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The Secret to a Flawless Manicure

Tuesday, December 6th, 2011


If you’ve ever left a nail salon and been less than pleased with the outcome, you’re not alone.  Nail shops are as ubiquitous as McDonalds these days and many times, they feel just like a fast food joint as most manicurists want to get you in and out of their chair as quickly as possible so they can start on their next client. While it’s convenient to get your nails done cheap and quick, you may leave feeling unsatisfied.  From afar, your manicure may look perfectly lacquered and shiny, but upon closer inspection, you may notice that your nail polish doesn’t cover the entire nail bed (the rounded sides can be difficult to reach!) or you end up nicking them on something and will inevitably live with the imperfection for a week or two.

So what can you do to fix your manicure or preserve it so you don’t have to head back to your corner nail salon sooner than you have to?  Celebrity manicurist, Michelle Saunders has a few nail tips to help you maintain your manicure, in-between manicures.

 Dealing With Nicks

Don’t leave before your nails dry!  The most important thing you can do is not do anything for 10 minutes after your nails are polished and the top coat has been applied.  Waiting 10 minutes will set up your manicure and you will not only prevent nicks, but your manicure will last three times longer than if you just leave right away.

Your Polish Chips Prematurely

If your nail polish chips within a day or two after your manicure, your nail plate wasn’t prepared as well as it could have been, or the polish you used wasn’t a quality polish.  Make sure your nails are completely dry before applying polish.  A good manicure should last at least five days.

 Wear Gloves

You don’t have to be a hand model to wear gloves (Seinfeld anyone?). If you do anything rugged — if you’re moving boxes or washing the dishes — it’s important to protect your hands with gloves.

 Moisturize Daily

Right after you wash your hands, apply lotion.  Washing your hands with soap and water dries out your hands and cuticles, and that can cause hang nails and prematurely make your hands look old and unsightly.  Foregoing the lotion after washing your hands is the equivalent of washing your hair with shampoo and foregoing conditioner.  Cuticle oil should also be used daily.  Keeping your cuticles hydrated prevents hang nails and dry skin that can cause nails to break easily.

 Carry A Nail File

If you break a nail, file it as soon as you can so the jagged end doesn’t catch on anything and break further up the nail.

 Top Coat

After a few days, apply a top coat to make your nails shine.  A top coat will refresh dull polish and keep your manicure going for a couple more days.


Michelle Saunders is a celebrity manicurist in Los Angeles.  Her roster of clients includes, Jennifer Lopez, Kate Beckinsale, Mila Kunis and Natalie Portman.  She’s also the go-to manicurist on the West Coast for dozens of high-fashion magazines including Vogue, Elle, W, Harpers Bazaar, and Vanity Fair. Along with being a manicure superstar, she’s also on the coveted Beautyfix Panel.

Getting to know the Beautyfix Panel: Makeup Artist Noel Nichols

Tuesday, September 27th, 2011

By Jenna

Professional Makeup artist Noel Nichols

Noel Nichols

Our fabulous Beautyfix Panel offers their insights to help us select which amazing products will be in the latest seasons of Beautyfix. Without their expert opinions and tips, we’d be like every other run-of-the-mill beauty website. One of our newest Beautyfix panelists, professional makeup artist Noel Nichols, knows how to make any woman glamorous with the simple flick of a makeup brush. Noel brings a lifetime obsession of makeup artistry along with her tips and tricks of the trade to the Beautyfix panel.

Born and raised a southern California girl, she aspired at a young age to be a makeup artist. Enrolling in makeup school at 17, she’s been creating beautiful faces ever since. Her style is uniquely clean yet creative and has worked with an array of celebrities (Adam Lambert, The Pussycat Dolls) and industry veterans such as Fiona Stiles and Aaron De Mey. Her makeup work has graced the faces of fashions “It Girls” like Arizona Muse, Nichole Scherzinger, Katharine McPhee and many more.  Lucky me (and you!), we got a little tidbit of info from Noel.

What do you love about Beautyfix and being in the beauty industry?

 “Why do I love Beautyfix? I love Beautyfix because it enables people who are total beauty junkies like me to support their habit without breaking the bank! We all know how quickly beauty products add up, and Beautyfix allows you to try high quality skincare and cosmetics, specifically for you, at a low cost. How amazing is that? I also love that you get to try new things you normally wouldn’t, that’s now I found some of my favorite products!

My favorite part of being in the beauty industry is the versatility that it brings. I am almost never doing the same kind of job, with the exception of a few clients, and I love that every day is different from the last . I get to meet amazing people both in front of the camera and behind, travel to beautiful locations, see my work in the media, and play with makeup all day. It’s exciting and inspiring. I couldn’t ask for more.”

What’s been your most memorable experience in beauty?

“My most memorable experience in beauty has to be when I was very early on in my career. I was assisting a very well known makeup artist for a fashion editorial in a highly regarded magazine with a famous photographer. It was fascinating to see such seasoned artists produce such high quality work. 

 Being my first day assisting I didn’t know what to expect. I was terrified when asked to apply the foundation, concealer and powder. I thought I had already done quite a lot, but after doing a gorgeous clean cat eye liner on one eye, the makeup artist handed me the liquid liner and said, “Ok, you do the other eye.” After telling my shaky hand to stop, I surprised myself by doing a good job, and I left the job feeling confident in my skills as an artist. I am forever grateful for that experience.” 

Want tips from Noel? Tell us in the comments below!

Getting to know the Beautyfix Panel: Makeup Artist Liza Zaretsky

Thursday, September 8th, 2011

By Jenna

As you all know, one of the amazing aspects of Beautyfix is being able to work with so many amazing industry professionals. From near and far, they’ve worked with celebrities, created timeless looks and been innovators with colors and textures. It’s their expertise that helps us give you the latest and greatest products the season has to offer. I’m thrilled to introduce one of our newest members of the Beautyfix panel, Ms. Liza Zaretsky. She brings a lifetime of passion for beauty and the vision of a true makeup artist to Beautyfix and we’re thrilled to have her on the panel!

Liza Zaretsky’s love of all that is beauty started early on as a child, spending her extracurricular time studying the faces of models and celebrities. At the ripe age of 18, she went to work for Shu Uemura in LA to master the meticulous techniques of makeup application. After a move to New York shortly after, she worked as a resident makeup artist for brands like Stila, MAKEUP FOREVER, Shu Uemura and Kevyn Aucoin while contributing to fashion designers like Calvin Klein, Diane Von Furstenburg and Donna Karan. She made the move back to LA in 2008 has been in demand ever since. She’s worked on countless campaigns for giants like Cover Girl, Avon and Victoria’s Secret. Her makeup work has also graced the red carpet on the faces of Reese Witherspoon, Jennifer Aniston, Julianne Moore, Katy Perry, The Kardashian’s, Marissa Miller, Katie Holmes, Penelope Cruz and so many more.

Getting down to the goods, we asked her…

What’s your most memorable experience in the beauty industry?

“Last February I got to work on an epic photoshoot. I grew up in the 80′s and 90′s and I was (and still am) OBSESSED with fashion magazines and knew the names of all the key players. So when I got the chance to work with Photographer Peter Lindbergh, Hair stylist Didier Malige, makeup artist Fulvia Farolfi, and model Arizona Muse, for Vogue magazine I was ecstatic. I actually cried on my way home when it was over, thinking about how the teenage me would have been so proud. I will always cherish that experience, it lived up to all my expectations and then some.”

What do you love about being in the beauty industry?

“I think my favorite thing about the industry is that it touches on so many aspects of society- art, science, business, nature, and psychology.

Getting To Know A Beautyfix Panelist – Elizabeth Franz

Wednesday, August 3rd, 2011

By Jenna

Working at DermStore, I’m lucky enough to come into contact with a plethora of amazingly intelligent and gorgeous women every day. Since we are very acquainted with our peers and our readers aren’t, I’d like to dig a little deeper into the world of our panelists and bloggers. One I happen to work alongside with and of course one that I admire, just so happens to be the editor of DermStore, a writer for our blog, and also graces us as a Beautyfix panelist. Elizabeth Franz isn’t just a beauty junkie, she’s passionate about finding the most effective anti-aging solutions and most importantly, she’s always ready to share her experiences with everyone. What’s great about Liz, is that she’ll try anything. If it’s all the rage, she’ll be the first in line to be the guinea pig. What you don’t know is that while she’s witty, she’s actually incredibly goofy and obnoxiously silly-self described of course. ( Another awesome reason why we like her.)

What do you love about the beauty industry?

“There isn’t much not to love about being in beauty—but I’d have to say that the privilege of trying out countless new products is my favorite aspect of it.”

What are your top 3 beauty products?

“My top three favorite products … hmm. Such a tough question! Even though I advise people to stick with what works, my beauty cabinet is a veritable revolving door of cleansers, lotions, serums and creams. Favorites I always go back to are La Roche Posay sunscreen, YonKa Eye Cream and the Dermalogica Multi-Vitamin Power Recovery Masque. The LRP sunscreens shield my pale skin better than any other products out there, the YonKa stuff smells great and de-puffs, and the power recovery masque gives my skin a pick-me-up when it’s looking dull and drab.”

What’s your best skin care advice?

“My best skin care advice is to “listen” to your skin! Hardly anyone has a definitive skin type that falls under one specific category, let alone “normal” skin, whatever that even means. What works for me might not work for you, and vice versa. Pay attention to ingredients labels, learn what works best for you, and when you find something you and your skin absolutely love, stick to it! Oh, and wear sunscreen every day.”

Have a skin care question? Visit our Ask the Esthetician page at DermStore’s Skin Resource Center for expert advice from real estheticians.