Skylark’s Pretty Pigmented Lipgloss Duo

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Elle & Blair Fowler, it’s time to get acquainted. Two of youtube’s biggest beauty vloggers, (Elle- allthatglitters21) (Blair- juicystar07), garnering more than 150 million video veiws and counting, recently created Skylark, a range of products that reflect their passion for beauty. They kicked off their launch with the Ava and Sophia Lipgloss duo, currently available in this season’s Beautyfix!

Skylark is unique in that each product within this line launches as it is perfected. Every product is made with the highest quality and approved with confidence by Elle & Blair. Named after the main characters in their debut novel ‘Beneath The Glitter’, “Ava”  is a cotton candy pink gloss and “Sophia” is a gorgeous dark berry shade with micro-glitters.  My personal favroite is Sophia. I love the super pigmented color! This is now my go-to gloss for everyday wear. It is so complementary and has a flattened brush for easier and a more accurate application. Ava is a bit to light for me on it’s own, however it makes a great addition to any lipstick color and gives your lips the perfect amount of shine when paired up with another color. Both of these glosses have a nice texture and goes on smoothly and both are proof that these girls know what their doing in the beauty department.

Watch this video to learn more about Skylark and see how they have worked to perfect this beautiful lipgloss duo!


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