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Keeping Fresh and Fabulous in the Summer Sun

Friday, June 28th, 2013

Have I told you enough about how much I love summer? No? Well I do! Vacations, pools, the heat, everything is just sunshine and rainbows.  With temps this weekend reaching up to 118 degrees in the Southwest (OMG), I’m trying and succeeding at beating the heat. I don’t mean just staying cool, what I mean is at every summer soiree; I’ll have a bright lip and lashes on to match my golden glow. There are tricks to keeping your skin fabulous and your makeup fresh and I’m generous enough to share it with you.

First thing’s first: Sunscreen duh! Instead of using just any old drugstore sunscreen, the only ones that touch my face need to not only block those rays, but actually do something for my skin. Enter La Roche-Posay’s Anthelios 50 Tinted Mineral Ultra Fluid Sunscreen. Check it, it’s like a primer, moisturizer and sunscreen all in 1. I slather this on as a base, dust my face with a little Jane Iredale powder (with spf in it of course) and my skin is primed and protected. Everyone should do this, you’ll look fabulous and it feels like you’re wearing nothing!

Hats are key. Hear me out. The last thing you want is your face to be in direct sunlight. A big, fun floppy hat is trendy and takes care of any shade issues. It’s like you have your own personal Fonzworth Bentley on your head. One important thing about your hat is to keep it simple and don’t go into anywhere with misters or water if your hat has possible bleeding color. I’m not kidding, I’ve seen it happen. My girlfriend looked amazing with a multi-colored floppy hat, before she went into the pool. A few splash-a-thon’s later, the color was literally dripping onto her skin. MAJOR FAIL. Don’t do it.

The coup de grace: Vichy’s Thermal Spring Water. It’ll get that summer heat in a choke hold before ever reaching your skin. This product is magical and of course, it’s in this season’s kit. Now that you have it, stock up on it and take it with you EVERYWHERE. It’s a 100% pure mineral-rich water that helps improve your skin’s overall look and feel. It’s so refreshing and perfect for summer I can’t even deal. The fine mist is soothing and really regenerates my complexion whenever I need a pick me up. If there’s one product for summer, it’s this one. I personally try to keep it cold and spritz it on whenever I can throughout the day.

I only speak the truth people. Enjoy your summer!

Kick Start Your Summer Beauty Routine!

Thursday, May 24th, 2012

The long awaited, three day weekend is almost here!  It’s time to switch up your beauty routine to prepare for those hot Summer days and warm summer nights!  As the seasons change, so should your beauty products and beauty routine. It’s time to think about smooth legs for those short shorts, moisturized elbows and knees for those sleeveless tops and summer dresses and the list goes on.

Check out this Summer beauty checklist so you are fully prepared for what the new season brings:

Hair Removal- Summer time means swimsuits, swimming pools and beaches, so prep that Summer bod by taking some time to remove that unwanted hair. Whether it is on your legs, underarms or lady parts make sure you select the right kind of products to keep yourself properly groomed for the summer. Shave or wax the legs and underarms and for those sensitive bikini areas try BareEase & Cream for an ouchless experience. They even make Numb Nuts for any Manscaping that needs to take place…and yes, I’m serious :)

Tanning- I hate the feeling of getting in a bathing suit for the very first time in the start of Summer. Mostly because I feel like my pale skin would blind everyone around me if they were not wearing their shades. To make this process a little more welcoming, I like the idea of getting a spray tan prior to stripping down to that little bikini. Don’t want to go get a spray tan? Give yourself a little color, safely at home with some self-tanner. Colour Couture has some great tanning products and lucky for you they are giving some away!

Mani/Pedi- Bright colors are in this Summer and here are some favorites to try:  SpaRitual’s Pigment Lacquer Mini Kit this offers a variety of fun and bright colors in a multi-colored bag, perfect for taking to the beach!  Lara’s Theme by Deborah Lippman makes your nails a bright summer-time accessory and Essie Lights  is the perfect shade of pink.

Aside from that, don’t forget the basics like wear your sunscreen at all times, moisturize and lighten up on the makeup. If you have to wear makeup, try a tinted moisturizer rather than a heavy foundation. Also, don’t skimp out on the elbows and knees, make sure they get enough moisturizer so you won’t have those ‘rough’ patches. Stay smooth and colorful! Enjoy the weekend and don’t forget to take some time to reflect and honor those brave men and women who served to protect us.

Leave us a comment and tell us how you plan to celebrate this weekend!

Beautyfix Spotlight: SkinMedica TNS Lip Plump System

Tuesday, November 15th, 2011

Need to give your lips a little boost, but not interested in painful needles or injections? Using a good lip plumping treatment might be the answer and can be an inexpensive alternative to plastic surgery. There are many plumpers out there to try so it may take some researching to see which one is best for you. Luckily, opportunity is knocking as this season’s Beautyfix selection includes SkinMedica’s TNS Lip Plumping System!

As we age, our lips lose their plumpness and youthful appearance, much like the face, due to the loss of fat and collagen. It is important to implement an anti-aging skin care regimen for the lips as part of an everyday beauty routine. Without proper care, lips can age faster than other areas of our skin but greater care of your lips can reverse the signs of aging and trauma.

SkinMedica’s TNS Lip Plumping System decreases the look of fine lines and wrinkles, improves contour and increases lip volume within minutes of application. This two step, age defense lip treatment system is easy to use and applied topically just like an ordinary lip gloss. It combines the rejuvenating strength of the patented growth factor blend TNS and collagen-filling spheres to enhance fullness and smooth surface imperfections. Ingredients such as Niacin, increase circulation in the skin, conditions with soybean oil and further prevents water loss with Hydrogenated Polyisobutene.

 I love this lip plumper because there is only a slight tingling sensation, it works as a lip moisturizer and it enhances lip color. There is a slight tingle, but nothing overpowering or uncomfortable.  The results are soft, smooth lips and a perfect pout! If you are going out for the night with the girls or just going to the office, you can plump up those lips quickly with SkinMedica’s TNS Lip Plumping System. Go ahead, give it a try and tell us how you like your new lips!

Jennifer Lopez- People Magazine’s Most Beautiful. What’s Her Beauty Secret?

Thursday, April 14th, 2011

People Magazine just released their annual Peoples Most Beautiful issue and the star grabbing the top honor is none other than Jenny from the Block. Mrs. Jennifer Lopez, aka JLo, graces the cover and divulges her beauty secrets, philosophies and woes to the magazine.

Claiming that beauty is not something that always comes easy, J Lo freely admits that outer beauty is part of her job and something that she has to work at to achieve- from her intense sweat sessions, to diets and a strict beauty routine. “I don’t want anybody thinking it’s easy. It does take time and it’s hard work. HDTV wide-screen is nobody’s friend,” claims Mrs. Marc Anthony.

As we all know, it takes the help of skilled stylist and great product to maintain those gorgeous looks. Some of the former Fly Girl’s favorite products include SkinCeuticals Ultimate UV Defense, a powerful broad-spectrum moisturizing sunscreen, and Dr. Hauschka Rose Day Cream.  Says the star: “I love that Rose Cream by Dr. Hauschka. I buy it at Whole Foods!”

Although, even someone as genetically blessed as JLo realizes that outer beauty is only skin deep:

“The physical would fade, but it was always was something that was born from the inside out. You can have a person with perfect features and if they are not a nice person or a loving person or a person with a big heart they just don’t seem as beautiful as someone else with features that are not as perfect.”

As clichéd as it might be, it’s comforting to hear such revelations from the reigning Peoples Most Beautiful Person.

Hair Dye Explained: What is the Difference Between Hair Bleach, Permanent, and Temporary Hair Dye?

Thursday, February 10th, 2011

By Liz W

hair dye

stock.xchng user marcos_bh

Hair dye has been around for centuries, and there are so many different types, techniques and colors to choose from that it can be hard to stick to one shade of style for longer than a few months. Unfortunately, those of us who have repeated hair-color-induced identity crises tend to overdo it, and can be left with brittle damaged hair. There are ways to avoid this inevitable damage and still stay spontaneous with your hair color if you use the right products. Understanding the different processing levels is key to keeping your precious locks in tact while they go through regular color transformations.

Temporary Hair Dye

For those of you looking for a way to spice up your look with a shade that is a few shades darker or similar to your natural hair color, temporary hair dye is a great way to add shine and luster without penetrating the delicate hair shaft, keeping it safe and intact. When choosing a temporary color, make sure you are using a “no lift” formula that contains verily low or no peroxide. (Peroxide is what enters the hair shaft; and is a must for shades that require an initial lifting of the base color, but for a temporary color deposit jobs, will just cause unnecessary damage.) Unfortunately, this is only an option if you want to dye your hair with brown hair dye, and is pretty limiting to the adventurous beauty queens. These products only coat the hair with pigment and boost radiance without the side effects of permanent hair dye or bleach.

Permanent Hair Dye

Permanent and Semi-permanent hair color works one level deeper within the hair strand and therefore have a wider range of shades both lighter and darker from your natural color. These work with a higher level of peroxide with opens the hair cuticle to allow the dye inside the cortex. Once inside the cortex the two-step process of removing color (also called lifting) and then depositing the new color on top. This process bonds with the hair much more strongly than a no lift color deposit, and there for provides longer lasting, yet slightly more damaging results.

Hair Bleach

If you have dark hair and want to go 3 or more shades lighter than your natural color, there is no way around it, you have to use hair bleach. The bleach reacts with the melanin in hair, and permanently removes all of its pigment. Bleaching black hair blond can be a tricky and often disastrous process if the person is not familiar with the chemistry of the hair, but these problems can be avoided with a little knowledge.

Normally the goal with bleach is to achieve the pale yellow hue that is actually the natural color of plain keratin (the building block of hair). But way too many people end up with one of those fiery shades of radioactive orange that I am all too familiar with. This happens due to the bleach being removed too early in the lightening process. It’s all a matter or science, and understanding the different nature of color molecules. When bleach starts reacting with the melanin in your hair, it first removes the smallest and easiest blue molecules, and then enters the longer stage of taking out those larger, more resilient red molecules. This takes multiple treatments in some cases, as the bleach will lose its potency after about an hour. It must be reapplied to cut through all that stubborn red and reveal that oh so beautiful pale blond below.

If you are doing an at-home bleach job, be very careful to not over process, as bleach doesn’t stop when it has reached the desired shade, it will keep on eating away at your hair, and could dissolve it completely.

If you don’t trust yourself or fully understand what you are doing, I would highly recommend shelling out the cash to have it professionally done. I have fallen victim to about every hair dying disaster, and believe me when I say, emergency color correction is VERY expensive.

Beautyfix Spotlight- Dermalogica Special Cleansing Gel

Tuesday, February 8th, 2011

When I found out that the Dermalogica Special Cleansing Gel would be joining the list of Beautyfix products this season, I experienced what can only be described as an emotion beyond excitement.  I’m a pretty basic product user, my beauty routine is bare bones, and unlike some of my peers, eye creams, serums and masks just don’t do it for me. Give me a great face wash, moisturizer and some makeup remover and I am a happy girl. Which is why I was so ecstatic over the addition of the Special Cleansing Gel- it’s rumored to be one of the best non-fuss and all around amazing products out there.

Dermalogica receives tons of love and rave reviews from the press, celebrities, blogs and my coworkers. I’ve tried a few of the Dermalogica products before and really enjoyed them (the makeup remover is the best!) but hadn’t had the pleasure of trying the Special Cleansing Gel until a few weeks ago. And an obsession is born.

The Special Cleansing Gel is so mild and effective at the same time, removing impurities without disturbing the skin’s natural moisture balance. It lathers quickly, removes the majority of my makeup and doesn’t irritate my skin at all- on the contrary, my skin actually seems refreshed after I use it due to the anti-inflammatory balm mint. It’s a face wash that can be used twice a day with no problem or fear of drying out and it is light enough that there is no residue or greasy feeling. Plus, I haven’t had one zit!

The only downside? My boyfriend has also decided he is obsessed with it. My supply is quickly diminishing.

Red Carpet Ready Calendar

Thursday, January 27th, 2011

Awards Season is here and Hollywood is abuzz with diets, dresses and detoxes.  However, a perfect complexion is just as important as the right hairstyle and jewels. We are all aware that celebrity skin secrets and stars beauty tricks are slightly more complex than a great makeup artist.  Below, is a timeline for getting red carpet ready and achieving star-worthy skin… even in HD!

2 Months Before the Red Carpet

  • Chemical Peels-  A medium-strength chemical peel, such as a  TCA peel, can produce pretty dramatic results. These procedures can renew collagen and elastin, reduce the appearance of wrinkles and reduce large pores, soften acne scars, and combat hyperpigmentation, evening the skin tone. However, the actual peeling of the skin can last a couple weeks. Celebrities have these procedures performed at least a month before their big event.

2 Weeks Before the Red Carpet

  • Injectable Fillers- Celebrities often turn to fillers such as Restylane, Juvederm, Radiesse and sculptra to treat deep lines and wrinkles. The various options of fillers now available to the public provide patients with several options when it comes to texture and desired results. Depending on the type of filler, the results can last as little as 2-6 months or as long as 1-2 years. It is generally recommended that treatments should be performed about two week before a major event.

5-7 Days Before the Red Carpet

  • Botox- Botox treatments are one of the most commonly used and accepted cosmetic dermatology procedures on the market. While the list of celebrities with botox (and denying it) is never ending, many star such as Jennie Garth, Lori Loughlin, Vanessa Williams and Jenny McCarthy have come clean about receiving Botox treatments. Since the FDA approved the procedure in 2002, there has been a continual demand for the product. In fact, when used correctly and in moderation Botox treatments are a great preventative measure. Recovery time is minimal, but it is recommended Botox 5-7 days before an event just in case there is a reaction or bruising.
  • Microdermabrasion- Microdermabrasion is great to have done a few days before a red carpet appearance. It makes skin look and feel smoother almost immediately and the results can last for several weeks after the treatment. There are even a few DYI kits that let you perform microdermabrasion treatments at home, I suggest the kit from Personal Microderm.

48 Hours Before the Red Carpet

  • Facials- Celebrities are known to indulge in extravagant facial before big events, including Mila Kunis’ recent $7,000 Golden Globes facial utilizing rubies and diamonds. While the scientific evidence is inconclusive when it comes to using exotic stones, facials are renowned for relaxing and rejuvenating client’s right before events. Facials are great because they are specifically designed and targeted to each person’s skin concerns. Facials include extractions, cleansings and appropriate masks, which revives the dull skin and is a great quick pick-me-up.

How to get Perfect Eyebrows

Thursday, January 20th, 2011

By Liz W

Eyebrow shaping has been around for centuries, and in the modern day quest for perfect eyebrows, too many of us have experienced some (often hilariously) bad brow-days.

perfect eyebrows

From Stock.xchng user heidijean

If you are like me, then looking back at old pictures can be an eye opening experience. High school portraits and family photos bring back flooding memories of brow disasters. Like that summer when you decided to try the (almost always unacceptable) shave-off-and-draw-in method; Or the next summer when you made up for it by developing a phobia of all hair removal devices, and allowed your eyebrows to not only unite as one, but also let the other ends reacquaint themselves with your hair line.
With so many ways to go wrong with this delicate facial feature, it is no surprise that women worldwide have given up on trusting others with tweezers, wax, and dye near their face.

The best eyebrows are the ones that look naturally groomed, shape the face without overwhelming the eye area, and look so good, they go unnoticed to the untrained eye. Celebrity eyebrows that fall into the awesome category are those of Hayden Panettiere and Megan Fox, and ones that may need a little lesson in color theory, and perhaps tweezer intervention, are available for your viewing pleasure at this bad brow blog.

If you are searching for a product that will fill in the little spaces between your hairs without making you look like Princess Jasmine, either see an expert, or search for a brow filler that is the same tone and a few shades lighter than your natural brows. We all share the fear of looking like that heavy-handed makeup artist sporting Dracula brows, but with the right tips and tools, filling in your eyebrows doesn’t have to be so scary.

  • For dark brown hair, a medium grey-brown shade is usually better than charcoal black (which is how you achieve the Elvira effect) or a chestnut brown (which can look way too red on most complexions).
  • If you are blessed with scarlet locks, chances are your eyebrows are a less intense version of your hair’s red hue, so opt for a slightly golden brown, instead of a crimson shade fit for the circus.
  • For blonde hair, there are 2 obstacles you must overcome
  1. If you are VERY blonde and have white eyebrows, take them down a few notches by dying your eyebrows a light ash-blonde.
  2. Blondes tend to have very sparse hair all over their body, so when it comes to eyebrow shaping, never over-tweeze, just work with what you have and only remove the completely unruly hairs that have no contact with the bulk of your brows.
  • For truly black hair, a dark grey pencil/powder is a great option, and for darker complexions, the charcoal black looks natural.

If you are currently trying to re-grow your brows from an overzealous plucking session, the only advice I have is to wait; and for heaven’s sake STAY AWAY FROM MAGNIFIED MIRRORS. They make every hair appear as if it is miles away from the one next to it, and you could end up with a microscopic row of wisps when you are finished tweezing.

All in all, the best thing to do is to see a professional every other week, but if you must divulge yourself in at-home maintenance, try an eyebrow stencil to achieve the perfect shape every time.

Skyn ICELAND Pure Cloud Cleanser, and Tips for Glowing Skin

Tuesday, January 11th, 2011

By Liz W
Blue Lagoon Spa, Iceland

Some people have glowing skin that responds perfectly to any cream, serum, or cleanser, but some people, like me, seem to be constantly searching for the best face wash to fit their unique, complex, and very finicky skin. If your skin tends to throw temper tantrums on a regular basis and won’t decide whether it is dry, oily, sensitive, or full of acne, try changing your way of thinking, and basically do the opposite of what you have been doing for years.

Instead of constantly trying to fight your skin with acids and peels and masks, just do the bare minimum and let it make up its own mind. If you give it what it needs, it will heal itself naturally.

Have you ever noticed that the people with the best skin are constantly declaring insane statements like, “I never wash my face, I just wipe a wash cloth over it sometimes.”? Well, it is time to start following their lead (to a certain extent).

Most of peoples’ skin problems are the result of them over treating their various maladies.

For example:

  • If you strip all evidence of oil’s existence from your skin, the only result you will achieve is super-charged, over-active oil glands.
  • If you scrub your skin to death trying to uncover the baby soft complexion beneath, all you will get are more dry skin patches.
  • And, if you pick and over-medicate every hint of a blemish, all you are going to see is more pimples and red bumps popping up like crazy.

With all the “perfect skin tips” out there that involve harsh ingredients and painful procedures, it is hard to believe, but many people find that once they stop trying to achieve perfect skin, it actually emerges on its own.

Ever since I discovered that leaving oil on my face when washing it was the trick to having a matte complexion all day, I was searching for a face wash that would not only leave my face clean, but also had awesome ingredients (and, most importantly, didn’t smell like patchouli). When I tried Skyn Iceland’s Pure Cloud Cleanser, I knew I had found the answer to my prayers. I had given up on my search and had been trying to concoct my own natural skin remedies at home.

The very first use provides results, especially if you are used to regular face washes, and your skin will glow so much, I guarantee you (and others) will notice. It is full of beautiful ingredients like coconut oil, olive oil and aloe, that completely dissolve makeup while hydrating the skin simultaneously. Its star ingredient, Angelica archangelica, is an Icelandic relative of ginseng, which helps protect your skin from infections and environmental stressors. It is even fun to use, as it is most effective when applied to dry skin, then removed with the muslin cloth that is provided with the cleanser.

If you are looking for a cleanser that really does leave the skin soft, this is a must-have for any skin type.

A Few Beautiful Resolutions and How to Keep them for 2011

Thursday, January 6th, 2011

As we all know, along with the New Year comes  New Year resolutions. There are the ever popular lose weight, save money, stop smoking, try new things and to learn a different language. However, working at a beauty company, my coworkers have a few more specific goals for 2011 and as you can guess they are all beauty and health related.  When polled, the members of my office listed everything from styling their hair every morning to running a half marathon to eating more antioxidants to performing weekly at home manicures (ok, that last one is mine, and sad to say, 5 days in and I have already failed…chips galore).  Not surprisingly, statistics show that around 90% of New Year resolutions fail. While New Year resolutions can be tough, here are a few tips to attain your beauty and health goals for 2011.

One of my co-workers vowed to blow-dry her hair every day, not to haphazardly apply her makeup in the car and to not pick at her nails. If your resolutions mirror hers and revolve around a more put together appearance, try incorporating one new element at a time.  Grand beauty ideas are fantastic but even just the smallest tweak to your beauty ritual can make your confidence soar. Get a great blow out in the beginning of the week, try a manicure with shellac nail polish (they last for weeks and don’t chip!), or set aside an extra 5 minutes for your makeup and indulge in a new eye shadow palette (I adore Becca Cosmetics palette).

A handful of other coworkers made resolutions along the lines of a healthy detox, working out and living a booze free 2011. In fact, one of them boldly declared that she “will only eat fruits and vegetables, workout an hour every day and not drink alcohol at all!” While this is an extremely commendable new year resolution, experts insist that making extreme goals and absolute resolutions (think words like always, never and every day) is just another way to set yourself up for failure.

While incorporating fruits and vegetables into your diet is amazing (think of all the antioxidants you will get!) it’s not very likely that someone that ate cheeseburgers twice a week will be able to solely exist off the fruit of the land (literally speaking).  If a healthy lifestyle is your resolution this year, try setting attainable and manageable health goals. Challenge yourself to eat 8-12 servings of fruits and vegetables a day, drink more water, attempt Meatless Mondays (its only one day, not forever, you can do it!) and hold off on the booze until a well deserved weekend cocktail. Instead of working out for one hour, seven days a week and loosing 10 lbs in 10 days, try a non-weight related goal. Aim for 5 hours of cardio a week (that way if you miss a day or two, there are still five or six days left to make up for it) or train for a race. You won’t be worried about the number on the scale, just the accomplishment of reaching your goal.

Moral of the story? When it comes to new year resolutions, moderation is key. Cheers to 2011!