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Pixie Please! The Newest Hairstyle for Fall

Thursday, October 28th, 2010

Emma Watson's Pixie Cut flickr user skoykkahwin

Forget the Rachel, say goodbye to Posh’s angled bob and peace out to Blake Lively’s tousled tresses. There is a new style on the block and it is taking Hollywood by storm. Meet The Pixie- the IT 2010 hairstyle. For the past couple months, stars have been chopping off their long locks one-by-one to reveal a gamine and gorgeous, yet classic, do. Celebrities such as Michelle Williams, Ginnifer Goodwin, Carey Mulligan, Emma Watson, Elisha Cuthbert, Rihanna, Katie Holmes and Hayden Panettiere have all made the cut, literally. The most recent addition to the ever growing list of short haired beauties is Ashlee Simpson Wentz, whose husband debuted the pixie haircut via twitter. So you think you want to jump on the pixie bandwagon? I got some advice about the 2010 hairstyle trend from Shear Genius contestant and stylist to the stars Janine Jarman—read on and learn how to make this fun look work for you.

Beautyfix: Let’s talk pixie cuts.

Janine Jarman: It makes me so happy to see short hair on girls! To me, short hair looks so feminine—it makes the face and eyes really stand out.

Beautyfix: Are different variations better for different face shapes?

JJ: Yes, there are hundreds of charts online of face shape and hair cuts that are designed to make your face shape look as close to an oval as possible. That’s the ultimate goal, so if you have a square jaw you want to have layers cut down into the jaw and round it out. If you have a heart shaped face, same thing—you want longer layers and a side bang cut down and over so that it makes oval.

Beautyfix: How often do pixie haircuts need to be trimmed to maintain the shape?

JJ: Every four weeks. Short hair cuts need to be cut a lot more often than long hair cuts.

Beautyfix: Any tips on how to gracefully grow out a pixie cut?

JJ: Hair accessories are the best way to grow out any hair-do. Once it gets to chin length and lower, get extensions if it’s that torturous for you.

10 Easy to Follow Weight Loss Tips for Every Day

Friday, September 10th, 2010

As much as I love summer- the vacations, the sun, sand, bike rides and ocean breezes, there are a few things that really start to take a toll on my body and waistline- namely the barbeques, burgers and booze that are synonymous with warmer months. I assumed that after Labor Day passed, I would be back to my healthy eating habits and kick the added calories. Although, I seemed to have forgotten that after summer comes my other favorite time of year- Football Season. (Go Canes!) Along with football season comes even more barbeques, burgers and booze. Sigh. Luckily, there are some easy ways to lose weight without giving up all the fun stuff. With just a couple tweaks to my diet and following these simple healthy eating tips throughout the day and week, I can still have my cake and eat it too…. or burger… or margarita.

  1. Cut your portions down. Portion control is such an easy thing to correct during the day. Instead of eating an entire bagel for breakfast, eat half.  Our portions are generally much larger than a recommended serving size.
  2. Go Green! And red. And Purple. And yellow. Eat as many colorful veggies and fruits as you possible can during the day. Not only are they a great low calorie snack but they provide tons of nutritional benefits!
  3. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. Often times people mistake dehydration for hunger pains. Before you sit down to feast, drink a glass of water or two and reevaluate just how hungry you truly are.
  4. Eat wholesome foods. If you cannot pronounce some the chemicals, additives and substitutes, don’t eat it.
  5. Take your vitamins. It is a simple way to get your daily nutritional needs and it aids in weight loss. It really doesn’t get any easier than that.
  6. Behave on school (work) nights. Try to limit alcohol, going out to dinner and generally unhealthy habits during the week. If you treat your body right throughout the week, not only will it be reflected in your energy level and your performance at school or work, but then you will deserve a nice meal or cocktail (or three) on the weekend.
  7. Drink coffee. Caffeine is a great appetite suppressant, just be sure to go light on the sugar and cream. Black coffee has close to zero calories but can quickly become unhealthy.
  8. Get moving. I know working out is harder for some people than others but add a little cardio to your weekly routine and you won’t be nearly as worried about the hot dog that you had on Sunday.
  9. Get your beauty sleep. Research shows that less than 8 hours of shut eye can decrease your metabolism and increase hunger.
  10. Educate yourself. Just being aware of nutritional facts will help you make healthier choices. Sign up for weight loss newsletters, emails and tweets. Eat This Not That is a great website that give nutritional info and guidance on everything from what fast food lunch is most nutritious to options at a BBQ.

Beach Waves- The Chic Summer Hairstyle for Year Round

Thursday, July 29th, 2010

Growing up on the beach in Florida, I spent my days racing back and forth from the sand and school (probably a little too much time in the sun and sand when I should have been in school, but that is neither here nor there).  Summer style was always in, bathing suit tops peeking out from under t-shirts, flip flops, board shorts and wet hair were all too common of a sight at my high school. Looking back at pictures, the au natural beach look was not so cute. However, luckily for the current students at my alma mater and fans of natural beauty everywhere, carefree wavy hair styles and tousled hair are in!

Blake's Perfect Beach Waves

Perfecting the California cool beach waves hair style is as easy as, well, a day at the beach! Trust me, if yours truly can pull this off, anyone can. If only I knew these quick hairstyle tips in high school…

The greatest part about this easy breezy summer hairstyle is that it can be achieved with either wet or dry hair! The most important ingredient is good hair texturizer that mimics the  look from the sun, sand and saltwater and spares your hair the damaging effects from the real thing. I recommend Krystal High Gloss Shine Spray by Kronos or Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray.

If you are starting with wet hair, work the product through the hair and either towel dry or blow-dry with a diffuser.  It is best to only partially dry the hair and remember to not run your fingers through it too much; this can cause frizz and accidently remove the hair texturizer. When starting with dry hair, the process is even easier! Just spray the product on the roots and lightly over the hair for added volume and body. If your hair gets oily easily, apply a little dry shampoo first.

Depending on your hair type and texture, a little spray and scrunch might be all you need. If your hair loses volume easily or needs a little extra vavava-voom, there is an optional step two. Use a curling iron, either large or small barreled, to add a few loose waves. Choose sections of hair in varying sizes and alternate the directions of the curls. Once you have finished curling, bend over and shake your head to ensure that your curls create a tousled hair look, not styled, and perform a quick final spray with either your texturizer or a high gloss shine.

The result? A perfectly chic and total easy summer hairstyle that works year round.

The Bronzed And The Beautiful: Get Gisele’s Glow

Tuesday, June 15th, 2010

Source: Flickr User Jingdianmeinv

If you haven’t noticed my enthusiasm for summer in my recent blog posts, then you aren’t reading the Beautyfix blog enough. ;) One of the best things of summer is getting that summer glow. The best way to achieve this is with an amazing bronzer and it’s one of the season’s must have beauty products. Here’s how to use the best face bronzer to get an overall sun kissed glow for summer time. Bronzer can also be used to create shadow, slim your face and get that unforgettable glow like Gisele’s.

You can create an amazing healthy, glowing look by using bronzing powder. There are many available that you can pick up but here are a few favorites:

Too Faced The Bronzed and The Beautiful provides 3 amazing bronzers in one kit for an affordable price. Perfect for any season, especially summer and caters to any skin tone. Its’ easy to get the “I just got back from the Caribbean glow with Sun Bunny, Snow Bunny and Bronzer in Pink Leopard, accompanied with its own super soft kabuki bronzing brush. Not only does it come with all three, but it comes in a mirrored compact perfect for on the go. Simple glaze your cheeks, neck, collarbone and lightly dust your face and you’re all set with a gorgeous glow.

Always avoid bronzers that are too orange. This will cause your natural looking glow to look like you’ve spent a little too much time in the tanning salon. For this I suggest using Redpoint’s Rejuvenating Bronzing Silk or Laura Gellar’s Balance N Bronze. These will provide an irresistible glow without any harsh lines that will blend perfect with any skin tone. Laura Gellar’s Balance N Bronze is a multi-hued baked powder enriched with vitamin E that will provide an illuminating glow that will even out your skin tone instead of disturbing your skin. It’s important to use a bronzing powder rather than a liquid on oily or acne prone skin. This way it absorbs oil, creates an even skin tone and is better for the health of your skin.

For mature or dry skin a liquid bronzer is recommended. These formulas tend to be lighter in weight and won’t sink in to any fine lines or wrinkles, making your skin look younger. Stila’s Sun Gel and Cargo’s Multi Mix bronzer are prime examples of what a great liquid bronzer can do. Not only are they great for the face but they are multi-functioning and can be used on other areas of the body as well. When using a liquid bronzer, you’ll need to use a smaller amount for your face. This prevents it from the color being too dark, and you can regulate exactly how glowing you want to be.

Another simple trick that I love to add after applying bronzer, is sweeping my cheeks with a little bit of shimmer. My absolute favorite product for this is Jane Iredale’s 24 Karat Gold Dust Powder. It’s completely amazing and has real 24 karat golf flakes in it! (Hint: You may have received it in a past Beautyfix.)While providing a gorgeous shimmer and color to my skin it’s also perfectly reflected in any light and it’s very affordable.  You can use it as a body duster, bronzer, eye shadow or lip color. If you’re looking for an all around product this is it and it won’t leave you disappointed. Watch this video to learn some tips on using the 24 Karat Gold Dust Powder from Jane Iredale herself here!

Any of these great products will give you a youthful, golden fresh look for any occasion. Instead of shying away from getting the beach bunny look, give it a shot. You’ll have people fooled into thinking you just got back from a luxurious, tropical vacation.

Romantic Hair and Makeup Looks for Valentine’s Day

Thursday, February 11th, 2010

Valentine’s Day is our day ladies. A day that we get pampered and showered with surprises, flowers and gifts from our significant other, family or friends. Most importantly, some of us have hot dates to attend and want to look like the sexy goddess that you are. Spring trends are here, and now’s the time to test drive what hair styles and makeup will make him salivate. Whether it’s a night of seduction or a night out on the town with a new fling, we’ve got a valentine beauty guide just for you.

Hair styles that look easy and natural are the way to go with men. If it looks like you’ve spent 4 hours curling and crimping your hair, chances are that he’s not going to like it. Playing up your current hairstyle is a cheap and easy way to get what you want. The key thing to think about is; you want it to be touchable and soft. Over working your hair is a no-no so don’t over-think it! Hair styles to consider this Valentine’s Day are:

Playful hair

Source: Flickr user Albert Brendenhann

Short hair styles: If you’ve got the pixie cut, smooth and sleek is the way to go. Blow dry your hair and use a smoothing serum to get the perfect look that exudes confidence.

Shoulder length hair: Soft waves are a sexy trend this spring. Use a medium barrel curling iron to create soft waves from the crown to the ends. You can use a light hair spray for hold, but beware; using too much hair spray will make it crispy. Another great style is the blowout that will blow his mind. If you’ve got layers in your hair, use a round brush to add volume, or hot-rollers to create voluptuous locks that he won’t be able to stay away from.

Long hair styles: You can go two ways with your long locks, sleek and straight or long, heavenly waves. For the straight look, channel your inner Reese Witherspoon, blow dry with a flat brush and use a smoothing serum to tame frizz. Tousled waves require a medium barrel curling iron with a touch of spray. I’ve found that blow drying your hair before trying to get waves; can sometimes make your hair go flat, so air drying your hair can help create natural curl. A great reference for long gorgeous waves is Marisa Miller (who nailed the tousled waves look at the Super Bowl this year), Rachel Bilson or Gisele Bunchen.

Men generally, don’t like a face that has been caked on so accenting your facial features is the best way to go. My beauty advice is to pick one part of your face, like your eyes, lips or cheeks, and sex them up. To get more bang for your buck a lip and cheek stain is a great beauty buy. Tarte has a genius stain that you may use for either your cheeks to make your cheeks delicious or for your lips for that “come-hither” look. Either way, you can use this product over and over again to achieve different looks as a multi-functioning cosmetic. I recommend this in Cloud 9 or Tickled by Tarte for a flirtatious look. I also love Benefit’s Benetint or Lorac’s Sheer Wash lip & cheek tint for a dark, erotic look. If you’re playing up your eyes a risqué smokey eye is best. Bronze eyeliner is a hot trend for spring that can pair well with a romantic smokey look. If you’re playing up your lips, there’s nothing better than an alluring red for Valentine’s day. Duwop’s Pure Venom in Pure Berry do the trick and exude style and sultry to drive your man wild.

Remember ladies, it’s your time to spice it up and shine, so take a little extra in your busy schedule to prepare. After all, getting roses and chocolates has never looked sexier with that pout.

Sexy Lips

Source: Flickr User Sifone

Seven Steps to Scarlett’s Rocking Look

Tuesday, January 12th, 2010

Everyone wants to look like an A-lister from time to time, and fabulous hair is the best place to start for head turning style. Celebrity Hair Stylist Sean James, is no stranger to the famous heads that strut down the red carpet; and we are lucky enough to have his hair tips on how to get sexy locks like Scarlett Johansson sported over the holidays, for your viewing pleasure.

Here’s a handy step by step guide:

Sean James step one

Sean James step one

Step one: Start with freshly washed, towel dried hair.

Sean James step 2

Sean James step 2

Step Two:  Spray RUSK thick throughout the roots of the hair.

Sean James step 3

Sean James step 3

Step three: Section the hair and blow-dry straight and full.

Sean James step 4

Sean James step 4

Step four: Wind vertical sections around the thickness of the curling iron, away from the face, meeting in the middle.

Sean James step 5

Sean James step 5

Step five:  Tilt the head over and shake out the hair with your hands.

Sean James step 6

Sean James step 6

Step six: Lift head upright and stretch out the curl with a RUSK speedfreak blow-dryer on low heat.

Sean James step 7

Sean James step 7

Step seven: Direct your ends to sit in a complimentary place, put some makeup on, and smile.

This is a fun and flirty look that can most anyone can accomplish with the right tools and products. It is easy and mistake proof, but still leaves the wearer feeling fit for the front cover of Vogue.


Sean is a Los Angeles-based celebrity hair stylist. His work can be seen on the runways of Paris, New York and LA and red carpets everywhere. Celeb clients include Jaime Pressly and Emily Blunt.

Get the Look: Use Hair Extensions for Hot Holiday Hairstyles

Tuesday, November 24th, 2009

By Liz W

Clip in hair extensions user bdhq

During the Holiday season, hair trends that were hot in the summer are suddenly ice cold. Flip flops, sun dresses, and beachy waves are replaced with thigh high boots, pea coats, and glamorous up-dos.  If you think that big bouncy holiday hairstyles aren’t in your cards this winter, think again! Hair extensions can take your hair from flat to fab in an instant – after all – ‘tis the season for top notch tresses.

Hair extensions have gone from being a celebrity secret, to an available-to-everyone hair miracle. With so many types to choose from, the possibilities are endless. The most user friendly and non-damaging way to use hair extensions is to get a set of clip-ins. They come in a variety of lengths, textures and qualities, but if you can afford to go with the real human hair vs. the artificial, it will be more natural looking and easier to manage. Balmain Hair offers a wide variety of hair extensions to accommodate most anyone’s needs. Clip-ins are also a lot less commitment that the more permanent variety of hair extensions – and also a lot less expensive.

Clip in hair extensions

Clip in hair extensions

The best way to attach clip-in hair extensions is to tease each section of hair before clipping them in, this way you not only get more body, but with a quick spritz of flexible hold hair spray, they will be locked in for the night. Once they are securely in you can style them any way you want, but one of the quickest ways to get an amazing style is to take chunky sections and roll them around a super hot 2” barrel curling iron. This will give you bouncy volume with just a slight twirl that will also camouflage the break between your real hair and the extra pieces. There is nothing worse than obvious extensions, and this way, no one will be able to tell.

To dress it up for an evening event, add one of this season’s hottest hair accessories, like a feather head band or jeweled clips, or if you really want to shine, try a shimmering hair spray, like Frederic Fakkai’s Golden-Glimmer Gelee Mist to liven up your locks. You can also pin it up in a loose bun, just keep it relaxed and slightly messy like Lauren Conrad’s .

Clip-in hair extensions are easy once you get the hang of them, and if you use them correctly you can add volume and body to any holiday hairstyle!

Get the Look: New York Fashion Week Hairstyles

Tuesday, November 3rd, 2009

By Liz W

People sometimes forget that their hair is one of their best accessories, and you don’t have to spend a lot of time and money on hair products to create a head turning style fit for a fashion show. For the Spring 2010 Monarchy Collection show at Mercedes-Benz New York Fashion Week, Beautyfix Panelist and celebrity hair stylist Sean James created some of the season’s hottest hair looks. Leading a team of 13 stylists for Rusk, Sean created a super chic look that went perfectly with Monarchy Collection’s edgy and sophisticated designs.

Check out this backstage footage of the show.

We were eager to find out how we could achieve this look at home, so we went straight to the source to get the scoop from Sean himself:

Step 1: Get a 3/4 in barrel curling iron and some hair clips.

Step 2: Take small sections the size of the iron and wind the hair back.

Step 3: Pin the hair into small “sausage” shapes.

Make sure to work the hair in sections
Make sure to work the hair in sections

Step 4: Continue all the way to the nape or back of neck continue down horizontally down the sides, then, set the hair set the hair with w8less hairspray by Rusk, and let cool.

Letting the "little sausages" cool.
Letting the “little sausages” cool.

Step 5: When set, remove pins and tip hair upside down, spray the roots a give a vigorous shake, mold and pin into the voluminous bouncy shape you would like. Try with different size irons for different size curls

The Finished Look!

The Finished Look!

Just five quick steps and these models were ready to hit the cat walk, some in less than five minutes! As you can see, this celebrity look can be achieved with just a few tools and steps so you can look run-way ready in no time! To read more about the show and Sean James, check out his Blog.

GET THE LOOK – Hair Color Trends with Sean James

Tuesday, September 15th, 2009

Baliage – Ditch the Foils for Natural Looking Highlights

Beautyfix Panelist Sean James took some time to show us the hottest hair color trend at Frank Studio in Santa Monica, CA.

“Instead of typical highlights using foils – have your hairstylist do Baliage. It’s where the hair color is painted on. It’s less stripey with more random placement, which makes it look much more natural,” says Sean James. “It’s all about having a little more of your natural color in your hair. It’s about accentuating your natural hair color and making it look sunlit.”

Working in sections, your hairstylist will paint on the hair color with a brush and gently place a piece of saran wrap on top of each layer.



Once the color is applied and your head is cover with plastic wrap, you sit under the dryer for a few minutes. Afterwards, you get a shampoo and conditioning treatment, followed by a relaxing scalp massage. Finally, after a little magic with the blow dryer, you emerge with gorgeous, sun-kissed (looking) hair.



About Sean James:

Sean has worked with celebrities such as Jaime Pressly, Jamie Lee Curtis, Rufus Wainwright, Emily Blunt, Rita Wilson, Lindsay Lohan, and many more. He works consistently on films, commercials, television, advertising campaigns, and he is sought after all over the world. Most recently, Sean was a member of the exclusive Balmain team as the US representative at Paris Fashion Week. He has been featured on the E! network, the Style Network, The Oprah Winfrey Show, and MTV’s The Hills. He has also been featured in the world renowned publications such as Harper’s Bazaar, InStyle, WWD, The New York Times, and More, just to name a few.

Sean’s adventures in hair are ongoing and groundbreaking as he continues to have a drive to explore the new and exciting ways to express inner beauty through the ever growing medium of hair. Sean’s mantra as a true artist is “explore yourself and express your inner beauty.”

Sean headshot

Get the Look – Summer Hair Trends with Sean James

Thursday, August 20th, 2009

Sexy Beach Hair – à la Gisele

We caught up with Beautyfix Panelist Sean James at Frank Studio in Santa Monica, CA so he could show us how to create one of the hottest summer hair trends.

When we think sexy beach hair, we can’t help but think of the ever so gorgeous Gisele Bündchen. Sean James describes the look as, “That look when you’ve come out of the ocean and the salt is still in your hair.” It’s easy to imagine Gisele strolling down the beach in Rio de Janeiro, Tom Jobim’s classic Bossa Nova tune The Girl from Ipanema playing in the background, her tan skin glowing, and her beautiful waves cascading past her shoulders. Her look is so natural – you almost believe she just rolls out of bed and looks that way. The fact of the matter is that the look is, as Sean would say, “a little more contrived.” (The look is actually achieved with a large barrel curling iron.) Okay, so maybe we can’t look like Gisele, but the good news is we can still swipe her hairstyle.


Step 1: Start with a center part.*
*If your hair is naturally curly – make sure to blow dry your hair straight first.

Step 2: Curl the hair away from your face. Work in sections and make your way around the entire head. Begin in the front and work your way around the back until you get to the center of your head. Then do the same thing starting from the other side.


Step 3: Turn your head upside down and run your fingers through your hair and give it a good shake.


Step 4: While your head is still upside down, spray your hair with a flexible hairspray (like Jonathan Product’s Finish Control) to give it a little hold.

Step 5: Blow dry your hair a bit while pulling your fingers through the curls to relax them – particularly at the root. Your hair should be straighter at the crown of your head and gradually curl towards your ends.

The finished look!

The finished look!

About Sean James:

Sean has worked with celebrities such as Jaime Pressly, Jamie Lee Curtis, Rufus Wainwright, Emily Blunt, Rita Wilson, Lindsay Lohan, and many more. He works consistently on films, commercials, television, advertising campaigns, and he is sought after all over the world. Most recently, Sean was a member of the exclusive Balmain team as the US representative at Paris Fashion Week. He has been featured on the E! network, the Style Network, The Oprah Winfrey Show, and MTV’s The Hills. He has also been featured in the world renowned publications such as Harper’s Bazaar, InStyle, WWD, The New York Times, and More, just to name a few.

Sean’s adventures in hair are ongoing and groundbreaking as he continues to have a drive to explore the new and exciting ways to express inner beauty through the ever growing medium of hair. Sean’s mantra as a true artist is “explore yourself and express your inner beauty.”

Beautyfix Brand Director Nicole Cardi with Celebrity Hair Stylist Sean James

Beautyfix Brand Director Nicole Cardi with Celebrity Hair Stylist Sean James

What’s your favorite summer hair trend?