Summer Lovin- Beautyfix 11

I heart new seasons.  Lucky for me, I’m getting a 2 for 1 deal this week (and so can you)! Not only is it almost the first official day of summer but it is also the launch of Beautyfix season 11. Two of my favorite days of the year, coincidentally, (or maybe strategically, who knows!) The Beautyfix panelists picked a slew of new beauty products that are perfect for the summer months-items like Environmental Defense by SkinMedica, Photofacial Day Moisturizer SPF 50 by Kinerase and DDF’S Brightening Cleanser.  I personally have tested almost all of the new season 11 products, and just like the panelists, agree that these are the best of the best when it comes to beauty items. Below are a few of my favorites!

Mama Mio Boob Tube- Despite its funny name, this is some serious stuff! The Boob Tube is traditionally used to firm and smooth the bust and neck area during pregnancy. However, after a few of the non-pregnant girls in our office started using and raving about it, I decided to give it a try. After all, who isn’t worry about gravity taking its toll? I love the smell and creamy texture! Plus, I noticed an instant plumpness after applying- perfect for dehydrated skin and giving a little extra oomph in a bikini!

Xen-Tan Deep Bronze- As a native Floridian who spent her childhood bouncing between the beach and the pool deck , I am on a continually quest to regain the tan-ness of my youth. (Sadly, sitting in front of a computer screen doesn’t do much for achieving bronzed skin.) That’s why I was thrilled to try Xen-Tan’s Deep Bronze. Let’s be honest, anything boasting the word “bronze” lures me in, but I’ve learned the hard lesson that self tanners can walk a fine line between a golden glow and oompa loompa status. Miraculously, Xen-Tan works to achieve the most natural sun-kissed look that would trick even my sun worshiping Florida friends. The time released formula dries incredibly fast and leaves zero streaks. Plus, it nourishes and moisturizes the skin with antioxidants and shea butter!

Are you as stoked as I am? Tell your friends! For every friend that joins Beautyfix, you’ll receive a $10 credit.  Five friends equal a free season! How awesome is that?


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