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Dr. Murad’s University of Inclusive Health

Tuesday, June 7th, 2011

I recently went to Murad’s Inclusive Health spa in El Segundo for training. I wanted to share my experience because this is a fairly new program and I think that anyone interested in health and beauty could truly benefit from this program and experience. I’ll explain what the Inclusive Health program is about, how it works and what I did/learned during my training.

What is inclusive health?

Inclusive health is a breakthrough approach to health and aging. It creates the ideal environment for cellular health. This astonishing approach looks at the body as an integrated system that can be transformed by building health at the cellular level. Inclusive health broadens its horizons by focusing on the overall health of each person from the cellular level up. Patients have a consultation with Dr. Murad and a trained Inclusive health practitioner to set up a 10 week program that focuses on correcting skin conditions and the management of aging. Each individual program is based on the individual wants and needs of each patient. Using a three-pronged approach that consists of topical, internal and emotional care, Inclusive health offers a unique collaboration of services, this concept is absent from today’s medical spa market, which makes this program so innovative and one of a kind.

How does the three-pronged approach work?

External Care: The skin is the body’s largest organ and first line of defense. Esthetic facials, tips for clear skin, cosmetic medical services and appropriate skincare regimens are all included in inclusive health’s plan.

Internal Care: Supplements, prescription medication, nutrition and physical activities are all included to support all aspects of a healthier lifestyle.

Emotional Care: It is important for patients to achieve psychological and social balance. Spa feel-good services and stress-reduction activities like support groups to nurture the psyche and exercise are included in this section of wellness.

Dr. Murad has created a program that strives to make the whole body healthier by helping each cell in the body function at optimal level. Inclusive health’s secret weapon is that it is rooted in The Science of Cellular Water. This science was discovered by Dr. Murad; he studied the strength of the cells themselves and found that they are the ultimate marker of youthful, good health and primary wellness. Gradual loss of muscle and bone mass, a lower metabolic rate, decline in hearing, vision and strength are all the result of a decrease in intracellular water. Howard Murad, M.D. states “The common thread to all physical aging and disease processes is life’s most fundamental component: water.” The Science of cellular water is about getting water into the cells and connective tissue so that it can function at its full capacity. Inclusive health not only explains the benefits of drinking water but how “eating your water” when you eat raw fruits and vegetables, may be an even better form. If the body is healthy, the skin will be as well. How do we increase healthy water? Through diet, exercise, lowering stress level and doing things that will make and keep us happy this is the essence of Inclusive Health.

University for Inclusive Health

UIH curriculum is based on Dr. Murad’srevolutionary Inclusive approach to esthetics and health. Inclusive Health courses are based on Dr. Murad’s vision of better living through the complete integration of these realms: health, beauty and wellness care; which address the mind, soul and body.

Advanced tools cater to clients who have been affected by the impact of cultural stress. Cultural stress is a term coined by Dr. Murad referring to the normal stresses of everyday life, traffic, technology and long work weeks. Students who work through this program become proficient in the course materials needed to become an Inclusive Health Ambassador.

What I did all day

Now, that all of the back ground info is out of the way; let’s get to the good stuff! The program is an intense 5 day course where students sit in on lectures taught by the President of Inclusive Health Tracey Sameyah, Dr. Murad himself and other health practitioners who have gone through the training successfully. My group actually got to sit in on three patient/doctor consultations with Murad and watched how he interacted with each patient. Each patient filled out a sense of self questionnaire that asked a series of lifestyle questions. They each ranked the questions (10 being the most 1 being the least).

Some sense of self example questions:

“I am at my ideal weight”
“I get 7-9 hours of sleep every night”
“I am hopeful for my future”
“I have a lot of energy when I get up in the morning”.

The way each patient rates these questions helps Dr. Murad and health practitioners set up a plan for each patient based on their lifestyle. I really enjoyed the training it was very informative, each of us came up with our own 10 week program based on our own sense of self. This gave us all a feel for what the patients were doing and how we can relate to them. At the end of the course we took a cumulative exam when you pass, you receive a lovely certificate and become a Certified Inclusive Health Practitioner.