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‘Tis the Season To Give Beauty!

Thursday, November 18th, 2010

by Leanna Kelly

This holiday season, give the gift of beauty! Beautyfix by DermStore is launching a brand new gift giving feature just in time for the holidays. Available December first, you’ll be able to give Beautyfix to any of your loved ones. Perfect for everyone from your girlfriend to your mother-in-law, an excellent last minute gift, and sure to be the most coveted item at your holiday gift exchange, Beautyfix is a fuss-free present that will simplify and brighten your holiday.

Not yet familiar with Beautyfix? Here’s the rundown: is a unique and exclusive beauty club that helps introduce you to new beauty products without breaking the bank! Each season, a panel of beauty experts – including celebrity hair stylists, dermatologists, makeup artists, manicurists, estheticians, plastic surgeons, bloggers, and other beauty bigwigs – test hundreds of makeup, skin care, and hair care products. The panelists choose their favorites to create a collection of “best of” products, which are offered to each user in selection groups based on the customer’s profile.

The final kit includes eight products hand-chosen by the customer for a tailored kit that’s impossible to beat, and with a price that’s impossible to beat; $49.99 for a gift bag filled with products worth hundreds of dollars! No need to wrap this bad boy; your recipient’s products will arrive in a stylish travel bag that doubles as minimalistic and eco-friendly gift wrap.

On top of the wondrous beauty set that is Beautyfix, all users also have the opportunity to get a $25.00 gift card to After using two or more Beautyfix kit products, every customer is invited to log in and review them to earn a gift card.* Talk about a gift that keeps on giving!

Because the final eight products in each individual Beautyfix kit are tailored to fit the needs, loves, and taste of the user, Beautyfix is truly the best gift to give and receive. At $49.99 per season, Beautyfix is an affordable way to make someone’s holiday. If you feel like being more extravagant in your gift-giving, buy three seasons for $149.97 and get the fourth free!

So, let’s review: eight new, expert-reviewed products worth hundreds for only $49.99, an easy-to-earn $25 gift card, and the option of a new Beautyfix kit each season? Sounds like a great gift idea to me! For more information, including how to order, which beauty brands are considered for the kit, member benefits, and more, visit

*$50 minimum purchase required to redeem gift card.

Think Pink with

Thursday, September 30th, 2010

Indulge in some retail charity. This October, will launch a Breast Cancer Awareness Boutique, which will feature specialty breast cancer awareness products from beauty brands such as Becca Cosmetics, Decleor, Colorescience, SpaRitual, gloMinerals, jane iredale, Sonya Dakar and Alterna, among many others. This one stop shop is the premier destination for getting gorgeous and giving back. All the products sold in the boutique will contribute a portion of their proceeds to various breast cancer charities (iS Clinical is donating 100% of the Poly-Vitamin Serum to the National Breast Cancer Coalition!) . In addition to the donations made from the individual brands, will donate 5% of the proceeds from each unit sold in the boutique to CEW Foundation’s Cancer and Careers program, whose mission is to educate and empower people with cancer to thrive in their workplace by providing expert advice, interactive tools and educational events.

With over 25 brands and almost 50 products to choose from, this online boutique is not only a fantastic destination for limited edition Breast Cancer Awareness products but also a unique concept from, as it allows for additional funds to support this well deserving cause.  In 2009, there were over 190,000 new cases of breast cancer diagnosed in American women. With each passing year, science makes life-saving advancements and brings new hope to everyone affected by this disease. With the aid of charitable donations, much like’s and its participating brands’, we are a step closer to a cure.

One shop, one purchase, two donations, thousands of lives affected.

Vamp Up your Beauty Routine with Twilight Beauty Looks

Thursday, June 24th, 2010

By Liz W

Bella and Edward user foxdie _ksa ♥

Vampire Eyes user Sparkle in the sun

With the third Twilight movie, Eclipse being released on June 30, Twihards (Serious/obsessive fans of the Twilight Saga) all over the world are counting down the hours in desperate anticipation to see Bella and Edward’s red hot romance light up the silver screen once again. The books have inspired a whole generation of mortals to long for the un-dead lives that the Cullen Clan so glamorously lead. The glowing clear skin of Alice Cullen and Bella Swan can only be achieved with the right skin care; and with the right products, anyone can look just as breath taking.

Alice Cullen user jingdianmeinv

For crystal clear Cullen skin, Dermalogica’s Ultra Calming Cleanser is the perfect way to gently wash away blemish-causing dirt and bacteria, without leaving your skin red or irritated. This cleanser is the first step in the Sensitized Skin Kit by Dermalogica that will leave your complexion sparking like a diamond in no time.

Vampire beauty doesn’t stop at perfect skin. The reason the Cullen’s are so exquisite is because they are perfectly poised and polished from head to toe. DuWop created an entire collection inspired by the good looks and grace of the Twilight vampires. Both the good vampires and the dangerous and dark Volturi  have a place in Twilight Beauty with Luna Twilight and Volturi Twilight beauty collections. Mix and match these products for your own personalized look; and maybe you will find yourself being perused by the ice-cold, lustful vampire or cute, cuddly werewolf of your dreams.

For the finishing touch you can now varnish your nails with Volturi encrusted nail polish from NOX, but you will have to wait until opening night to get your fingers on these, as they are scheduled for release to coincide with the movie.

Beauty News: Shu Uemura Closing U.S. Retail Locations

Wednesday, April 14th, 2010
A photo of Mr. Shu Uemura at one of the free-standing stores.

photo by renaissancechambara

L’Oreal recently announced the closing of all Shu Uemura retail locations in the United States. That includes free-standing stores and department store counters at retailers such as Neiman Marcus and Nordstrom. Fortunately, the brand will continue to be available at The brand will continue to be available world-wide. According to WWD, eighty percent of the Shu Uemura business takes place in Asia, and L’Oreal has decided to streamline their U.S. business and focus more on their core brands such as Kiehl’s and Lancome.

Mr. Shu Uemura left Japan in the 1950’s to pursue a career as a Hollywood makeup artist. He quickly became a favorite amongst Hollywood starlets, working on many successful films including the Shirley MacLaine film My Geisha. He eventually returned to Tokyo and launched his first beauty product, a facial cleansing oil that continues to be a part of the brand today. In 1967 he started Japan Makeup, which eventually became Shu Uemura Cosmetics. Mr. Uemura was an icon in the beauty industry whose makeup artistry and innovative products transformed the makeup landscape of today.

I remember getting my first Shu Uemura eye shadows and blush when I was 12 years old (yes, my makeup obsession started at a young age). I was intrigued by the bright colors (Mr. Uemura never shied away from the dramatic) and the simplicity of the mod, square packaging; I always loved that you could see the makeup color itself right through the compact.

Makeup artists, beauty professionals and beauty junkies alike agree that Shu Uemura has the best eyelash curler on the market. This award winning lash curler gives the perfect curl every time without crimping your lashes. All lash curlers are not created equal! Trust me, if you don’t have this one already – it’s a must-have for every woman. When I was working as a makeup artist, I took mine with me everywhere I went.

The brand is also known for their Tokyo Lash Bar which offers an amazing array of false lashes. Whether you’re interested in a natural accent, or something wild and crazy, they have an amazing assortment worth checking out – if only for fun. You can get feather lashes, eyelashes with gold leaf, or even lashes with sparkling diamonte rhinestones to mimic the ones that were made for Madonna with real diamonds!

Wild feather false eyelashes!

photo by snowkei

L’Oreal acquired controlling interest in the Shu Uemura brand in 2003, but Mr. Uemura himself continued to be involved in the company creatively until his passing. The beauty world was saddened when the beauty mogul Shu Uemura passed away in late 2007 at the age of 79. He continues to be an inspiration to makeup artists all over the world and the legacy of his brand remains.

What’s your favorite Shu Uemura product?

Men’s Makeup: Beauty News or a Trend Going Dead?

Thursday, February 25th, 2010

By Jenna

The vampire craze has inspired a lot of makeup looks in beauty news as well as the music industry. One of the most hidden trends so far that’s come from this is men’s makeup. We may not realize it, but many recording artists, actors and men alike are wearing makeup. The difference is they aren’t going for the red lips trend (unless it’s the guys from the band KISS), but using makeup and skin care as a grooming mechanism. Here are some of the trends that are popular with the guys that even your man may consider.

Women aren’t the only ones with flaws and blemishes. Men aren’t immune to this and usually, their dark circles are more prominent. To fix this, a men’s makeup easy fix is to use a light reflecting concealer for dark circles. A pen-like concealer with an application brush is usually the easiest. Start at the darkest part of the eye and work your way out and blend. If you’re caking it on too much, you’ll be able to see the line of difference, so the important part is less is more.

Guy liner has been seen around on the peepers of Pete Wentz, Joel Madden, Brett Michaels, Axel Rose and many musicians. The latest young star to make headlines is the glamazon Adam Lambert. He’s definitely coining the guy liner with his publicity and daring look. This trend can be taken to many different degrees. Just as you can create heavy vertical and horizontal lines on your eyes, a little guy liner helps make his eyes stand out and pop. Instead of lining the top of the eyelid, lining underneath the eye adds contrast and definition. You can use any eye pencil, but the men will generally like the more masculine looking eye liners.


Flickr User: Bricehardelin

Eyebrows are always an important part of the face. Not only is it framing your face, but no one likes to see caterpillars over anyone’s eyes – especially bushy man-brows. Thankfully, more and more men are going to get their eyebrows done and we couldn’t be happier to see this trend. Eyebrow waxing, tweezing and threading are methods that can be done for a quick clean up of his eyebrows. Rest assured we’re not talking about getting those pencil thin brows for men. It’s nice to just get them a little cleaned up, and get rid of the unibrow. Another trick he can use is trimming them and brushing them to keep them tame. It’s just like brushing your hair or in this case, the mustache. Good grooming is the key to looking sharp.

For me, these trends are not only fun for him to play with but it’ll boost his confidence too. Instead of being a little afraid when we see a man with eyeliner, embrace it. We have to remember that throughout the years, (thousands of years) men have been wearing and loving makeup. Who knows, your man could look a little sexier with some eyeliner on. Let him play with your makeup kit, this trend isn’t go anywhere. Just don’t let him take it too far towards a drag look.

Fashion Week Runway Hair and Makeup

Tuesday, February 23rd, 2010

By Liz W

fashion week makeup user STYLEMOM

Fashion week is perhaps the most anticipated time of year for all fashion and beauty Junkies, and this year has proved to be as successful and wild as ever. From vintage inspired glam to 90’s grunge, all sorts of fashion and beauty trends are popping up on the runways making for an exciting and eclectic season.

With lace being one of the hottest materials of the current and upcoming months, it only makes sense that lace nails would be the obvious next step in beauty.  Taking inspiration from the delicate and sensual fabric, models have been spotted strutting down the runway with lacey printed nails. Although they have met mixed reviews, they are an interesting spin on nail art, and a pretty cool trend to try out. Finding a nail salon that will do it might prove a bit difficult, so your best bet is to buy some very thin lace and cut it to your nail shape and lay it over your freshly polished nails. Let it dry and lacquer them over with a thick coat of quick drying top coat and voila! Your very own runway inspired lace nails.

Issac Mizrahi went with what seems to be the it trend this year, aiming for a 90’s inspired all natural/grunge look. He sent his models down the catwalk with slept on hair and nothing but pale foundation and lip gloss, creating the message, “It’s all about the clothes.”

Others, like Jeremy Scott, didn’t play it so safe, and got a little eyeliner happy. He took winged eyeliner to a whole new level with his triple stripe wing extending to the temple. It might not be something that would go over too well at your local coffee house, but it added some spice to his show.

Weirdly enough, Nanette Lepore fell right in the middle of the two extremes of natural makeup and over the top makeup. Her models were gorgeously glamorous with subtly defined eyes and berry bright lips. This might be the only ready to wear collection complete with ready to wear makeup.

Over all, there isn’t really one trend that is being seen over and over, the mixture of drastically different looks is what makes fashion week so exciting, and with all designers fighting for the brightest place under the spotlight, there are plenty of crazy and beautiful looks to inspire you every day.

BEAUTY NEWS: Estee Lauder giving Prescriptives the boot

Thursday, October 8th, 2009


Wow. We were shocked and sad to learn that The Estee Lauder Companies Inc. is shutting down their 30 year old brand Prescriptives as of January 2010. Apparently the mother ship of custom blended foundation – the creator of Colorprinting – hasn’t been carrying its weight. Here’s a little quote that Lauder sent over the Business Wire:

“A core component of The Estée Lauder Companies’ corporate strategy is to evaluate, and where possible, turn around underperforming brands with the goal of improving return on investment. After a thorough analysis of the Prescriptives brand, management concluded that the brand’s long term business model is no longer viable given the current market environment.” See the full statement here.

Prescriptives will always hold a special place in my heart. I did quite a bit of work for them in my makeup artist days – and was thrilled to have a way to perfectly match foundation and concealer instead of sending people home with 3 different shades and hoping they could figure it out once they got home. Prescriptives also went well beyond warm and cool and had a whole system for matching foundation called Colorprinting. They broke skin undertones down into 4 categories – Yellow/Orange, Red/Orange, Red or Blue/Red. The many shade variations were particularly appreciated by people on the extremes of the skin tone spectrum. Personally I was a Y/O, and loved that I could easily jump up and down shades within my tone depending on how pale or tan I was at any given moment.

Magic Powder

Prescriptives was always an innovative brand, and came out with one of the coolest beauty products of all time about a decade ago – Magic Liquid Powder. It’s truly a magical powder that’s approximately 70% water – it feels strangely wet when you put it on, but cooling and amazing all the same. Even better, it makes the skin look wonderful by toning down redness, but without giving a powdery look. This was particularly helpful when I lived in a cold climate and my skin was incredibly dry in the winter. In fact, when I heard the news a few weeks ago, I immediately went online and bought as much of it as I could. Supplies were so low, I wound up getting shipments from 3 different locations. Suddenly I was desperate to get as much of it as I could – a true beauty junkie at work.

Bye-bye Prescriptives, you will be missed.

What’s your most-missed discontinued beauty product?