Spring 2010 Nail Trends

By Jenna

Nothing makes me more excited for the seasons changing than the latest nail color trends. I have to say that I will wear EVERY single color in the latest OPI collection all year long. It’s absolutely important that the hottest 2010 spring nail trends are on my fingers in the next few months. Not only is it fun and keeps my nails in tip top shape, but it makes you feel good when you look down and see such a beautiful color like Lucky Lucky Lavender or Hot & Spicy. As a self proclaimed nail connoisseur, here are my picks for the most fabulous nail trend colors for spring.

SpaRitual’s “I believe in you” from their Believe collection is an electric orange reminiscent of a tangerine. Melon colors are definitely “in” this season and don’t just sweep this trend under the rug yet. This color is perfect for the transition of spring to summer and adds a little more anticipation to the warmer months. This color is lively and perfect to match with a peach lip and a cute sundress.  If that orange is too electric for you, you can tone it down for a perfect peach from Chanel in Innatendu.

OPI Spring 2010 Hong Kong Collection Colors

Source: Flickr User Infilmity

Jade nail polish has been a hit even in fall and I love to see that it’s carrying over into spring. “Jade is the new black” by OPI is a dream color. Its fashion forward and goes with just about everything, hence that it’s the new black. I’ll probably be wearing this more than a few times on both the hands and toes. Another gorgeous color to watch out for in OPI’s Hong Kong collection is Lucky Lucky Lavender, which I happen to be enjoying at the moment. Periwinkle and lavender are gorgeous colors to be rocking for spring from your clothes all the way to your toes.

Another color trend to jump on is uniform blue. Deep, rich blues just shades shy from navy blue are fabulous and appropriate for spring. Remember, we’re just getting over winter but not yet ready for summer, so spring’s colors can be just a shade different than the last trend. Refinery 29’s top 10 nail picks for Spring explains these genius blues and where you can get them.

What’s a collection without something red? Spring 2010’s fiery red is a bright, orangey red. It’s the perfect color and shade to match your orange toned lipstick. Red is always a fun and spicy color to put on so be sure to enjoy and have those nails ready to be noticed.

There you have it! Now go and explore the world of color and nails. Your nail beds are a palette and make sure to take care of them and paint away. The best part about every season’s nail colors are the stories behind the color line. Learning each little bottle’s story brings a bit of fantasy and imagination, making your manicure and pedicure that much more special. Don’t just get it done for maintenance, but appreciate the wonderful world of nail color.


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