Straight from the Red Carpet: Dos and Don’ts of Holiday Beauty

Is it just me, or has the impending holiday season snuck up on us like the Sidler? I mean, I’m still somewhat in a state of disbelief that I have a holiday party to attend three weeks from now. Because I LOVE putting on my party shoes and getting dolled up for these sorts of things, I thought I’d dedicate today’s post to some (very, very) unofficial rules that govern holiday beauty. Recent red carpets have proven veritable gold mines for inspiration … and in some cases, entertainment.

Ashley Greene pics


Do keep it simple

Take a cue from Ashley Greene, who apparently took a cue from the Spring 2012 runways by opting for a sleek ponytail and a classic red lip to complement her white dress. Ladies, consider the photos ops! Copy this look and you’re pretty much guaranteed not make yourself cringe 5 years down the road… or even 20 years down the road. The same can’t really be said of Snooki’s multicolored hair and sparkly talons, can it?

Snooki Pics


Don’t pull out every trick in the book

Animal print? Check. Lots of skin? Check. Red lips? Check. Big hair? Dramatic eyeliner? Smokey eyeshadow? Check, check, check, check. The question isn’t what’s going on here?—it’s why is all this stuff happening at once? I will reluctantly admit that Jessie J is sort of pulling it off … but I urge those of you without a professional glam squad NOT to attempt this level of drama. That is, of course, unless you want to add puff sleeves and rhinestones and call it a Dynasty party.

Jessie J pics

Don't try this at home.

Do let your hair down

Kate Beckinsale pics


As evidenced by Kate Beckinsale, hair that’s classy and ladylike is always a winner. Contrived updos like the monstrosity below? Not so much.


Don’t be afraid to go monochromatic

The golden dress, hair and skin are totally working on Carrie Underwood, don’t you think?

Carrie Underwood pics



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