Summer-Ready Feet

Summer is in full swing, the days are longer and the temperatures are perfect for wearing that cute pair of sandals and fun dress any time of day. Finally, it feels like I’m out of hibernation and get to show some bare skin! My beauty ritual during the summer tends to be a little different where I have to make sure my skin is always protected from the sun with a really good SPF lotion, and that my legs feel silky smooth all the time! Foot maintenance is also a must. Off course there’s also the occasional tanning at the beach to keep a nice golden glow.


The one thing I obsess over as soon as summer arrives is keeping my feet in tip-top-shape. I really make an effort to care for my feet just the way I would my face with great skin care products. For some, our feet can be a part of our body that we sometimes tend to neglect because we don’t want to show how our heels, nails or soles are not in the best condition. Caring for your feet anytime not just during summer can really benefit our overall foot health since this is what supports us when we are standing, walking or running. Here are a few tips to keep your feet happy and pretty!


  1. If your feet perspire throughout the day, spray on an anti-perspirant foot spray to keep them fresh and dry. This kind of spray works just like a deodorant but for your feet!
  2. If you have sore feet and they are tired and achy too, dip them in a foot bath and add some foot soak to soothe and revive them. A good foot soak formulated with tea tree oil contains antiseptic benefits and even stimulates circulation.
  3. Moisturize your feet to prevent dry heels. A good foot moisturizer with shea butter softens, revitalizes and even soothes irritation.
  4. Use a foot scrub in the shower to maintain smooth feet. Scrubs with mineral salts are great for softening rough callouses.
  5. Finally, a trip to the nail salon to pamper your feet and maintain your pedicure looking great is always fun!



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