So fresh and so clean with Exuviance and Lierac

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The first thing on your to-do list in the mornings should be to wash your face to wake up from your revitalizing slumber. But when you come home and wash your face at night, you need a good makeup remover to help erase the paint you’ve put on throughout the day. Most of the face cleansers that we use contain detergents that can harm our skin and cause breakouts. Some makeup removers can be too oily and not do the job correctly. Our skin needs the best from start to finish, so using the best makeup remover and facial cleanser to start and end your skin care routine is important.

Exuviance Age Reverse BioActiv Wash, a soap free formula that’ll start your day off right, is the latest cleanser in this season’s Beautyfix. It has non-abrasive ingredients that gently buff away dead skin cells without leaving your face dry and bothered. This two-in-one exfoliating cleanser delivers a perfect refreshing cleanse to give you a gorgeous complexion. Simply apply to wet skin and massage gently in upward circles to cleanse your face. Rinse with water and use twice daily to get the best results. It’s meant to use on all skin types and has cucumber, aloe, and rosemary to revitalize and sooth skin. We’re all busy—and having a multi-functioning facial cleanser that retexturizes can be the answer to dull, drab skin. If that’s not reason enough, consider this:  gentle exfoliation can help you look up to 7 years younger.

Sometimes, you get home and night and you have that stubborn mascara and liner running, giving you the old raccoon look. Not a good look for you. Luckily, that makeup doesn’t stand a chance with this heavenly scented makeup remover:  Lierac Paris Diopti Demaq Gentle Makeup Remover is soothing and is completely gently on those eyes, cheeks and lips—and it completely deteriorates hard-to-get-off makeup. It has a subtle, refreshing floral scent and is enhanced with vitamins and keratin to keep our skin moisturized and conditioned at the same time. It can be used on any skin type without causing irritation. When you’re done for the night and ready to get rid of your makeup, use a cotton pad and gently wipe over eyes and face to remove all traces.

These two items brilliantly remove dirt, makeup and oil. Try them and witness the miraculous disappearing act yourself!  Used as a combo, they’ll get your skin so fresh and so clean!

Already tried these awesome items? How do you like the new cleanser and makeup remover?



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