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The Other Uses of Hair Spray

Wednesday, July 20th, 2011

By Jenna

Source: flickr user Garrette

I recently read an article on Allure’s Daily Beauty Reporter on how hair spray is quite the unexpected multiuse product and I couldn’t agree more! They mentioned a few great ones, but I feel like I’ve heard so many wonder stories about how hair spray has saved the day. For something that’s been in your bathroom since you were 4, hair spray is the beauty staple that no girl is without so I asked the ladies at DermStore to give us their Aqua Net alternatives. Besides using hair spray for maximum hold, to create shine or add volume, we’ve come up with a few other things you could use for on top of Allure’s list.

  • Setting your makeup: I would advise to do this with a lot of caution, as your skin could get irritated easily, but there are people that will spray a thin layer of hair spray over their makeup as a finishing spray! Not only will it set your makeup, but it will make it last longer for the day.
  • Use it as a bug spray: You can use hair spray to keep the bugs away if they are buggin’. It’s also easy to use as an insect killer for those pesky spiders and bugs that freak you out. You can also turn it into a torch to ward off intruders when your man is gone if you have a lighter handy. (Warning: hair spray is highly flammable, do this at your own risk of fun)
  • Arts and crafts: Hair spray can also be used as glue! You can give anything a frosted look by covering it in glitter and spraying it with hairspray to stick. You can also spray the item with hairspray first, then dip it in glitter.
  • Preserve your photos: Spraying a thin layer of hair spray over photos or charcoal prints will seal the print and keep photos from fading.
  • Use it when you’re stinky: Not to use as deodorant ladies, but I know a few of girls that spritz themselves or their hair again with their best smelling hair sprays when they’re feeling a little funky and desperate.
  • Home improvements: When using chalk lines and want them to stick, you can spray the line with hair spray to prevent it from rubbing off quickly. Not to be worried with it sticking for good, it’s really easy to clean off with soap and water.
  • Hair color: Another wild use of hairspray is to temporarily color your hair, so it’s perfectly low budget for Halloween. Simply spray your hair in sections and sprinkle it with unsweetened-not sugar free drink mix like Kool-Aid to get any color you like.

What have you used hair spray for other than for your hair?

How To Survive A Bad Haircut

Friday, March 25th, 2011

flickr user ArSiSa7

Bad haircuts. I cringe at the thought! Unless you’re among a very, very lucky few … you’ve had at least ONE of them in your time, right?  Perhaps you wanted “just a trim” and left with a pixie cut. Or maybe you wanted to check out a cute layered look and walked out looking like a mushroom. As traumatizing as bad haircuts are, can you IMAGINE being a celebrity and having to endure the agony of a hair hack job with the entire world looking on? A bad haircut happened to Pink a few days ago, and, never one to shy away from an opportunity to say what’s on her mind, she did what any modern famous person would do and fired back at her haters on Twitter. Pink, we feel your pain—and we just so happen to have some face-saving—or hair-saving, rather—advice from celebrity hair care expert Philip B. on handling the grow-out process with style and grace. (You Beautyfix buffs should be familiar with Philip B.’s namesake beauty brand!)

1. Give some different styling products a try—the idea is to improve your hair’s texture and give it some movement. Mess it up. Make it punky! You’ll make your face look more angular and less full. A few good ones to try: Philip B. Maui Wowie Beach Mist, which will provide lift, and Philip B. Jet Set Precision Control Hair Spray, which will give it some hold.

2. Condition, condition, condition. You see, if your hair looks healthy and lustrous, that’s what will command attention. What’s more, this will keep your ends in tip-top shape, which could in turn help you attain long hair again.

3. Give some fun hair accessories a try! If you’ve always wanted to rock a sassy headband or some flirty, sparkly clips, now is the time. Try sweeping your bands to the side and holding them in place with some pretty bobby pins.

And there you have it! Even if you’re not reeling from the effects of a bad haircut, these words of wisdom STILL pose value to every girl trying to make the most of her ‘do.

The Best Beauty Trends (and the worst!) of 2010

Thursday, December 16th, 2010

Flickr user limonlucikolata

flickr user chicagophotoshop

2010 was a pretty beautiful year, literally speaking. Aside from a few missteps and casualties (Bump-its anyone? Jersey Shore-esque tans? Anything from the Taylor Momsen makeup bag?), this past year has ushered in some gorgeous new looks and brought relevance to retro trends as well. Below is a list of some of the best beauty trends 2010 had to offer.

  • Ombre Hair- Good news for those who despise the monthly trips to the salon for touch-ups! Perfectly maintained hair is out and ombre hair is in!  Celebs like Nicole Richie and Rachel Bilson started bucking the beauty rule of root maintenance this summer.
  • Retro hair- Think beehives, a la Scarlet Johanson, and Veronica Lake waves made popular by beauties such as Megan Fox and Angelina Jolie.
  • Cat eye makeup and winged eyeliner- A favorite of everyone from Lauren Conrad to the make up artists at fashion week, this easy-to-achieve look dominated the beauty pages in 2010.  With a steady hand and an easy-to-use liquid eyeliner (I prefer Hourglass Cosmetics Calligraphy Liquid Eyeliner) anyone can perfect this subtle, yet sexy come-hither look. Again, please remember, you are going for subtle, not Little J!
  • Pixie cuts- For the past couple months, stars have been chopping off their long locks one-by-one to reveal a gamine and gorgeous, yet classic do. Celebrities such as Michelle Williams, Ginnifer Goodwin, Carey Mulligan, Emma Watson, Elisha Cuthbert and Rihanna have all made the cut, literally. Beware though; this hair trend is not for everyone.
  • Braids- The braided hair style is my personal favorite look from this year. The mixture of simplicity and versatility, mixed with my laziness and unruly mane, has turned the braid into my go-to hair style.

The worst? There were some doozies! The aforementioned Bump Its, Oompa-Loompa tans, raccoon eye makeup, also snuggies, neon makeup and scraggly extensions (again, bad year for Taylor Momsen) … but the absolute worst beauty trend of 2010? Vajazzling!

Pixie Please! The Newest Hairstyle for Fall

Thursday, October 28th, 2010

Emma Watson's Pixie Cut flickr user skoykkahwin

Forget the Rachel, say goodbye to Posh’s angled bob and peace out to Blake Lively’s tousled tresses. There is a new style on the block and it is taking Hollywood by storm. Meet The Pixie- the IT 2010 hairstyle. For the past couple months, stars have been chopping off their long locks one-by-one to reveal a gamine and gorgeous, yet classic, do. Celebrities such as Michelle Williams, Ginnifer Goodwin, Carey Mulligan, Emma Watson, Elisha Cuthbert, Rihanna, Katie Holmes and Hayden Panettiere have all made the cut, literally. The most recent addition to the ever growing list of short haired beauties is Ashlee Simpson Wentz, whose husband debuted the pixie haircut via twitter. So you think you want to jump on the pixie bandwagon? I got some advice about the 2010 hairstyle trend from Shear Genius contestant and stylist to the stars Janine Jarman—read on and learn how to make this fun look work for you.

Beautyfix: Let’s talk pixie cuts.

Janine Jarman: It makes me so happy to see short hair on girls! To me, short hair looks so feminine—it makes the face and eyes really stand out.

Beautyfix: Are different variations better for different face shapes?

JJ: Yes, there are hundreds of charts online of face shape and hair cuts that are designed to make your face shape look as close to an oval as possible. That’s the ultimate goal, so if you have a square jaw you want to have layers cut down into the jaw and round it out. If you have a heart shaped face, same thing—you want longer layers and a side bang cut down and over so that it makes oval.

Beautyfix: How often do pixie haircuts need to be trimmed to maintain the shape?

JJ: Every four weeks. Short hair cuts need to be cut a lot more often than long hair cuts.

Beautyfix: Any tips on how to gracefully grow out a pixie cut?

JJ: Hair accessories are the best way to grow out any hair-do. Once it gets to chin length and lower, get extensions if it’s that torturous for you.

Hair-Do: Fall 2010 Hair Trends

Tuesday, August 31st, 2010

By Jenna

We’ve discussed all the fall 2010 makeup trends, so let’s move on and discuss something just as important: your hair. Sometimes, the seasons and current hair trends run together into a busy blur or we forget to actually try new things—not this fall! Autumn is right around the corner and every single one of 2010’s fall hair styles is a definite “do.” Use these tips to update your hair for fall.

Source: Flickr user Mait Juriado

1.   Make it sleek and straight

Isn’t it refreshing to see straight hair back on the runways?  This look should be very well-groomed but still look airy and natural. To get a sexy, sleek look, apply Stylist Professional Series Straightening Lotion by Jonathan Product to damp hair and blow dry in small sections. This product will help smooth your hair and cut down dry time—without weighing it down.

2.   A quick and easy bun

As low-maintenance as it gets, this trendy hair style can be your everyday up-do for fall. Give your sleek hair a deep side part, then pull it back at the nape of your neck and loop the tail up into a bun.

3.   Accessorize

Add accessories for an instantly cuter look. Yes, you have permission to add anything from leafy headbands to jewels to your hair. But whatever you choose, be sure it doesn’t completely take over your head (the Lady Gaga look doesn’t work for most). The idea is to complement your new fall hair style, not ruin it.

4. Try a center part

Whether you’re pumping up your roots with volume, going for the laid-back sleek look, or sporting boho waves, keep your part in the middle. If you aren’t too keen on the dead-center part, veering slightly to one side will work as well. (Note: if you’re doing a ponytail or a low chignon, it’s perfectly fine to do a side part.)

5. Pretty in Ponytails

For a younger, sweeter hair trend, try a ponytail. A high, bouncy ponytail adds a feminine touch to any outfit. Pull all your hair back into an almost-perfect pony at the top of your crown and secure with an elastic. Use 2-3 drops of serum, like John Masters Organics Dry Hair Nourishment and Defrizzer to tame any flyaways and to keep hold. For extra credit, take a small piece from the underside and wrap it around to cover the elastic.

Blow Dryer Blues- Is the price tag always worth it?

Thursday, August 19th, 2010

flickr user rainpie

I have been without a blow dryer for over three months. This statement might shock you, as it did most of my co-workers, but it’s true. My last blow dryer (not the best hair dryer in the world but a trusty $29.99 drugstore brand) had a good run but ultimately went up in flames. Literally, flames…mid blow dry. I’m just not sure why I went all of three months without purchasing a new one. It could have been laziness, cheapness, or a subliminal nostalgia for my youth, when I was a competitive swimmer and had perpetually wet hair. Whatever the reason, I lived by way of air drying and declared a strike against purchasing a new blow dryer. I would even go as far as making a trip to the gym before a big meeting or event, specifically to use their hair dryers. Weird, I know.

Last weekend, I finally buckled. I had 45 minutes to shower and get ready for a wedding, which meant no time for a quick gym/borrowed blow dryer visit. Facing defeat, I made a visit to the beauty supply store by my house, where I stood in shock, taken aback by the overwhelming variety of blow dryers, features and technology. There were dozens of blow dryers, all boasting breakthrough science and revolutionary patents—and not one of them resembled my previous $29.99 model in any way, least of all in price. In a fit of pure frustration, I selected the cheapest (a mere $119!) blow dryer on display, paid, and left.

Grudgingly, I admit that my hair felt so much better after drying it with my new, expensive (relatively speaking) blow dryer. I began to wonder: is there some actual merit behind all the patenting and revolutionary technology?  Luckily, I have a wealth of knowledge at my fingertips, thanks to my extremely beauty-savvy coworkers (after all, our company is called Intelligent Beauty). For this particular question, I quizzed Jac, our non-official hair care expert.  She informed me that while it isn’t always the price tag that determines the best blow dryers, there are certainly key terms, technological aspects and features to look for when purchasing a blow dryer.

Here are some helpful tips:

  • Make sure your blow dryer is at least 1800 watts. This ensures adequate power to blow dry your hair. (Lower wattages = more time to dry, resulting in more heat damage to the hair.)
  • Ionic Technology is a fairly common phrase in the hair care world. It refers to a technology that generates negative ions that neutralize positive ions in the atmosphere. This process allows hair to dry faster, seals the cuticle, and reduces frizz, leaving hair smooth and shiny.
  • A ceramic hair dryer actually has a self-regulating system that senses if the dryer is getting too hot. The air flow is at the right temperature, and the coils are made out of ceramic as well.
  • Tourmaline blow dryers utilize a technology that speeds up the drying process by about 60%, which ultimately reduces damage caused by heat.
  • Another feature to look for in a good blow dryer: different temperature and speed settings, which allow you to adjust your preferences manually.

The moral of the story? There are several different options fitting for several different bank accounts.  The reigning king of the blow drying world is the T3 Featherweight Luxe, which actually nourishes the hair. For a more budget-friendly blow dryer, opt for something along the lines of the Conair Tourmaline Ceramic Ionic Styler. Just make sure your blow dryer has at least one of the features listed above. It all comes down to amount of time spent drying—less time, less heat, the better the blow dryer!

Beach Waves- The Chic Summer Hairstyle for Year Round

Thursday, July 29th, 2010

Growing up on the beach in Florida, I spent my days racing back and forth from the sand and school (probably a little too much time in the sun and sand when I should have been in school, but that is neither here nor there).  Summer style was always in, bathing suit tops peeking out from under t-shirts, flip flops, board shorts and wet hair were all too common of a sight at my high school. Looking back at pictures, the au natural beach look was not so cute. However, luckily for the current students at my alma mater and fans of natural beauty everywhere, carefree wavy hair styles and tousled hair are in!

Blake's Perfect Beach Waves

Perfecting the California cool beach waves hair style is as easy as, well, a day at the beach! Trust me, if yours truly can pull this off, anyone can. If only I knew these quick hairstyle tips in high school…

The greatest part about this easy breezy summer hairstyle is that it can be achieved with either wet or dry hair! The most important ingredient is good hair texturizer that mimics the  look from the sun, sand and saltwater and spares your hair the damaging effects from the real thing. I recommend Krystal High Gloss Shine Spray by Kronos or Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray.

If you are starting with wet hair, work the product through the hair and either towel dry or blow-dry with a diffuser.  It is best to only partially dry the hair and remember to not run your fingers through it too much; this can cause frizz and accidently remove the hair texturizer. When starting with dry hair, the process is even easier! Just spray the product on the roots and lightly over the hair for added volume and body. If your hair gets oily easily, apply a little dry shampoo first.

Depending on your hair type and texture, a little spray and scrunch might be all you need. If your hair loses volume easily or needs a little extra vavava-voom, there is an optional step two. Use a curling iron, either large or small barreled, to add a few loose waves. Choose sections of hair in varying sizes and alternate the directions of the curls. Once you have finished curling, bend over and shake your head to ensure that your curls create a tousled hair look, not styled, and perform a quick final spray with either your texturizer or a high gloss shine.

The result? A perfectly chic and total easy summer hairstyle that works year round.

Fight Frizz Like Never Before with Unique Hair Tips from

Thursday, June 3rd, 2010

By: Michelle Breyer

Think you’ve tried every frizz-kicking trick in the book? Think again!, the online oasis for curlies since 1998, provides some unique and unconventional methods of fighting frizz, even in the most humid weather:

frizzy hair

frizzy hair

A natural fabric softener can be a great way to make your curls less frizzy. Simply use as any other conditioner and apply after shampooing. Keep some dryer sheets in your purse to use in a pinch and stroke the dryer sheet in a downward motion. Dryer sheets are also great for eliminating static cling.

Breast milk is a natural deep conditioner, it contains the appropriate amounts of protein and fat to condition hair and reduce frizz. It also packs essential vitamins and minerals that help combat dry hair. Fill a spray bottle with breast milk, spray locks thoroughly and proceed with your normal hair washing routine.

Take one cup of flat, room-temperature beer and work into hair after shampooing, then rinse with cold water. The vitamin B and natural sugars in beer add body and shine, while acting as a natural setting lotion that increases resilience, vitality and hold.

Apply KY Jelly just like any gel. Don’t worry: this remedy isn’t x-rated! Use sparingly or mixed in with other products. This paste will condition each hair strand section by section; simply smooth through curls with your fingers. Rinse, and behold silky, restored, beautiful hair. You can also apply to dry hair to define curls and smooth frizz.

Leaving the house without knowing the weather report can trip up even the most prepared frizz-fighter. Stay a step ahead of the weather with NaturallyCurly’s Frizz Forecast™.  The Frizz Forecast provides the humidity conditions for your specific area, as well as high and low temperatures for the day.

Michelle Breyer, Celebrity Hair Stylist

Michelle Breyer

Michelle Breyer co-founded, a website for curly hair that she launched with her business partner and friend, Gretchen Heber.

Spending most of her life as a journalist, Ms. Breyer never dreamed she would develop the leading source of information for specialty beauty products. It was the Texas humidity that inspired both Ms. Breyer and Ms. Heber to search for information to help them manage their curly hair and find appropriate beauty products. They were frustrated by the dearth of information on curly hair, and the lack of products on the market. One of their curly hair rants, at a brunch, was the inspiration behind They launched the site in September of that year with the help of a 14-year-old Web designer. They see unlimited potential for their venture. More than 50 percent of the world’s population has curly hair.

Ms. Breyer’s personal experience with her curly hair, and as the mother of a curly haired daughter, has helped her recognize the challenges faced each day by those with curls and kinks. With a deep personal connection, she can relate well to the community, and is a role model to inspire others to learn to love their curls and kinks. Ms. Breyer lives in Texas with her husband and daughter.

Dry Hair Treatment: Hair Therapy Wrap for Healthy Shiny Hair

Thursday, April 22nd, 2010

By Liz W

Deep Conditioner user Lin Pernille ♥ Photography

If you are plagued with dry, brittle hair, you might be slacking on the deep conditioning. One of the best dry hair treatments to regain the shiny, healthy hair you once had is to deep condition with a heated head wrap. Even if you use a weekly conditioning hair mask in the shower, you could still benefit greatly from a deeply penetrating conditioning treatment.

It’s no secret that heat causes the hair cuticle to open and further draw in the healing and restoring ingredients in conditioners and hair masks. This is why women spend long hours and lots of hard earned dollars perched under bonnet dryers at the salon when they have a special hair treatment. Professionals know that the elevated temperature will allow the treatment to work much more deeply, leading to amazing results.

Luckily, for those of us who don’t have countless hours (not to mention endless funds) to spend at the beauty parlor, Michelle Reuven, a long time perm and damaging hair product addict, found the answer. She invented the Hair Therapy Wrap after stumbling upon heated gel packs meant for relief from aching muscles.  A light bulb went on when she realized she could wrap them in a towel and have 30 minutes worth of cordless, comfortable, and even heat on her head, forever freeing her from the bonnet dryer. Her little at-home craft project provided such amazing results that she decided to go into business and make them for all women who were on a time and money budget, but still desired strong, healthy shiny hair.

Another great thing about the Hair Therapy Wrap is that you can use it with any hair conditioner, hair mask, or hair oil. Simply apply your favorite dry hair treatment to your hair before putting on this unique heated hair wrap. We love this Steam Creams & Oils Hair Oil. It’s super natural and smells amazing, giving a bit of an aromatherapy treatment while hydrating your hair.

The Hair Therapy Wrap is really easy to use since the whole thing can be popped in the microwave or the gel packs can be heated with hot water. The few minutes of prep time will provide your thirsty hair with 30 minutes of warmth, so it can really drink in what it needs to get as lustrous and beautiful as ever.

Spring Hair Trends 2010

Thursday, March 25th, 2010

By Liz W

loose braids user Kinnéidigh Garrett

Spring has finally sprung, and cute spring hair trends are popping up in store windows, magazines, television, everywhere!  As the days get longer, and a rainbow of blossoms begin to cover every tree, we find ourselves putting away our winter clothes and accessories, and start donning ourselves daily with pastel skirts, sparkly sandals, and flowers, flowers, flowers. Hair accessories are a really fun and easy way to add a little spring to your step and the options are endless.

braids user ★Debs★

One hair style that is perfect for spring, and simple enough for anyone, is braids. From a few mini braids that add a little texture to the hair, to long loose braids that tumble over your shoulders, there is a style for every occasion. Seen all over the runways of New York Fashion Week, braids are a sexy, sophisticated way to dress up your hair for day time picnics or evening cocktail parties. If time is on your side, you can experiment with French braids, either on their own or combined with another hair style, like a bun. If French braids are not your forte, you can just braid random sections of hair and use hair pins to hold them in place. From classic Dorothy braids, with a straight middle part, to more complex milk maid braids that wrap around the head, there are plenty of ways to include them into your “hair style wardrobe.”

hair accessories user il_miss_whit

Headbands have been a hair accessory staple forever, but over the past few seasons they have gotten cuter, edgier, and glitzier than ever before. From scarf head wraps to jeweled head bands, designers have been getting really creative using materials like feathers, bows, flowers, and precious stones to garnish their spring collections. For a dressy day time do, pair a beaded headband with loose waves. This will add sparkle to your outfit, and will make less than perfect hair look instantly polished and done. If you are going out for a night on the town and want to be a little more daring, adorn your up do with a feather head band that will add a pop of color and interest to your hair.

Spring is a time for new beginnings and rebirth, so why not take that idea and apply it to your beauty routine? You don’t need a drastic change to feel refreshed for the new season; just a tiny little alteration to your hair style can make you feel completely transformed and gorgeous.