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GIVEAWAY: Win a Makeover from OK! Magazine and Beautyfix

Tuesday, October 20th, 2009


We are excited to announce that Beautyfix has teamed up with OK! Magazine and we are doing a fabulous giveaway. One lucky winner will be flown to Los Angeles for a makeover with Beautyfix Panelists Molly Walsh and Carla Gentile. There are only 2 days left so hurry and sign up while you still have the chance.

How can you be flown to Los Angeles and given the star treatment?! It’s easy – just follow this link and sign up now.

One lucky winner will get the celeb spa experience from Molly at Molly’s Skin Care Boutique in Hermosa Beach, California. Treatments include a facial treatment that will give your skin that red carpet glow. The winner will also receive a signature Steam Hair Treatment at Carla Gentile’s Steam Salon for locks that shine, followed by a complete hair makeover.


Carla Gentile_Head_Shot_2

Carla Gentile, owner of Steam Salon and Steam Creams and Oils, began her hairdressing career at Vidal Sassoon Salon in Chicago and London. Carla’s interest in the beauty industry was fueled by the audacity of fashion in the early eighties. “It was such an experimental time and people were not afraid to change their hairstyle and hair color frequently”. This often led to trying to mend the over worked tresses of her friends and clients.

Carla has fulfilled her creative expression through editorial work and fashion shows. Her work has been seen on the runways of LA’s most talented designers including Louis Verdad, Sue Wong, Ashley Paige, Jared Gold, Jasmin Shokrian, Tree, Eduardo Lucero, Anthony Franko and more. Also, adding Michele K, Tarina Tarantino, DuWop, Hard Candy and Urban Decay to her list of advertorial.

While owning Steam Salon in Los Angeles specializing in hair treatments, Carla has always focused on showing her clients how to maintain healthy hair. She created The Steam Treatment using an aromatherapy oil mixture she mixed up in the back room of the salon. Now, 9 years later, she has taken the oils a step further. Working with a chemist in California she added the right amounts of anti oxidants to the oils to help boost the healing power of the treatment. Now clients can receive The Steam Treatment in the salon and purchase the same scalp oils to use at home.



Molly Walsh, whom the respected entertainment trade publication “The Hollywood Reporter” described, “she works magic” and is “the facialist to the stars,” has been one of California’s premier skin care professionals since 1988 and has a client roster that includes Barbara Streisand, Jim Carrey, Florence Henderson, Maria Sharapova, Brooke Shields, Delta Burke, Jimmy Smits, Courtney Love, Amanda Peet, Lauren Holly and Beverly Garland.

Molly is owner-operator of Molly’s Skin Care Boutique in Hermosa Beach, California, which the international tennis star Ms Sharaprova ranked on her website as the #1 Spa in the world for facials and where the always youthful appearing Broadway and TV star Ms Henderson described her first facial with Molly, “My best ever.”

Molly is a specialist in microdermabrasion treatments for sun-damaged skin, acne scars and fine lines as she is for homeopathic skin care treatments of vitamins and herbs for internal balancing to purify and nourish skin from the inside out.