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Dry Brushing – More Than a Body Skin Care Treatment

Tuesday, October 6th, 2009
Dee DeLuca-Mattos, Vice-President at Cures by Avance talks to us about dry brushing.

Dee DeLuca-Mattos, Vice-President at Cures by Avance talks to us about dry brushing.

I stumbled upon dry brushing while doing research for a different blog post (see Beauty Secrets From Around The World).  Dry brushing is more than just a body skin care treatment – it actually has health benefits too (particularly when performed on a daily basis). This subject intrigued me so much that I decided to do further research by speaking to Dee DeLuca-Mattos, Vice-President at Cures by Avance. Here is what I found out.

 “Dry-brushing conditions the skin by sloughing off dead cells and keeping the pores open, helping to prevent ingrown hairs and stimulating lymphatic drainage, which removes toxins such as uric acid crystals and catarrh. (Poor lymphatic drainage has been linked to hypertension, arthritis, depression and other conditions.) Dry-brushing improves circulation, stimulates hormone function, rejuvenates the nervous system, enhances immune function and contributes to better muscle tone. It is effective for boosting energy levels and relieving sore muscles. The practice of dry-brushing is even said to be as good for the body as 20 minutes of jogging, though it is not recommended as a substitute for exercise.”

(Excerpt from training materials distributed to all Cures by Avance spas)

BF: How were you introduced to dry brushing?

DDM: I was introduced to dry brushing by working with European brands through our salon. (Beautyfix Tidbit: Although dry brushing is popular in spas around the world, it initially originated in Japan)

BF: Can you give us a step by step dry brushing “how-to”?

DDM:    Yes, It is best done before a bath or shower and it can be done at any time of day. Dry brushing is usually done with a natural bristle brush.  Start with soles of your feet and gently brush in circular motions upwards towards the heart. Then brush up the arms in a circular motion or short strokes, again towards the heart or center of your body. Pay special attention to knees, elbows and joint areas. Then brush hips, buttocks, and lower abdomen.  After brushing thoroughly it’s time to shower. Use shower gel or a liquid cleanser.  Do not use soap because it will clog your pores. Use a wash cloth or loofah to distribute the cleanser on your body. End by moisturizing with a finishing cream or algae oil. You can use any kind of moisturizer. The point is to seal everything and to keep your skin refined. Dry brushing can be performed year round. Keep in mind that dry brushing is not a pampering skin care treatment but instead is a medical based process.


A natural bristle brush is the best for dry brushing. A sisal dry body brush is shown here.

A natural bristle brush is the best for dry brushing. A sisal dry body brush is shown here.

BF: What kinds of brushes and products should our members use when dry brushing at home?

DDM: Remember, there are no skin care products used in the dry brushing process. The point of dry brushing is to increase blood circulation. In terms of the types of scrubbing utensils to use, a natural bristle brush is the best. A glove or mitt made out of any natural fiber (i.e. hemp, sisal or jute) or a loofah are great alternatives. You can even use a wash cloth if you have to but stay away from polyester, nylon or synthetic fibers (i.e. bath poofs). They will scrape the skin instead of exfoliating it.

BF: What are the Pros and Cons of at-home vs. professional dry brushing?

DDM: A professional dry brushing session will be more thorough and will be more focused on special areas such as the knees, elbows and the back. At home it’s harder to brush your back and the pressure will not be the same as when a professional does it. Regardless, the benefits of an at home session are the same as from a professional session.

BF: I’ve read that dry brushing is a good way to treat cellulite. Is that correct?

DDM:  Cellulite is an internal issue and there is no quick fix for it. Dry brushing will temporarily create the illusion of diminishing cellulite but it is not a long term fix. It creates a cosmetic illusion. One thing you can do is incorporate dry brushing into you cellulite treatment. Finish off an at home session with a cellulite cream or anti-fluid gel. In our spas, dry brushing is the first step before performing any of our cellulite, anti-fluid or detoxification treatments.

Have you tried dry brushing? What benefits have you experienced?

Kerstin Florian Beauty Products: An Interview with Kerstin Florian

Tuesday, September 8th, 2009


Kerstin Florian beauty products truly embody the spirit of their creator, Kerstin Florian. Her luxurious formulations boast natural skin care ingredients while providing an at-home spa experience. We were fortunate enough to spend some time with Kerstin, and to learn a little more about her philosophy on life and beauty.


BF: What is the Kerstin Florian brand mantra?
KF: Outer Beauty, Inner Health. Practicing the cornerstones to well being – sound nutrition, regular exercise, peace of mind, care of the face and body, and furthering the spa tradition’s remarkable power to revitalize, restore and transform.
BF: How do Kerstin Florian beauty products bring the spa experience into the home?
KF: Every bath room is a SPA – it is very easy to create your own spa rituals at home. Simple things that can be done as part of a daily routine – exfoliate the body and face in the shower, use Turkish Body Scrub with Eucalyptus for the body and Clarifying Exfoliating Scrub for the face.  Follow by massaging the body with Aromatherapy Lavender Body Spray and Organic Aromatherapy Lavender Oil for the face. Relax and take few minutes extra to take some deep breaths. We create kits that provide all the products needed bring the spa experience home and we even provide the step by step instructions on how to use them.
BF: What makes Kerstin Florian products unique?
KF: The use of natural skin care ingredients in elegant formulations that provide results.
How do you personally embody the life balance that your brand promotes?
I follow and practice the spa philosophy of the four cornerstones and I believe in fulfilling all senses. Touch, smell, sound, taste and sight. By not always thinking and trying to feel more. Consider how I feel instead of what I think. My product’s give me inspiration.
BF: What is your personal daily beauty routine?
KF: Daily scrub and body massage with Satin Body Lotion and Futz Balm for the feet. For the face I cleanse with Neroli Cleansing Milk, I do a pressure point massage with Rejuvenating Firming Extract with phytolene, followed with Caviar Age-Defense Creme, Caviar Eye Creme, and Myrrh Nail Oil on my cuticles. I alternate my ritual with different scents, it depends how I feel and how I want to feel.
BF: The Beautyfix Panel LOVES your Neroli Water, and you’ve mentioned that it’s a product you cannot live without.
KF: Neroli Water gives me clarity and a sense of beauty that is hard to describe. It is clean, fresh, uplifting and a scent I will never forget.
Watch Kerstin and her daughter Charlene in this video, and learn more about the Neroli Water.

Kerstin Florian Video

Do you personally practice any of the “cornerstones to well being”, and if so, which ones?

Lisa Hoffman Beauty Products: An Interview with Lisa Hoffman

Thursday, August 27th, 2009

The inspiration behind her brand and her personal beauty routine.

Lisa Hoffman with her husband, actor Dustin Hoffman – giving him a spa facial?!

Lisa Hoffman with her husband, actor Dustin Hoffman – giving him a spa facial?!

Regularly traveling the world with her husband, actor Dustin Hoffman, Lisa Hoffman leads a life that most people only dream of. Her unique experiences led her to create Lisa Hoffman Beauty – a beautiful range of beauty products that include skin care, bath and body care, and fragrances. We had the pleasure of meeting with Lisa to discuss the inspiration behind her range of beauty products, her personal beauty routine, and advice on aging gracefully.

What inspired you to create your own beauty brand?
My love of beauty products, my experiences around the world, and my need to simplify my hectic life were my inspiration and my reason for creating this brand.  While traveling, I always observed and participated in the local beauty secrets. These experiences, along with a need that was unmet in the market place, namely, portability without sacrificing potency, lead me to create Lisa Hoffman Beauty.

What makes Lisa Hoffman Beauty products unique?

What makes my product line unique is that I took great care and went to great lengths to make sure that each ingredient and raw material chosen had a reason for being.  I’m proud that every aspect of this line has my fingerprint on it. Every single feature of each product is a reflection of my travels and life experiences.  I have been told by many of my customers that in such a highly saturated market, with so many options, they really gain a sense from my line that this is a product for women created by a woman.

What’s your daily beauty routine and how has it changed since creating your own line?

Since creating my line of products, my personal beauty routine has become more consistent.  No matter where I am, whether it’s at home or taking a trip with my family, I always can have my favorite products with me.  Every day I cleanse, moisturize and protect my skin.  I use my shower line in the morning and enjoy my bath line at the end of the day.  I always have one of my fragrances in my bag and I re-apply throughout the day.  On Sundays, I treat myself to a spa facial.

Any words of advice for women who would like to age gracefully?
Live as healthy a life as possible.  Exercise, sleep, and eat well.  Take care of your skin; be sure to cleanse, moisturize and protect it daily.

Learn more – watch Lisa’s video!

Lisa Hoffman Beauty Video Spring 2009

What’s your daily beauty routine?