Sun Damage Control: Kinerase PhotoFacials Night Moisturizer

This time of year, sun damage is something that’s on everyone’s mind. Summer’s over, the tan’s faded … and, if you’re like many women, hyperpigmentation is beginning to rear its ugly head, along with some new fine lines and a less-than-perfect rough texture. What’s a girl to do?

Girls who received Kinerase Photofacials Night Moisturizer in their recent Beautyfix kit know what to do. This awesome product—packed with kinetin and peptides—happens to be one of the industry’s most effective weapons in the battle against sun damage. It poses deeply restorative powers, and, when used every night will help diminish all those dreaded signs of sun damage.

I think I’m pretty good about SPF. Every day I wear an SPF of at least 50 on my face, but since I do enjoy time spent outdoors, sun damage remains something I can’t fully escape. For the last few weeks I’ve been using Photofacials Night Moisturizer before bed—and I can honestly say that it’s made a huge improvement in the look and feel of my complexion already. Dark spots are getting lighter, the weathered look has been calmed and my fine lines and wrinkles are becoming less and less noticeable. Did I mention that my skin is super-sensitive and this awesome anti-aging product does NOT cause any irritation?

Did you receive Kinerase PhotoFacials Night Moisturizer in your Beautyfix Kit this season? If you did, leave a comment and let us know how it’s working for your complexion!


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    There are simple things your can do to prevent your acne from occurring in the first place.

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