Summer Makeup: 10 Simple Steps for Staying Power

1. Prime

PRIMER! A lot of women skip this step but it is the key to long lasting color. A pea size amount of an oil free formula will last all day and keep you looking fresh in the summer heat. Make sure to moisturize your skin before applying primer, concealer and foundation.

2. Silicone

For those of you who still want the coverage of a full foundation. Use a lightweight silicone-based formula. The silicone coats your skin, working as a film between your skin and the humidity. It prevents foundation from seeping into your pores or melting, dribbling down your chin.

3. Creamy shadow shades


Sweat and powder do not mix. Sheer cream shadows cake up less in hot weather; they also glisten in the sun. Cream shadows will stand the test of time on a hot day without smudging.

4. Lighten up


The less foundation you put on the less formula there is to slide off. Put a few drops on a foam sponge, swipe from the middle of your face, outward in small short strokes. Also, give it a minute to set before you apply any other makeup.


5. Liquid

Liquid eyeliner takes practice and patience but once it’s applied it won’t move in the heat like an eyeliner pencil will. Practice your liquid lining skills.


6. Waterproof/ water resistant mascara

Waterproof mascara will last in the pool, bar office and gym without fading. Check out CARGO’s Better-Than- Waterproof-Mascara 


7. Flushed Cheeks

Rub a bright pink or coral cream blush on the apples of your cheeks and blend. Use cream instead of a powder blush to avoid issues with perspiration.


8. Tint your lips

Tint your lips with a tinted lip balm. Tinted lip balms with high wax content won’t turn to mush on your mouth or in your purse! Other good lip options are sheer lipsticks and stains.


9. Stop the shine

Take a large fluffy brush and dust translucent loose powder over your T-zone to reduce shine and set your makeup.  Make sure to use a light hand when applying translucent powder, because its colorless there’s less of a chance it will cause problems in the heat.  Mattify your look without leaving your skin feeling dry.


10. Blot!

Extra layers of powder can cause cakey product build up in warmer weather. Use oil absorbing sheets throughout the day to soak up excess oil without messing up your make up.



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