Skin Care Advice: Banish the Booze

By Liz W

Effects of binge drinking user Angie Torres

Even with the best anti-aging skin care products in the world, keeping your skin hydrated and healthy is almost impossible if you indulge in more than an occasional glass of wine. Many of us may enjoy a cocktail now and then, but moderation is the key. If the nights you go to bed sober are becoming few and far between, you might notice your liver isn’t the only thing that is suffering. Here’s some information about how alcohol affects your skin.

After a few nights of binge drinking, our body is literally sucked dry of all its precious water. If the chronic cotton mouth isn’t bad enough, our skin beginning to resemble the cracked sandy floor of the Sahara should instill some fear in us. Over time, with regular boozing, dry itchy skin is the least of our troubles; there are many things that can go haywire and ruin any beauty routine.

Ever heard the saying “you are what you eat”? Well in the case of red wine, it is all too literal. One glass a day can keep the heart attacks away, but more than that and you will start to develop a burgundy hue, that over time may become permanent. All alcohol causes the blood vessels in the skin to dilate and eventually they will stay that way. The condition called telangiectasias is the chronic dilation of the capillaries, leaving your face constantly flushed. Excessive drinking also worsens acne and rosacea, so the combination of all three could leave you looking like a ripe tomato.

Red is not the only color that your skin can turn as a warning sign that you might be hitting the bars a bit too often. Alcohol depletes the body of Vitamin A, which is an essential antioxidant that helps keep the skin looking and feeling healthy and supple. When the body is low in Vitamin A the skin can look grey or yellow and very dull. Dark circles under the eyes usually accompany this condition, making the person look even more tired than they already are.

It’s easy to rationalize when you are young that one more drink can’t hurt and you will never look like your old Aunt Mildred who was never caught without her whiskey and water. But the effects of binge drinking are real, and it is smart to put yourself in check and detox for a while if you notice you are hitting up the clubs more than a few times a month.


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