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We are constantly talking about the importance of wearing sunblock on a daily basis to protect your skin from harmful UVA and UVB rays that can cause skin cancer, premature aging, and sunburn. We figured we should also share some sunburn remedies with you as well, just in case. After all, sunburn can happen to the best of us. With summer upon us, it becomes even more important to wear sunscreen as we spend more time outdoors and our sun exposure increases.

I am one of those obsessive sunscreen wearers – rain or shine – I wear an SPF on my face every day. I know that this will keep my skin looking younger and will help prevent skin cancer. And yet, even the most compulsive sunblock users can slip up every now and then. Even me. I work in the beauty industry, I have several types of sunscreen at my disposal at all times, and I still got a terrible sunburn recently. I met someone for lunch and we wound up eating outside, and it happened to be on a day when I, for some reason, didn’t follow my daily sunscreen routine. After being outside for an hour or so, my face and ears were bright red by the end of the day. I immediately sought a sunburn remedy to ease the pain and discomfort, and to sooth my aching skin.

There are many different sunburn treatments – many of which you may have in your kitchen.

Iced Tea = Sunburn Remedy

Iced Tea is a great sunburn remedy and takes out the sunburn sting. Flickr user stevendepolo.


Iced black tea immediately takes away that awful sunburn sting. Make some unsweetened black iced tea, soak cotton pads in the tea and gently pat your burnt skin. For extreme cases where you have large areas to cover, you can stand in the shower and pour the iced tea over yourself. You can also pour the tea into a spray bottle and mist yourself.


Yogurt is another great sunburn remedy. Coat your skin in a layer of plain yogurt – the lactic acid will cool and hydrate your skin. This can get a bit messy, so you may reserve this treatment for your face and wear it like a mask, or apply to severely burnt areas that need a little extra TLC. Rince with cool water after a few minutes.


If you can handle the smell, vinegar will also take away the sting. You must soak yourself in it to really achieve results, and you’ll have to reapply often. This can be a last resort if the tea or yogurt don’t do the trick.

Aloe Vera – a common sunburn treatment.

Aloe Vera – a common sunburn treatment. Flicr user ruurmo.


Aloe Vera is known to be a great topical treatment for sunburn. Unfortunately, most of us don’t have an aloe plant growing in our back yards. If you are one of the lucky few, just break off a leaf from the plant and squeeze the clear liquid directly on to the affected area. There are also many aloe products on the market that you can purchase. Just make sure it’s mostly aloe, and not just a little bit mixed in with some other ingredients. Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extract should be the first ingredient listed.


The Amarte Aqua Veil was my go to treatment as soon as I realized what I had allowed to happen. The cucumber is soothing, but this miracle product also gives a great amount of hydration to the skin – and let’s face it, sunburn dehydrates your skin like nothing else. You should think beyond pain relief and think about treating your skin to a little extra moisture too.

What’s your favorite sunburn treatment?


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