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Getting to know the Beautyfix Panel: Dermelect Cosmeceuticals Founder, Amos Lavian

Friday, October 14th, 2011

Amos Lavian’s passion for beauty and skin care products is unrivaled. As a beauty industry veteran and the creator of the solutions-driven skin care range Dermelect Cosmeceuticals, Amos brings a wealth of information-over twenty years of experience to Beautyfix. As a skin care ingredient guru, he’s coined the term “honest beauty” by creating skin care treatments that have a clear definition of realistic expectations from the benefits associated with it, along with effective ingredients.

Amos began his career working with leading chemists and formulators from top beauty firms, then utilizing his knowledge, he went into product development. Instrumental in creating over 100 beauty treatments, from large cosmetic companies to start-ups, he truly believes in bringing functional products that actually deliver their claims to the market.

We are so ecstatic to have him on the panel offering his expert skin care knowledge to Beautyfix.

Why do you love Beautyfix?

“I love the diversity of professionals that Beautyfix has brought together to provide their input and expertise. All areas of beauty are covered from formulators and product developers to make up artists and doctors. It’s kind of the same concept behind Dermelect and our board of advisors that help us create amazing treatments.”

What’s your favorite part about being in the beauty industry?

“It is a tremendous privilege to be able to express my creativity and knowledge through the products that I develop and then be able to share it with my customers. When I develop a treatment and receive the wonderful feedback from the person who it has helped, well, that makes my job that much more rewarding.”

What’s been the most comical trend you’ve come across in beauty?

“I thought that the fad of matte nail polish was rather comical- everyone was on board with the concept but it failed miserably. Dermelect focused that year on bringing the first anti-aging nail treatments to the industry, which was received tremendously.”