Hair Oil. It’s super natural and smells amazing, giving a bit of an aromatherapy treatment while hydrating your hair.

The Hair Therapy Wrap is really easy to use since the whole thing can be popped in the microwave or the gel packs can be heated with hot water. The few minutes of prep time will provide your thirsty hair with 30 minutes of warmth, so it can really drink in what it needs to get as lustrous and beautiful as ever.

Beauty Tips for a first date: Wear Sexy, Smokey Makeup

Thursday, April 15th, 2010

By Liz W

red lips user andrewrennie

First dates are ridiculously nerve wracking, and not feeling confident in your appearance can make those butterflies even worse. Here are some beauty tips for your big night so you can relax and have fun, knowing you look stunning, making this the first date of many.

1. Less is more. It’s easy to get carried away with too much foundation and concealer when you are stressed about looking your best. Just try to keep in mind that men hate when makeup is really obvious and looks caked on. Using a really light application of foundation, bronzer and blush will give you a flawless glow, without making you look over done.

2. Focus on one or the other. Even if you are going on a super sophisticated glamorous date, it is best to decide on dramatic eyes, or dramatic lips, not both.  This doesn’t mean that if you wear cranberry lipstick, you have to leave your eyes bare, just don’t overdo the heavy black eyeliner and false lashes. Instead, opt for a subtle smokey makeup around the eyes with browns and taupe’s, using shades like the ones in this Raw Natural Beauty eyeshadow trio. Gently line the eyes and sweep on a coat of mascara, and your eyes will be defined, but not competing for attention with your bold lips.

3. Go easy on the fragrance. If you have a favorite perfume, spritz it only on three of your pulse points, the sides of your neck just below your jaw, on your inner wrists, and since scent rises over time, the backs of your knees. That will keep you smelling delicious all evening without it being too concentrated and over powering.

4. Last but not least leave your hair either down or half down so it looks touchable and soft. Crispy, slick hair can look severe and uninviting. And men love hair that they can run their fingers through. So even if you have curly hair, let your ringlets flow freely, just use a good curling product like Fredric Fakkai Coiff Oceanique Tousled Wave Spray to keep away frizzies.

Take these tips and combine them with a little charm and sense of humor, and your first date is guaranteed to be a success.

Jonathan Product Beauty Water Giveaway

Monday, February 1st, 2010

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The Hair Dryer Chronicles – The Benefits of a Good Hair Dryer

Thursday, January 14th, 2010

By Jenna

Let’s face it; my hair has definitely gone through A LOT and it’s taken some tender, love and serious hair care to keep it from frying off my head. I’m currently bleach-blonde and I have been for a long time. I’ve even gone from light to dark back to blonde in less than 8 months and my head hates me for it. The good thing is that my hair doesn’t look like straw and it’s taken a lot to keep it healthy through all of the tough times I’ve put it through. Good hair care and using the right hair products in my beauty routine is to thank for that. Another thing that makes a huge difference in how healthy my hair remains after styling is my hair dryer. It may not seem like it makes a difference but it makes a tremendous one. Think about how much pain and torture you put your hair through. You’re putting serious ammonia and chemicals on your hair when you dye it, frying it with heat, breaking it with brushing and styling. If your hair could scream at you, I’m sure it would every day. The better you treat your hair when styling, the better your hair is going to look and feel.  Think about it, when your hair looks good, you’re on top of the world, so why not pamper it?

Years ago, when the whole ionic drying fad was new, I was ecstatic to jump on it. I purchased an ionic dryer and was impressed with the results. I switched from a traditional one after doing some research. Traditional hair dryers use positive ions when they dry hair that ends up exposing the hair to more heat damage as well as opens up the cuticle, which can cause excess frizzing. An ionic hair dryer is different because it uses negative ions to nourish the hair. These ions speed up the drying process because they break down water molecules, (which means less heat damage) and also tightens up the hair cuticle resulting in less frizz after drying. Most salons prefer to use ionic hair dryers to reduce damage after processing. Even though they may cost more, they last longer and help the condition of your hair. These benefits to me are priceless.

One hair dryer that I have recently stumbled upon and am having an affair with is The Featherweight by T3. I can seriously tell you all that I’m completely IN LOVE (and want kids) with this dryer and am never turning back. Or at least until something new and amazing comes along. This hair dryer is light weight, tourmaline-infused, and my favorite part is that its packaging and performance is just as attractive as its description. It utilizes an infrared heat technique and dries hair 60% faster than most hair dryers. It also uses negative ions with parts made from tourmaline gemstones that fortify, nourish and moisturize your hair. This leaves your locks shinier, smoother, and silkier. I don’t think I’ve ever had more complements on my hair as after using The Featherweight. I no longer need as much product after shampooing and the best part is I don’t need to use any flat irons or curlers. This dryer from heaven does it all for me and in a fraction of the time.

If you want to cut back your styling time and save your damaged hair as well, I highly recommend investing in a really good hair dryer. Your head will be thanking you, I know mine does. After all, who wants to look like they have troll hair?

Bad hair day

Beauty Tips: How to Choose the Perfect Hairstyle Based on Skin Tone and Eye Color

Thursday, October 22nd, 2009

By Jenna

Choosing the perfect hairstyle can sometimes be a huge decision or just difficult all together.  There are many different things to think about; eye color, skin tone, what you want and what you see yourself.   Situation: Your best friend just got her hair done a beautiful chestnut brown and it looks amazing with her hazel eyes. On impulse, you want to do is run to the store, buy that same color to have the same fabulous look and then it processes and happens to drown you out and looks horrible.  Big mistake and now you have no idea what to do and you have to go on damage control. Your hair color can be seen as a fashion statement, add to your personality and help define your cosmetic identity so you don’t want to ruin what you’ve taken so long to grow out.  So before you run out to experiment with hair products and color on your own consider a few things, and luckily I’ve done some research to help you on your hair color matching mission.  Here are some beauty tips to getting the perfect hair match.


First thing to do that will help is to find your skin tone.  To do this you need to look at your skin and identify the underlying skin tones.  This can sometimes need a second opinion so enlisting your friends or hair dresser would be a good choice in helping out.  The quickest way to find out your skin tone is to look at the veins in your arms in natural light.  If it’s green then you are probably warm toned, if it’s blue then it’s probably cool.

Good hair colors for warm tones:  Try rich base colors like dark golden brown, chestnut or auburn and highlight with red cinnamon or copper. Warm colors like golden to dark browns, to rich warm auburns as well as red and golden highlights can compliment you as well.

Good hair colors for cool tones:  Intense shades of brown, blonde or red as a base color and/or highlight with wheat, honey, taupe, or ashy shades that provide contrast. Shades of ash browns, cool blondes such as platinum, blue-blacks and unnatural colors like mahogany, burgundy and fire engine red are perfect choices for cool tones.

Now that you’ve figured out your skin tone and have an idea of the colors you want to steer towards, you can consider your eye color.  So now look in the mirror and take a look at your eyes (A really good one.)  Notice what other colors are in the coloring, I happen to have little yellow specks in the darker green.  Most of the time choosing complementary colors is the best solution to getting a good match with your eyes.  If you’ve decided that you’re cool toned,  have light blue, gray-blue, deep blue, deep green, brown or black eyes, your best hair color options are plum and burgundy highlights, ash and platinum blonde, brown, dark brown, black, slate, salt and pepper, pure white or also something like a blue-black. If you’re warm toned, have blue, blue-green hazel, green, topaz, amber or coffee bean colored eyes, the best choice may be to go with a color that’s golden with red highlights, golden brown, honey brown, chestnut, or copper.

Eye color

Source: Flickr user carloscastroweb

If you need some help you can always refer to the good old color wheel to help you figure it out.  You can also use the color wheel to coordinate your eyes to eye shadow colors and other beauty products.  There’s a giant world of makeup and color so now do some exploring and have some fun with it! What hair color are you rocking?

Get the Look – Summer Hair Trends with Sean James

Thursday, August 20th, 2009

Sexy Beach Hair – à la Gisele

We caught up with Beautyfix Panelist Sean James at Frank Studio in Santa Monica, CA so he could show us how to create one of the hottest summer hair trends.

When we think sexy beach hair, we can’t help but think of the ever so gorgeous Gisele Bündchen. Sean James describes the look as, “That look when you’ve come out of the ocean and the salt is still in your hair.” It’s easy to imagine Gisele strolling down the beach in Rio de Janeiro, Tom Jobim’s classic Bossa Nova tune The Girl from Ipanema playing in the background, her tan skin glowing, and her beautiful waves cascading past her shoulders. Her look is so natural – you almost believe she just rolls out of bed and looks that way. The fact of the matter is that the look is, as Sean would say, “a little more contrived.” (The look is actually achieved with a large barrel curling iron.) Okay, so maybe we can’t look like Gisele, but the good news is we can still swipe her hairstyle.


Step 1: Start with a center part.*
*If your hair is naturally curly – make sure to blow dry your hair straight first.

Step 2: Curl the hair away from your face. Work in sections and make your way around the entire head. Begin in the front and work your way around the back until you get to the center of your head. Then do the same thing starting from the other side.


Step 3: Turn your head upside down and run your fingers through your hair and give it a good shake.


Step 4: While your head is still upside down, spray your hair with a flexible hairspray (like Jonathan Product’s Finish Control) to give it a little hold.

Step 5: Blow dry your hair a bit while pulling your fingers through the curls to relax them – particularly at the root. Your hair should be straighter at the crown of your head and gradually curl towards your ends.

The finished look!

The finished look!

About Sean James:

Sean has worked with celebrities such as Jaime Pressly, Jamie Lee Curtis, Rufus Wainwright, Emily Blunt, Rita Wilson, Lindsay Lohan, and many more. He works consistently on films, commercials, television, advertising campaigns, and he is sought after all over the world. Most recently, Sean was a member of the exclusive Balmain team as the US representative at Paris Fashion Week. He has been featured on the E! network, the Style Network, The Oprah Winfrey Show, and MTV’s The Hills. He has also been featured in the world renowned publications such as Harper’s Bazaar, InStyle, WWD, The New York Times, and More, just to name a few.

Sean’s adventures in hair are ongoing and groundbreaking as he continues to have a drive to explore the new and exciting ways to express inner beauty through the ever growing medium of hair. Sean’s mantra as a true artist is “explore yourself and express your inner beauty.”

Beautyfix Brand Director Nicole Cardi with Celebrity Hair Stylist Sean James

Beautyfix Brand Director Nicole Cardi with Celebrity Hair Stylist Sean James

What’s your favorite summer hair trend?

Discover the Best Beauty Products with Beautyfix

Tuesday, August 11th, 2009

Who knew glamour could be so grueling? But hey! Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither was your Beautyfix kit. Here’s a sneak peek at how we pick our Official Beautyfix Selections so you can discover the best beauty products. Let the judging begin!

Massive breakouts, lipstick that looked and tasted like it belonged to your grandmother in 1955, mascara that smudges with every blink and hair products that produced results only Danny Zuko could appreciate—oh, the things we do for beauty.

So who can you thank for making sense of all the products in the world? Our panel of beauty industry experts, led by Nicole Cardi, former buyer at Fred Segal Beauty and now Beautyfix’s Brand Director, selflessly devote themselves to anything and everything beauty so only the best of the best arrives in your kit.

[So many products to choose from!]

So many products to choose from!

Once brands have submitted their products for consideration, our panelists rate, review and get up close and personal with the products—literally. The hairstylists bring the products into the salon to see how well they work with what they already use and to get additional feedback from their clients. The makeup artists test them on models at photo shoots to see how well they can hold up. The doctors research the medical aspects while

the product developers focus on the effectiveness of the ingredients. Once the winners have been separated from the losers we make our Official Beautyfix Selections!

[Step one - touch and smell everything]

Step one - touch and smell everything

Cardi is so dedicated to sorting through all these products that she’s turned her house (bathroom, kitchen, bedroom and all) into her second office—she’s botched more than one meal after she mistook a hairspray for PAM. But at the end of each season (they do this 4 times a year!) and many, many tests, it’s always worth it because you get to break out of your beauty box and experience new products and find new favorites.

[So many products to choose from!]

What will the next Beautyfix bag be?

What do you think is the best beauty product?